Journey of embodied awareness and expanded connectivity.

Mental, Physical and Emotional is Spiritual Healing

When Duality stops, pain stops. Relationship Healing is ART of bringing your inner and outer worlds together. 


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Healing Broken World of Tantra.  

The Broken World of Tantra is affecting the entire world. We can no longer pretend. It is all pervasive. It's all about money.

Personal development and thought leaders have succumbed to the illicit stories just for the money. It has even become a career choice for Healing broken world of tantravery intelligent yet well conditioned people. At any given time you'll courses recruiting yet another sexually unbalanced emotionally damage people. Many tantra sexologists providers are bipolar. If you know anything about bipolar, they are sexually unbalanced as well as mentally and emotionally. I know for a fact a number of so called sexologist's who are bipolar. The are the ones who need help. But they can hide behind being a tantric sex provider.

My Intention here is to reveal True Tantra Exists & to Heal the Broken World of Tantra making true feelings available to dedicated seeker.

With a little common sense, even an average reader can discern the Real Tantra from those who have read a few pages. 

Most attended a tantric day or so, or just taken the word Tantra, using it to attract unsuspecting clients. Still other who did not believe it existed in the first place, but under the word Tantra they can justify their services or the use of services.

Healing The Broken World of Tantra.
Love yourself again.

Real Tantra really works beyond a system. It takes you to heights you have never thought to imagine. Why else would it be so revered by those who know?

So please read this site follow the links. Develop more faith in our own body magic.

Magic in reality is only what we cannot see. When we see it and feel then it becomes reality

Please do not believe that an ordinary person can teach you. The internet is full of people offering Tantra just by writing up the philosophy and using a few tricks

Deepest Pleasure.
Tantra is a deepest level pleasure that cannot even be imagined. It's purity reveals itself only through the genuine tantra guidance for dedicated seeker.

The internet is filled with men and women calling themselves Tantric Gods, Goddesses and sexual healers. Goddess is now considered an inappropriate word in some circles. Just as Mel said to Koshie of channel 7's morning show when they were discussing how to treat a woman. In that conversation which was on Valentine's Day 2011. Koshie said that a woman should be treated like a Goddess. Mel responded that calling a woman a Goddess is actually a dirty word. So there you have it, referring to as woman as a Goddess is no longer an appropriate word any more. How sad that this has now happened to such a beautiful word.

The same is now true of the Tantra that is mostly out there. For this reason, so much is written here about my background and many of the links I hope will restore your belief that real Tantra exists. How it truly works beyond the flat world of ordinary expectations.