Journey of embodied awareness and expanded connectivity.

Mental, Physical and Emotional is Spiritual Healing

When Duality stops, pain stops. Relationship Healing is ART of bringing your inner and outer worlds together. 


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Personal Healing Story, I use the one below since there was a professional standing beside me through the entire event testing the progress.

Practices of  Tantra Spiritual progression is unification of Here's my storyenjoyment if one is to reach self empowerment.

Personal Healing Story, a gift in disguise.

Opportunity to Put my life's teachings and initiation into practice on myself was provided for me by the universe in the most unique way. I was sent challenges, obstacles as well as all the goodness and support that always goes with authentic training and initiations.

If I can go beyond the abuse and the physical injuries that I've experienced and come out with a great life. Then to go on and work with million dollars worth of projects.

Eventually connecting to my ability to heal people.  Followed by working in major health retreats. I know I can help you no matter what your situation is.  Whether it be relationships business physical spiritual sexual and emotional health.

Apart from numerous head injuries as I was growing up delivered by my father. He is to use my head for punching bag.

At one point I had five fractured ribs.  As a result of that I also had a punctured lung is one the ribs  splintered into it.  That  didn't end there.  And for share one point I had also a vehicle accident  with major head injuries and the impact really wrecked my body.  This took  four years  to settle.  I actually went back to work the very next day .I thought that was enough of injuries. But no the universe will share more with me .clearly I was  born to do the hard yards because I had a bigger job at the end of it .that was my training.

Just as I was beginning to recover I smash my back simultaneously in both places top and bottom.  What was very interesting  was that injury took me 40  minutes  to get out of bed.  It took major concentration. 

But the burning passion behind that was to get and out. Because I knew if I didn't I'd get lazy.  It's human nature to be lazy always look out for that.

I began to understand how our cells communicate. It is the communication between the cells and the organs and the muscles and tissue and the bones, thought process. I discovered that our soul that is around the body. The spirit comes to feed the soul to feed the body to connect is to living on earth is what began to heal me. While living in Sydney, I made friends with a deeply insightful chiropractor.

My remarkable personal story or healing.

My story of how I created perfect balance with the support of a fabulous woman. Her Name is Linda.

My body was twisted greatly, I was in dreadful pain. Here's the story of how I created perfect balance with the support of a fabulous woman. Her Name was Linda
This was a difficult time for me. I had just recently moved from Gold Coast to Sydney. Living in one of the most beautiful locations, Bondi Beach, almost on the beach front.
While supporting Robert Kiyosaki seminars I made friends with a deeply insightful chiropractor, she too was Robert's student, at that time she was also on of his trainees. Her immense practice was located in Bondi Junction.
As I entered the treatment room. Linda asked "how are you?"

"Pitiful, my back hurts so much". I replied as I barely made onto the chiropractic treatment table moaning with pain.

I did say I was in terrible pain didn't I, and I wasn't exaggerating. She tested me, her testing technique was applied kinesiology. According to the test my body was twisted greatly to one side. This time I wanted to try something different. I asked;

"How about, this time on this appointment, now that you've tested me that I adjust my back myself!"

I had no idea how I'd do that,I just knew without doubt that this was totally available for me. It was not about my going into contortion of any kind, not Yoga or self crunch that we often observe from others.
I continued;"now that you've tested me, lets see how I can connect with myself!". (in other words, lets see what I can do myself),

To my delight, Linda supported me in my request.

We were both Robert Kiyosaki students, at that time he ran Money & You Seminars.
These seminars were primarily about personal awareness, not necessarily just about finance and investment; although that was also part of it. The seminars were all about personal responsibility and supporting people around you in getting what they ask for at all times)

I over adjusted myself at first attempt.
We'll, she left the room, coming back a few minutes later. Again the test. As it turns out I had over adjusted myself, my body was contracted to the opposite side. (I did not twist my body or manipulated it to achieve that result. I call thachievement. Because there was a significant change. Without doing anything physically myself at all while she was out of the room. HI succeeded in over contraction to the opposite side.) No physical effort at all. I just lay there on the chiropractors table and connected with my entire being. That was my first effort this was interesting for both of us. I persisted saying.
This time please stay with me for my second attempt, I know I can do this" I requested.

Surprisingly she was in full support.

By-now she was sufficiently intrigued. Fascinated enough to continue.
This time I requested that she not leave the room, but to just stand there for my second attempt. This took just a few minutes, much less time than if she would have for her to adjust me. Her approach was (not crunching) using blocks to ease the body into balance, by that stage I was over the thrusting type of adjustment.

Now my body is in perfect alignment.

She tested me again. My body was in perfect alignment. typically after the adjustment. Her pre Hription was; go for a walk on level ground for 15minues to further settle the adjustment. This time I did not need to do that at all. From that time on, I rarely needed Chiropractic care.

What I did on that day, I apply to almost everything that I now do.

Now that the body is healed it is essential to be fully engaged in every area of our lives or the distortion shall return.
One of the reasons my body was in pain was due to events in my life at that time, as well as the environment, potential house move, work play imbalance, EMR (electromagnetic radiation) and more.

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