Journey of embodied awareness and expanded connectivity.

Mental, Physical and Emotional is Spiritual Healing

When Duality stops, pain stops. Relationship Healing is ART of bringing your inner and outer worlds together. 


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Home of Meditation, Personal Development, Personal Relationships, Stress Management, Weight Loss, health & Well-being.

How our Connection to Food, Healthy Water impacts our ability to make informed and clear life choices. We begin with our inner Environmental Awareness. How to balance negative energies, identify toxins that impact on bodies health while incorporating the changes directly into our life.

The Secret to Success is Change.  

Success in reaching any goal begins with change.

Healthy Life healthy Love Success is New Beginnings.

Whether is be Weight Loss, Career Change, Relationship Rescue, Loving the Live we live - change is impossible to achieve without addressing our environment on personal, relationship, health, business and friendship.

The Challenge is the bringing it home establishing support from those around us

Where do we Begin?

We continue to seek new experience and new beginnings yet often fall back into our habits. It is these habits and our circles of influence that continue to reproduce old habits.

This website is designed with you, who want more. You who know there must be more than what the masses are talking about. Listen to John sharehis personal experience with you.

Being Inspired leads to better choices.

Within this site is filled with many Videos of remarkable people that TJ has met, travelled with, worked with and shared both business and social times with. These people have left a definable impact on her. Successful people always have people who they admire, Successful people study those they admire, they often would copy those they admire until they find their own power. These people spend time with people who challenged them, people who left an impression on them, they become someone they can refer to and often continue to admire.

Successful give credit where credit is due.

How to Restart Your Life.

Take the journey into the unknown that is born inside of each and every one of us. We come from the unknown. But in the transition process we are disconnected. thereby seeking to know our origin. When we have this deep desire to link our private world our dreams desires that have been unfulfilled, building a bridge between the world that has been set up for us to fit into, we come alive. On the way however we come across many obstacles that have been established by society.

Through the process of exploration of options, tools, services and products that are not part of general thinking we begin to access new possibilities. Finally we begin to live them.

Remember general thinking keeps us trapped in sameness. Sameness is lifeless

As we search the internet for solutions, whether that be personal health, relationship health, business skills; and/or support, lifestyle support; often the popular beliefs, products and services come up in the search.

Within this site we present many who have hade the courage to not only seek the life outside the accepted normal, but they evolved to create their unique reality. You'll read personal stories hear recordings of transformational experiences. View videos of highly successful individuals, but beyond that there is a common thread, they did not do it alone.

What We Offer.   

Personalised Services, Therapies, Personal Development, Health Retreat Get Away, Coming Home Services, Business & Life-style support. Most if all; Products & Services that support you in Recognising feelings of typically unexpected change. In Life we have a tendency to have an experience, then put it on the shelf. There is a definite need to integrate our changes into the life we want.

Measurable benefits almost immediately.  

To live the life we love, we must be the changes that fulfill our desires Integrating Tantra Living Pulse connects the dots. When connected it is as the highest level of Personal Development, Stress Management, Success, Health & Well-being.

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