Journey of embodied awareness and expanded connectivity.

Mental, Physical and Emotional is Spiritual Healing

When Duality stops, pain stops. Relationship Healing is ART of bringing your inner and outer worlds together. 


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Courses and training run for 6 weeks Personal Development Training and Experience is in progress.

Current courses are personalised in every detail.

Every aspect of our services are customised. This maintains highest standards of integrity.

Tantra was intended to be totally personalised to grow you in stages.

As you delve into Tantra you'll discover the deepest secret kept from man/woman. Tantra has been re-written as a stronghold that keeps participants trapped in slavery of repetition.

Yes, modern slavery has many new faces. You see these faces as your saviours. Anything that is mass marketed is a form of control.

Tantra was created as a path to levels of control that empower you.

You do not spend your energy on controlling others. You identify your unique energy and skills. You grow and develop along with it. You often hear that there isn't another you. Often you do not know the depth and capacity of exploration of who you are.


People are more frightened of own personal power than anything else in the world. You are so powerful that you are absolutely the creator of every aspect of your life. But you do not know how you are creating every circumstance. Most people continue to live as victims of social norms. Social norm is important when you are unaware.

When you become aware of who you are; you re-write your personal brand of normal.

These courses identify how and where your creation is coming from.

How to turn that creative energy around that serves you. How to tap into it and make it work in every aspect of your life. These courses are absolutely experiential. It is not something you learn then try to bring it into your life.

These courses are integrated into your being at the very time that the knowledge is given to you.

Fear keeps you from seeing you as you are because you have been spoon-fed foolish baby steps. Even when you were a baby you took great risks as you learned to crawl and walk. Then as soon as you found your feet, you were conditioned to only do as you were told by social norm and no more. You have brought a lie. That the hierarchy has all the power. They even created priests to stand between you and your god. You should have the knowledge the priests hold so you can grow at your personal pace.

The way the system of control is set up; you must seek permission from some human authority to grow into your next level of potential. Your spirit then give up and gives in.

At any time during the courses you can awaken and move into the power you are meant to meet.

That is what Tantra is if you step out of the conditioned mind that has you paralysed in one spot. This one spot moves with you everywhere you go. That makes it invisible to you. You believe you are growing and moving while you are standing still with this one limited spot moves you.

You are a slave to your conditioning. These course are designed to shake your out of this conditioning. These courses are created with your personal power. You are here on earth to embody all your power. This is your birthright.

In my courses I'll never permit you to forget that you have this power. In my courses, you'll unearth this treasure and value it. Never let your treasure lose it's value.