Journey of embodied awareness and expanded connectivity.

Mental, Physical and Emotional is Spiritual Healing

When Duality stops, pain stops. Relationship Healing is ART of bringing your inner and outer worlds together. 


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Couples Relationship Services designed for deeper connection.

Your ultimate loving relationship therapies and Mentoring begins when enough is enough. Fear of being judged or abandoned if you become more authentic with your needs and fears. Here we explore a couple so in love - yet have difficulty in expressing that on the physical level. In every area not just in sexual relations.

Couples Relationship Services here works on any level of disconnect. Primary focus in Couples Relationship Services is communication.


Listen to this video as we wrap up our Couples Relationship Services session with the husband.

Couples Relationship Services can work with just one of the partners or as a couple. 

That depends purely on how invested you are in working as deep as necessary.


Neil called in desperation. For five years he's been seeking solutions for their marriage problems. In the last twelve months Anita has gone along. But til now has made no progress. She is suffering from deep dark fear that she protects.

Don't let your relationships reach this level of disconnection.

Before your relationship begins to drift is a great time to begin however. It is never too late to change from separation to Bliss.

Turn on your life force through Tantric Living Pulse Couples Relationship Services Coaching that connects you.

Beneath the surface of every relationship I've come across is fear or revealing all aspects of yourself. Primarily because most individuals do not know that level of inner connection. As an individual, you have been divided through conditioning. Conditioning is judgement of aspects of you that are seeking to fill the gap of missing space. When you are being moulded into aspects of society that you are told are your world, there is always some self doubt. Self doubt surfaces when you have to suppress a part of you. What is suppressed then seeks a way to express itself. The inner battle begins. Inner conflict is evident in a person who is confined by external rules. This leaves you vulnerable to making inappropriate decisions. When only part of you is present, only part of you can see. Like poor vision. But when you can get a clearer view - you can see more of the picture. It is the same in inner personal awareness. Normal upbringing rarely allows for inner expression that connect to the world around you. Relationships depend on ability to communicate your needs and most of all receive that as a precious gift when that need is being met.

Receiving gracefully and gratefully is a skill that needs to be developed. This makes the quality of communication.