Journey of embodied awareness and expanded connectivity.

Mental, Physical and Emotional is Spiritual Healing

When Duality stops, pain stops. Relationship Healing is ART of bringing your inner and outer worlds together. 


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About Us; A Tantric Living Retreat Health Holiday Therapies Solutions 

Therapies - Events - Courses - Relationship Retreats for Success, Health & Well-being

Both private therapies and Team Training involves collaborating each other in space of expanded consciousness. This is to all therapies and courses here. This is also foundation of any sound personal development.

About UsIn team training this means collaborating with your team members. Relationship skills show up when you are working together.

New awareness needs a place to be put into action to become reality.

If you do not put new awareness into action, there can be no life in new awareness. In thought it becomes a burden to carry and a filter that blocks truth from your consciousness.

Our clients come to us when they have exhausted all other options. Some are re-evaluating their relationship with their long term partner. Others are facing a crisis of some sort. Others are wanting to develop new skills to attract a great partner or a better position in life. Living this life on your own is a difficult task. Often despite being in long term relationship people are desperately alone.

Here you get to live the life you dream of surrounded by people committed to their success. This training is preparation for those who wish to be part of our team. You learn basic relationship skill that you build on. People of all professions are encouraged to join the training. Currently social media and web design are a priority. Food preparation, housekeeping and location finder are part of the training. People with extraordinary writing skills and editing skills are also priority so we can begin to spread this message.

What you learn hear is how all these elements connect.

Understanding the relationship link with all these elements is your mastery. Highly committed team training is now open. You will be trained to take care of all clients needs. Most of these positions are as background support. For training fees, schedules and conditions contact us when you have heard client experiences and other videos and audios between Tasha and clients.

Your Personal Retreat Services inspired by Tasja's personal experiences our Retreat and Support Services are available Australia wide.

Personalised therapies, Life Style Support and training and personal development and life coaching.

A place for you to reconnect, recharge, refresh.

This is a place where we create a space for you not just relax and reconnect to your true nature supported by techniques specifically designed/adapted to your immediate needs and beyond. But also incorporating real life (that are ever present in everyone's lives) challenges that you can learn to handle.

Everyone has an area in their life that is an absolute mess. They want to be in a safe and supportive place to work on that mess surrounded by experts in every field. We want these people on our team.

With the prevalence of inappropriate conduct in businesses, in personal relationships and celebrities, new approach is needed and we want you to be part of that change.

Our minds and bodies are stress-impacted, to take the load of you may nourish your being with a unique selection of personalised sessions in Massage, bodywork, personally selected meditation as well as short and long workshops, lectures, events or courses all designed to that place of self awareness that we lose in this technologically demanding society.

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