Journey of embodied awareness and expanded connectivity.

Mental, Physical and Emotional is Spiritual Healing

When Duality stops, pain stops. Relationship Healing is ART of bringing your inner and outer worlds together. 


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Kahuna Training & Retreat defining a life that works. 

Dates; Held continuously throughout the month every month. Contact us for dates or to be placed on the list for your next Kahuna Training & Retreat.

For those are ready to modify their life. You are supported in changing your Patterns of Behaviour that bind you. When elements of you are disengaged; patterns of behaviour threaten to derail every aspect of life. Constant stress of inner separation distort emotions. mental and physical health.


Kahuna Training & Retreat foundation is creating a life that works with a healthy well-being.   

  • Defining a life that works for you according to your priorities.

  • Make yourself a priority and why that is vital to healthy relationships.

  • Redefine your priorities as result of implementing them into your daily healthy habits that affect everything and everyone around you.

  • Live more productive life that works.

  • To have a life that works you have to be a healthy being so you develop resilience.

  • Live and move in a pain free way.

  • Develop emotional wellness.

Make Friends with the You Within.  

  • Develop New Habits that continue of from your Kahuna training and Retreat.     
  • full day programme you put into practice daily from moment you awaken to bed time.       
  • Rising ceremony that your body loves (prepare your body for your day).       
  • Eating breakfast that fulfils body spirit soul.       
  • Integrating body with the food.    
  • Dressing ceremony including - how we prepare our body for the day plays a significant role on our day.     
  • Moving through all emotions, thoughts and feelings; it is when we get stuck in our emotions that damage occurs.      
  • Learn to sort out different instincts. You were possibly connecting with damaging instincts.     
  • Practice in Kahuna Training and  Retreat your new you as you recognise which instincts to nurture. Which instincts to help mature.     
  • Arriving at work whether you work from home at an office, on site or fly in fly out situation.    

 Kahuna Training & Retreat create your new identity.

  • Work with what is your current reality that's where begin.     
  • Recognize the true reality around us not what we perceive it to be.       
  • Create our reality with keen awareness.       
  • Identify the with the Lifestyle that serves us.        
  • Develop the tools to achieve and sustain that change.        
  • Change is simple when the environment is supportive.        

To Understand what feelings may be available for you please listen to this lady. 

Case Study Kahuna Training & Retreat.

Esther (is of NZ Maori origin, the indigenous are still far more connected to the earth and universal energies) after her experience -she shares.

"I've found that I have become more enthusiastic about life and about this method of healing.

At the time of my massage, not only was I experiencing emotional healing (not to be confused with emotional release) but my children and my mother (overseas) were experiencing it too.
Great stuff - I am now learning how to interpret life in a slightly different way. My relationships have changed a lot in just two weeks as well. (There's still hope for some of us)"

Then she booked her daughter in.

A few days passed after her daughter's treatment.

Esther then asked her if she had noticed any difference, her Daughter said "No".

Esther's responded with her observation,

"Interesting, I've noticed;
  • you are eating apples, you would never eat them normally,       
  • other foods that I always said were good for you, you are eating them without rushing as well,       
  • your appear to sleep better,       
  • great to be in your company in the morning       
  • you are walking much freer,       
  • you are so much calmer focused and more agreeable       
  • you are great to be around       
  • everything for you now is no effort."       

That was Ester's and her family's experience - her daughter did not notice the difference because her shift occurred through this level of therapy of shifting through non resistance. For her, she experienced an organic transition without the intellect analysing. Intellect in my experience prevents change simply because it loves justification.

Here we did no indulge in issues, the change was synergistic.

When you have your experience on all levels of consciousness, there is no struggle - the body mind spirit begin to live in unison and cooperation and collaboration taking care of life in the body that brings fulfilment and immense satisfaction.

A 1 day training Relaxation.

Introductory event setting foundation for treatment.

  • Learn how to receive.       
  • Relieve Stress.       
  • Feel extra nurturing.       
  • Learn how to connect to your own Body and Breath.       
  • Establish communication with the seen elements and the unseen within you.       
  • Receive Kahuna therapy guided and supported by TJ       
  • Participate in foundation of Kahuna massage..       

Number of participants; minimum 4 maximum 16.

Duration 8am - 9pm.

Cost $375.00 valued at $ 475.00           

Or Book your PRIVATE one on one Training Retreat or GET AWAY LIFESTYLE SUPPORT POA (Private one on one training is completely personalised).

Customised to the individual.

To register for next Training or Retreat Dates/Location & Availability Please contact.

 2 Day Kahuna Training & Retreat.

Takes you to the next level of awareness.

  • Learn the art of accessing the dormant energies within your body.       
  • Identify the quality of that energy. Kahuna Massage Training Integrates into your life        
  • Put it into action.       
  • Learn basic Lomi Lomi massage       
  • Basic Principles of ancient Hawaiian wisdom.       
  • Connect with the flow of energy you've found on day one.       
  • Basic practices and understanding of Sacred Space .      
  • Connect with your body/breath rhythm.       
  • Sustain the connection with the new found energy.       
  • Experiential Transformational immersion of consciousness.       
  • Explore the feelings the clients speak about within this site.       
  • Awaken your senses.       
  • Taste and Feel more than you ever thought you would.       
Environment; Choice of Semi Residential or Residential.

Number of Participants; 4 - 16.

Duration; Set by the organic events that develop throughout the training. Structure is maintained yet flexible as the seasons. Kahuna is about realising the flow we are in and moving in harmony of defined purpose with the elements that come to support us, or in some cases to destroy us. Nature is always the presence of both.

Cost $675.00 Valued @ $950.00