Journey of embodied awareness and expanded connectivity.

Mental, Physical and Emotional is Spiritual Healing

When Duality stops, pain stops. Relationship Healing is ART of bringing your inner and outer worlds together. 


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Testimonials;- These clients actually share their experiences. What they felt, tasted and explored.

  • Below are a number of recordings of their adventures into their previously unknown areas of their own bodies sensations through Kapua Tantric Living Massage.    
When you know your life is hurting but don't know what to look for and what questions to ask, it takes patience and determination to get to the source.   

Leyla describes her experience in video above or listen audio  this is in two parts           I laughed like I never laughed before  


 Tantric Living pulse connecting to internal wisdom at an essence.

Feeling of being embraced and connection through electrical energies within and without.             


Relationships in private life, business and relationship with your own body AJ speaks within the video above. In Relationships we need more wisdom to connecting to our deeper needs that our relationship is meant to support.


I was disconnected and was looking for someone with your philosophy.

Jack shares his experience here are two audios of what he felt just press play        and          

Another client experience - here how pain in his foot disappeared through pleasure vibrations two audios again  and   

 Matthew shares;- "Center of my stomach was vibrating in that area and - then I began to feel more pleasurable feelings. 

It’s changed my whole view completely."

I think it has a lot to do with your intention and how you are coming across.

the pulses were distinct in different parts of my body.

Center of my stomach was vibrating in that area and - then I began to feel more pleasurable feelings.

In the beginning, I wanted to talk about it a lot to get away from the feeling. It was really hard for me to stop talking about it at first. But I could feel that it was much more beneficial for me to stay with the feeling.

I've met my resistance before (I began to feel what you describe in your page about you)

I feel so good now it's hard to recall how I felt when I first arrived.

We went through the struggle of the mind and body and then the shift happened.

You took me far beyond my own resistance much further that I have been able to, I was able to let you into my space without feeling threatened or manipulated, I let go of resistance...

This letting go, allowed the pleasure energy to flow...

I felt it was like a loving connection with somebody, but is was with myself. 

    • T     hat was orgasmic in itself.     
    • Really strange that I never once felt uncomfortable with these new feelings.   
  • The pulses were distinct in different parts of my body.

"Center of my stomach was vibrating in that area and - then I began to feel more pleasurable feelings."

Matthew shares his experience click here to listen      

NB: More of Matthew's recording as he describes the different sensation within his body. The centre of his stomach had it's own pulse. The rest of the body had a different pulse.

-- -- Matthew Gold Coast Qld 2012.

 This takes you beyond just a massage. We arealways ready. It is just a matter of deciding to have a truly satisfying life.

  • This level is not for everyone we always begin with where you are at this time and what you desire to feel.     
  • Do you feel emptiness in your life?     
  • Do you feel pain frustration or separation. Perhaps there is far too much going on in your life.     
  • Or just need to feel what it's like to truly let go into self safely.    

At all times during our appointments I continue to support you ensuring you want to continue to explore your true feelings deep inside of you - the inner connection with the realisation of new experiences.

Energy that remains in a room many weeks after Tasja left.

Your hands found my pain and relieved it instantly.     

Joseph writes about his experience during the bodywork, as we are leaving Namale Resort in Fiji, after enjoying a private week, with  Anthony Robbins , the success coach.

That's right, dining


Tasha was flown to Tony Robbins resort to be part of his team. She spent every available moment with him 'Anthony Robbins" at breakfast, lunch and dinner, and enjoying this island and surrounding islands joining him on excursions with him including snorkelling on his other private island, that was our R&R with Tony Robbins at his Resort in Savu Savu, Fiji,

This is the place Tony loves to chill out in between his demanding business engagements.

Joseph Writes

·          To call what you do; Bodywork, is such a tragic understatement.

·          I have had massages and body work done all around the world and

·          what you did for me was pure magic.

·          At the risk of sounding too cosmic,

·          when I was on your table, I went to a place that was truly spiritual,

·          Your hands found my pain and relieved it instantly.

·          Please take care and continue your vital work.    
This massage experience is available to you on you first appointment.

Why is this relevant? Because we are used to very ordinary, mainstream. We've stopped believing in the magic of human touch and intent.
You'll find peace, relaxation, and relief from your aches, pains, and discomfort. Experience ecstasy throughout your entire being.

Joseph Namale Resort -Savu Savu - Fiji 1994    
This is like Celtic, like the Ground Timber Fruit everything has an energy, just all different energies coming from the Earth...

That's what Kapua Tantra bringing energies to help you it feels like and bringing other energies from outside of the earth to help you as in guides.
Feeling all these hands that weren't there, all these different energies.

Is that what Tantra is all about?

There's a lot we don't know about.

Our being westernized for us what we cannot see doesn't exist.
There are many elements that we can't see that are actually there.
That's what I picked up.

And all the pain

  • in the knees,      
  • neck and   
  • shoulder      

All pain came out and now they are gone.

James speaking with Tasja following his Kapua Tantric Massage

          Press play to hear James speak.

You may pause refresh, play again or stop it to download to listen to it again.


Mary shares ;-" Mindfulness is not something I'm not very good at" (this lady has spent 25 years of her life studying human nature a highly accomplished lady) yet in some areas she felt disconnected as many of us are.

Sharing how she could feel comfortable with her own body. Something she was not comfortable with until now. Many of us can relate to this.

 Press play on recording.      

Mary Nov 2011 Central NSW