Journey of embodied awareness and expanded connectivity.

Mental, Physical and Emotional is Spiritual Healing

When Duality stops, pain stops. Relationship Healing is ART of bringing your inner and outer worlds together. 


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Blog that keeps you informed and connected.

Each one of us is leading our personal book of life is the record from beginning of time of our sole journey. Everything we do in every interaction on this planet affects us and the people around us.

When I journey of understanding and applying the universal laws for abundant living we are not passive drifters throughout our lives at the effect of other people's environment. Wakey to design a personal journey from the very beginning to the end of our life on Earth. With this intention we create positive outcomes and build upon what happened in our past lives. You're free to create your own personal blueprint alive and to actively participate in the future of humans by changing thoughts and vibrations especially. Your thoughts create particular energy fields around you that works with universal laws.


Universal laws are not negotiable that are the law of cause and effect. In come up with your own conclusions and excuses but that does not change the effects of the universal laws. So I am committed to helping you and myself to rediscover the link to the universal laws that will help us become the best person in the happiest person we have been for a long long time. To do that we share our particular skills and embrace each other skills that will support each other in their growth stock 


  • This is about improving finances in generating new forms of income so we have a much fruitful life. 
  • On our journey we wish to enhance our solutions 
  •  you have the power to create your own reality and write your own book of life 
  • you have this the power to discover the secret of living happy and fulfilled life 
  • your soul has a plan to grow and evolve.
  • To do that it needs to be involved. Unless you involve his soul you soul remains asleep 
  • when the soul is asleep at the feeling of emptiness that taxes to depression because when connecting with a full spirit of us that links us to the soul. 
  • As we are seeking and seeking to the five senses we come across temporary pleasures that failed to satisfy in fact one of the pleasure which is fleeting is gone we feel deBlog that keeps givingflated and alone no matter who were with. 
  • The feeling of soul listeners almost like a zombie getting through day by day of the hamster on a hamster wheel. This is what one of the surgeons began to be shared with me. Despite having own amazing career he feels he just gets up for another day of routine that mimics the day before. 
  • If you're still reading this page you have come to create in this life, more peaceful and fruitful line life around you 
  • you are here to learn how to create health and wellness in your own body to give you the strength to see yourself through this lifetime 
  • if you   and rewarding work that benefits all mankind

 You are probably just trying to get some niceness for a moment as a patch up at least for the hash world we are actually living in. If anyone tells you that the world is all lovely, and everyone is there for you; run. You know deep down you have been deeply betrayed by family, teachers, friends, lovers, siblings and even your own children.

Let yourself see the disorder honesly. Only then do you get to live fully.

Everyone is carrying pain they are defending and making excuses for. In the meantime acting out the pain by just going along with any system that brings in a crowd. Because being alone is even more painful.

Here we remove psychological barriers and passive aggression that many abused people carry.

Overcoming trauma, PTSD, depression, self absorption and even thoughts of suicide has to be at the very top of your list. Don't wait, lets do something about this now. Begin with case studies that I've put together for you. Have a listen to people describing what they went through. To have an idea of how I would work with you, you'll hear me interacting with the clients as we speak.


We need to connect to new feelings. Not be seduced by old feelings even those good ones. New feelings are an indication of growth and expansion. They evolve you to new and deeper relationships. New feelings will give you a tool to bridge that gap that derailed you before.

But first we need to access these new connections that the body has made but the mind is yet to recognise.

If we don't then they will never be permitted to be felt. Then we would be back to square one. Yes there were some good times you've had and you'd like to feel them. But why did they disappear is the question. If we just resurrect good old feelings, that would be a temporary solution. Again you'll be back to disassociation.

We now have a training format for people interestd in joining our way of life. For more enter here. We need the safety of our own mind and space to train our team. We are inviting our graduate clients to take their life to next level. Where we work together as we look after our special clients.