Journey of embodied awareness and expanded connectivity.

Mental, Physical and Emotional is Spiritual Healing

When Duality stops, pain stops. Relationship Healing is ART of bringing your inner and outer worlds together. 


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Tantra Training meaning attitude life and commitment.

Everything we interact with is a relationship. Reality is; the way you interact with your entire environment is intimacy affects your sexual and spiritual link to your partner. Most people consider intimacy just between sexual partner.

Is about awakening of all Our Senses & Living in joy, including Success in every Aspect of our Lives.   

This video brings wisdom to levels of awakening and awareness. 

Everything we interact with is a relationship that affects our intimacy as well. Most people consider intimacy just between sexual partner. The reality is; the way you interact with your entire environment affects your sexual and spiritual link to your partner   

Personal relationships Tantra training.

This introduces your to the reality of your relationships with your personal environment. Our environment around us and within us. Our Friendships and business are also our environment. Major companies understand that. You can be just as observant in your personal life.  

Tantra training incorporates youreveryday life with your spiritual life. 

Your level of participition depends on the Tantra Training package we agree upon. Here my client and I connect to the environment in a completely different way. Have a listen in on our conversation. 

Tantra training works with every aspect of you.

Tantra training is designed to integrate all your mind fragments as well as emotions, soul energy, spirit and body. Tantra training works when you are committed to best life. When you are dedicated to explorin all levels of relationships. This clears away any misunderstandings. As you fully participate you are completely focused on what is important. Access truth for your life and never accept anything less than what you really want in your life.      

Body Detox during this his personal event. Listen to our talk.

  • Through Tantra training you can experience detox of your system through seeing the world for what it really is. Something you never before considered possible.        
  • Tantric Living Pulse is dedicated in healing relationships.        

It is not too late.

  • The energies of other people can be cleansed from your bodies.           
  • You'll feel free, energised, refreshed and focused on what is important in your life.            
  • Never distract from your true feelings again and your body and your life shall thank you.           
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