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Mental, Physical and Emotional is Spiritual Healing

When Duality stops, pain stops. Relationship Healing is ART of bringing your inner and outer worlds together. 


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Article to Motivation.

In vast contrast I've followed a number of past health retreat guests who upon their return celebrated their experience by adding one or two things as modification, yet continued with their life as before.

Health Retreats are great, They are a window into how fabulous your body and your relationships can feel all we need to do is follow that through. That is totally achievable, the health Article to Motivationof your body and your business are easily integrated. The people below were unable to achieve that themselves, no one can achieve change alone unless one become a sadhu.

This is their outcome, to protect their identities we'll change their names.

I'll refer to this man as John.

Lifestyle consequences of two wonderful people.

One suffered a stroke due to continued partying, I visited him in hospital. His life sadly now in a wheel chair surrounded by nurses hospital food, the life he enjoyed at his beautiful canal frontage home is just a sad memory. He was in his early 50's. Soon the visitors will stop and he's left alone with this memories and realisation that no one is truly
 interested in being around him in his current state apart from being his carer. Call to discuss solutions available with options ranging from affordable to Absolute Luxury.

This one can be Phillip.

For a number of years he enjoyed the health retreat getaways regularly often a number of times a year. At times booking in with a number of his colleagues. A wonderful person.

International flights - keeping up with projects results in Cancer of the penis.

His life back home was a constant running from one project to another, international flights. He modified his meals somewhat, was dedicated to his exercise routine, I joined him a number of times as I when I'm with anyone I immerse myself into their lives, walk a mile in their shoes; how else can one have an opinion unless they are willing to experience or at least pay attention to those around them.

It is my experience, we either put in the hard work which becomes deeply satisfying as we progress and feel the benefits of change and pleasures of connection now. Or we'll do hard labor later in a form of diseases, separation and extreme discomfort never knowing intimate connection with ourselves.
-- Tasja
He burned himself out, in fact he arrived at the resort - his health appraisal revealed a purple tongue, a sign of extreme toxicity. He began to take care of that but soon he was back to his frantic life.

The last time we spoke he informed that he had cancer of the penis that is scary.

Recent Update on Cancer of his Penis.

Yes, the worst outcome. His penis has been removed. Imagine living with that?

How when we look back at his life (in hindsight it's clear how that could have happened) cancer takes years to develop. I did not make any comment, he had enough to deal with.

Don't take your life for granted.

Take care of every moment of your physical life. This includes your body. In the end your body does not forgive your for ignoring it's vital needs.

Your emotional state is responsible for taking care of your body or either pushing it or ignoring your body.

The secret is in knowing what to do at what time. You become the authority of your own life. No more conforming to a sick society..
  • When to move on and when to stop.    
  • When to nourish and when to give it a break.    
  • When to do nothing.    
  • When to remove yourself from an environment.    
  • When to walk away from challenges.    
  • When to embrace challenges.    
  • When to bring a partner into your life process.    
  • When to retreat into your own space.    
  • When to bring in support.    
  • How to identify what works.    
  • How to identify what takes you away from your best interests.    

Another is now on dialysis despite having enjoyed all the retreats over the years.(to be completed time permitting)