Journey of embodied awareness and expanded connectivity.

Mental, Physical and Emotional is Spiritual Healing

When Duality stops, pain stops. Relationship Healing is ART of bringing your inner and outer worlds together. 


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Personal Story.

My intention is to be here for people by connecting them to the keys that connects the to the very best in their lives.  

I always questioned life. I encourage you to do the same. In my experience; Spiritual teachings give their misinterpretation - their vision that you have no chance of verifying.

Personal StoryWHAT I can DO for you.

Many people are unaware of the breadth of possibilities of healing beyond what is popular. What we have here is `a complete package`. You can be sure that you can get whatever it is that they need because I can take you to that place inside you. That place where you have never been. If you listen to the audio videos you get to know the depths possible for every human. Don` t pigeonhole yourself. Let me to tell you a little more about my background further down the page.

I see my work as supporting you in healing all your life. This was developed through personal exploration and experiences. You too can become fully empowered with clear direction.

This first video represents some of the challenges people face on their journey of self correction. Often ending up making compromising choices due to lack of deeper experiences by the healing profession. Bare with me till you listen to this whole video; it will astound you.

Once I can see your issues clearly using my abilities. I then access my other many acquired and natural abilities to help heal people on the firstly on their personal relationship level. That is healing of personal self. This incorporates physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level simultaneously.

On The Physical Level I relate to my personal experiences and thousands of clients.

With your health, I do medical intuition which means I can feel what is going on inside your body. This brings your awareness to these parts and we both access that area. Then I can do healing work which I have access to several methods for this.
1) I connect you to universal healing grid. That is why you will feel so good after a reading with me.
2) I am a natural born healer. I have also spent personal time with clients all day every day up to 14 days. Healing energy and connection has a vital place and if it's necessary for you to see a doctor I will certainly recommend you do so.
3) I do body work.  Craniosacral therapy that often begins at the feet. this is a unique way of connecting you to your universal pulse and earth pulse. This is like putting you in an orchestra pit with you tuned in and balanced participant of your life. 

4) I also realign and release areas that are holding stress, causing sickness. Often remotely. People often feel me when I move to the other side of the room. This brings my personal healing guides together with you personal spirit/soul team.

On The Emotional Level, this also relates to my Personal Story.

Having successfully used this on myself following a car accident. Accidents do more than just physical damage. Emotional issues arise because you end up having to be manipulated by a system that is there for itself. You feel just a temporary cog in a wheel.

Intimacy is often a massive issue in cases of accidents and abuse. These are addressed simultaneously with the physical sessions. Because emotions and physical body are linked.

I always questioned life. What I found is that people in the spiritual field are just as manipPersonal Storyulative and self absorbed as regular people. In my personal story I can help you to get real with your own personal story in your search for your spiritual truth. I found more integrity (which to me is real spirituality) in business where I consider my spiritual initiation began. That is because the level of communication and collaborations. In the end result of the project speaks for itself. You cannot pretend when you stuff up a building. But in spiritual teachings they give your their misinterpretation of their vision that you have no chance of verifying. When you really learn to observe your be clear on what to pay attention to.  You can be certain of their truth and their lies. Truth and lies show up in their actions.

This video I made up to track my life for you to give you an idea of where I'm coming from. My beginning from birth to thought processes that are clear from two years of age to now.

This is video one of two.

 Video 2 of 2. 

I was privileged to have Tony Robbins recognise my worth - he flew me to his Island resort to look after him.

Beneath new age sweet words, in my experience are depths of ignorance. And desire to manipulate people with spiritual words. I like the depth of commitment that Tony has. Finding that he was abused as a child was a draw card for me. He was one of the people who influenced my growth and healing from my abusive past. Have a listen to this video.

I bring to you this depth of commitment regardless of who you are. 

We are all capable of knowing who we are when we decide that "our life needs to be significant to be worthy of our time". Our blueprint is encoded within our cells. Just learn to communicate with your inner wisdom.

The book "Think and Grow Rich' by Napoleon Hill helps people get a better idea how life transforms. My people in the videos talk about transmutation. The sexual transmutation chapter 11 in the book gives you an idea how this works. You do not need to know how to do it - I guide you through the process that I've developed by connecting with that process without even knowing it.

20 years ago I found a spiritual teacher who made it clear that his presence awakened our own abilities.

What that statement means is that we are all able to know who we are when we decide it to be significant. I wanted to include Personal Story ensuringgreater understanding of spirituality and where it lives in ordinary living. This video I made up to track my life for you to give you an idea of where I'm coming from. My beginning from birth to thought processes that are clear from two years of age to now. I found my spiritual teacher because to me it was ludicrous for a human to be so easily manipulated. No other living being on this planet thrives in a superficial environment. They become mutations in a controlled environment and no longer the original. Life is filled with challenges.

See life for what it really is.

He also said "let no one take the role of a leader in your life" .Giving yourself up to the guru cannot be included here by any stretch of imagination. When you take a closer look at the temples of India and walk around them you pay close attention all the way to the top. Getting to the top will give you totally different perspective. Because to see life as it really is; you have to be at the top looking at every possibility and every action.

Truth or do you want another spiritual marketing blurb?

You want the truth don't you. Or do you want another lie? Links below verify this. I want you to take your life seriously when you call for appointment.

India stated with 33,000.00 gods. Now that's over 33million gods when the population was just 33million. Each person is unique. What this means that every single human is god. In India at the time there were 33 million people. Then it went to 330million gods. And if they could not find a god that suited their needs; They created another one. So there you go.

"What we do with the things that we have makes the biggest difference in the quality of life that we have" this is my commitment to you; to support you in experiencing and living the very best in your life.


These are the elements that are brought to you during your time with me through this level of body awareness Tantra integration therapy. Here I share one of my experiences of what it means to connect in the moment.

As a child I was aware of energies, having a photographic memoryMostly I could literally walk around the image or entry into it. At times it was projection as if a movie screen was in front of me. I could literally step back into time to remember. Some events I remember clearly as far back as 3 months of age. Other times I could see projections of things I had not seen before. I was just a child. Now I am aware that was visions of future events. I never felt part of the regular world of control and requirement of being one of the masses. Have you ever had this feeling? Many of us have but we tend to dismiss them as rebellion or just fantasy.

I feel we all have this capability, time and again. My clients prove that to me and to themselves each time.

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