Journey of embodied awareness and expanded connectivity.

Mental, Physical and Emotional is Spiritual Healing

When Duality stops, pain stops. Relationship Healing is ART of bringing your inner and outer worlds together. 


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Sexual Healer Training Group and private relationship trauma healing.

Sexual Healer Training. Group events and private Events bring a person to training personalised for everyday living challenges to be integrated in real time.

Sexual Healer Training for Men, Women and Couples. Group events and private Sexual Healer training.

Creative thinking is affected when sexual energy is trapped through trauma. Awareness is impacted. This often leads people to make wrong decisions. Sometimes they are revictamised all over again even by some people offering sexual healing. Events that bring a person to sexual healer training are unique to every person. At the very core of our life and sexuality of the consciousness of our cells. Sexual Healer training is based on ancient principal of natural law.

Violent upbringing and subsequent abusive relationships will leave memory trapped within the body that are expressed differently by every single person. So a very competitive controlling upbringing shuts down the creative sector. the person then becomes a storer of information. But unable to relate on a deeper human level. That can PTSD and you may not be aware of it.

This first video is an extreme example of extreme stress. A different perspective to Sexual Healer Training. This man had been to many therapies that promised. What they did was leave him disappointed again. Please listen to the entire video.


Events remain in memory of every cell of your body.

Everyone's been touched by abandonment; even Johnny Depp, Russell Crowe, Heath Ledger, Nicole Kidman. Nobody is immune to the pain of separation, isolation, abandonment and rejection. Children, finances, careers, home environment are decimated by the strategies. Other people have been sexually abused or physically damaged by violent partners. Still others have had physical injuries that have impacted their life in most terrible ways.

These events remain in memory of every cell of your body. This video explains how cells receive communication.


Truth is; you are here because of what I can do for you 

- not a just a list of what I do.

You want results that are specific to your life challenges right now.

 In these videos you can hear the results that this level of attention brought my clients. Listen to what they have experienced and the realisations that came to them organically

This brought absolute clarity - that changed the way they now view their life. Now they go forward with absolute knowing. Only when you get the realisation does it make sense to begin to make modifications to your life.

Many events in our life create imbalance in our energies making us incapable of hearing what is important. Stress hormones when elevated, send energies out to the limbs away from major organs of your body. 

All emotions are either buried or sitting on the verge of spilling out. These areas need specific attention. They are using tremendous energy to protect buried feelings

Digestive process is therefore compromised. All emotions are either buried or sitting on the verge of spilling out. These areas need specific attention. Ancient principals applied in order of dislocation of energies. One woman had been sexually abused by 3 uncles by the time she was 10. As result of that she developed a distinctive walk that the boys at school identified as her being sexually active. They used to tease her about that. The way the body expresses itself as a result of any trauma is unique to every event subject to the support one gets when they tell someone. In her case when she told he mother; she was told never to speak of that again. Like her you may be feeling abandoned.

This woman here had sexual healer training.

In her sexual healer training session we uncovered how deep her pain really is. And we proceed to heal this trauma.

The events of injuries and surgeries subsequent to her abuse were absolutely related. Her relationships were on a three year cycle. In this recording we talk through her life and what the sexual healer training session has achieved for her. Here she is. You probably relate personally to some of her experience. You can hear her offering this recording up for you to hear.


Sexual Healer training begins by bringing together every element.

The purpose of bringing elements together is to ensure there are no cracks to fall thorough.

In this video is an example of what may be felt by you. (this is not typical; everyone has a different experience.) Most people are used to having a system applied to them as one size fits all. That would be inhumane. Everyone, even through similar experience would store their trauma in different areas to anyone else. The only way to heal is to have your own personal experience. You will be guided by me while your body and soul go through changes.


Yet others of us, myself included have been damaged by other elements of relationships we have no understanding about even 10, 20, 30 years later. Much of it begins at the home environment, and even pre-birth.

Each one of ours cells is like an individual human being. And the cells had been fractured due to certain events in this lifetime or another lifetime.


I've dedicated decades to understanding cultural and family environments that impact our health wealth and relationships.

Sexual Healer Training

Relationship difficulties are experiences; it is when one or both people deep within their soul feel that there is so much more

Sexual Healer Training

Therefore in sexual healer training we work with the human cells. To heal into the each individual cell memory that affects every aspect of our well-being. Due to basic standards and ideas of what sex is. Often it is depicted as just a sex act. A physical experience. Relationship difficulties are experiences; it is when one or both people deep within their soul feel that there is so much more. Many people remain single going from relationship to relationship due to imbalances in their energy fields that affect the psyche.

In the first video, a woman faces her deepest fear. Listen to what she has to say about Sexual Healer Training.

Nothing speaks more truthfully than being in actual experience. Here we work with solutions that enhance every aspect of your life.

Most are aware of the problem when it is related to sexual emotional mental and physical abuse. Outside of that majority of people just settle for physical release.

During Sexual Healer Training - my position is to facilitate the energies you cannot see.

As a medium I can sense your energies and help them find their rightful place in your body

Sexual Healer training is for you;

  • Who are struggling with the need for more meaning in you loving expressions. If you have had some form of abuse whether it be sexual Verbal, mental, emotional. Or just that feeling that life needs to be more than you are experiencing. You may have had events that you have buried or were too young to remember. Whether you know about it or not with. I the background there will be programming affecting your relationships on all levels of your life.    

Some bury the memory but life seems one not really worth engaging in. Struggling with friendships and relationships.

When we search for help in any area in life it can be difficult to know what service we need. So call us so we can guide you through your possibilities.

Here are some conditions that may be running your programming.

  • Sexual abuse.      
  • Betrayal.     

The deepest betrayal people experience is within their family unit.

It's difficult to accept that such deep pain was inflicted by people who are meant to protect you. This denial perpetuates lies in every aspect of our life. I will help you find the courage to move on from these dark events. These is a list of just some of the issues we work with in sexual healer training.

Sexual Healer training for your entire being to heal the divisions created from abuse.
Connect & unify to that place that keeps us together.

 Emotional abuse.

  • Parental abuse.      
  • Bullying.     
  • Incest.     
  • Inappropriate touching.     
  • Lack intimacy.     
  • Emotionally absent partner.     
  • Verbally explosive partner.     
  • Loss of interest in your relationship.     
  • Loss of desire for intimacy.     
  • Sexual issues.     
  • Fear of hurting your partner during love making (this is more prevalent than you realise).     
  • Emotional terror of allowing anyone into that space. ( we discover why and what you feel. Then we transmute that feeling.)     
  • You play the game of being happy while feeling desperately lonely inside.     
Sexual Healer training for your entire being to heal the divisions created from abuse.
Connect to that place that keeps us together.
Couples Sexual healer training therapy available.

Develop self awareness that will change the way you interact with people at work and at home. Find that piece of the puzzle. Then transform sexual energies for self empowerment.

Forming powerful yet tender boundaries through sexual healer training.
  • Sexual healing from therapist misinterpretation of Tantra. When you have sexual issues you are vulnerable to people who are also sexually out of balance. Often people seeking sex therapy end up becoming tantric sex therapist. This begins a cycle of engaging in some form of sexual interaction for money. All the time they believe they are actually doing healing.   
This Sexual healer training will begin to support you in identifying what will heal and what will to appear to heal.
  • On the surface everything looks great.       
  • While inside everything is falling apart you are keeping up the front that looks good to society.       
  • You may have a great house.       
  • A great career, car and good looking partner.       
  • Beneath all that is some kind of violence.       
  • This violence can present itself by ignoring you.       

This Sexual healer training will begin to support you in identifying the difference between;

  • what will heal and  
  • what will to appear to heal.  

Ignoring yourself is the most damaging relationship you can ever be in.   

Enroll now or book a private session.

  • Learn to identify red flags.     
  • Learn how to connect to your true desires.     
  • Uncover your deepest needs and desires.     
  • Create a blueprint of what that will take to reach these desires.     
  • Never have our relationships have been under greater threat.     
  • We need to know what heals and what hurts.     
  • Is you relationship under stress?     
  • Would you know what to do about it? .     
Sexual Healer training support you in  Developing Awareness.
  • Are you re-assessing your current relationships. Areyou re-assessing your family relationship; this includes siblings, parents and children.   Just playing around with desires removes us from our bodies and our deeper feelings. Reaching desires empowers you and brings you closer to your soul. When you really go for your desire; then you know if you want to keep it. If you just dream it; this desire keeps you hooked to relationships that leave you empty.       
  • Develop healthy vision to relationships.    
Past Relationships affect every one daily. They either empower or sabotage our lives.    

Events in our lives program your cells till you become the creation of the world around you. Your cells are extremely subjective. With you need to get to know them from your place of power not from a sexual encounter.

This is where all sexual healers go wrong. They stimulate your sexual energy to bring about pleasure before you understand it's power.
  • In this training you receive tools to;-    
- cleanse these cells.
- reprogram the cellular memory.
- Practice
new ways of responding.
- Put what you have practiced into action at the time of your training.

Places are kept to minimum ensuring personal attention.

Designed specifically for those who truly want to experience change.
We need to know what heals and what hurts. When you know truth, pain transmutes into wisdom.

What hurts often is not seen. It's like sugar and other simple carbohydrates that taste good at the time. Yet when we continue to indulge it is only years later what you have done becomes obvious. Creating diabetes. Your relationship habits affect you in a similar way. You can always turn this around. It is never too late.

The videos within are included to open our minds to greater possibilities.

Workshop Overview.

Empower your life protect your current or your next relationship learn to be a sexual healer. Fear often prevents us from standing up for our relationship. If single then fear of loss often stops us from even beginning a relationship.

Begin with essential tools.

Learn to identify the signs.
- What to do about the nagging feelings you may have.
- How to approach relationship issues.
- How to heal the rift.
- How to keep your man or woman.
- Heal past wounds of relationships and sexual abuse.
- Letting go of the past.
- Moving on.
- Identifying
relationship predators.

Events Duration Options.

- Half Day.
- Full Day.
- Weekend.

- Full Week Retreat.

- Long Weekend.
- Private individual Healing.
- Private Couple Healing.

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