Journey of embodied awareness and expanded connectivity.

Mental, Physical and Emotional is Spiritual Healing

When Duality stops, pain stops. Relationship Healing is ART of bringing your inner and outer worlds together. 


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Kapua Tantra Healer Training personal path  of interrelationships.  

Art of collaboration is ability to see skill of others that benefits when combined. 

It's a relationship system of Sleep, love, business, creative home environment. All relationships are under stress of either survival or being trapped on a platform they believe to be the landing pad for successful relationships. A relationship that stops growing begins stagnating. Kapua Tantra Healer Training sets foundation for understanding the unseen. These unseen energies affect every aspect of life. It can even be the ability to bring life to a human who is considered clinically dead. These phenomenon have been reported as miracles when in-fact they are natural aspects of advanced human life. Our soul and spirits have access to other dimensions. Our physical form is actually a relay station. When finely tuned and physically, mentally and emotionally healthy; our body is interacting with universal river of knowledge. Your soul is inter-dimentional.

Divinity is within unseen higher dimensions. The only way to access them is to stop creating new Karma. Kapua Tantra Healer Training intention is to stop creating problems. Problems resolved open your to deeper awareness. Reason you are seeking solutions is that you have tremendous amount of Karma. If you did not have karma there would be no search. Karma is law of cause and effect. Each individuals creates his/her own karma through unconscious actions. This includes indulgence in sex as a way to liberation because this path ignores all other aspects of life. Sex is not wrong. It is delusion when you believe that through sex you get all answers. It's as delusional as much as relying on just breathing of just water to sustain life. Every single soul has access to evolving not matter what stage of life you are at. But you need to demonstrate that you are ready. There are a number of requirements. You cannot demand enlightenment. You need to want to make significant changes to your life. You need to demonstrate you desire to support everyone involved in making their changes.

A system of living in harmony with every body is a system combined with home environment. Purposeful interactive environment with people dedicated in supporting each other with skills and personal growth evolves a powerful human being.

Energy training in Kapua Tantra Healer Training designed to you to detect pure intention.

Kapua energy trainingKapua energy training

James talks about his experience.


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