Journey of embodied awareness and expanded connectivity.

Mental, Physical and Emotional is Spiritual Healing

When Duality stops, pain stops. Relationship Healing is ART of bringing your inner and outer worlds together. 


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What is Tantra Massage good for.

Explore different feeling by entering state of no judgement and no comparison. Understanding massage beyond just massage. typically people think of massage on just a physical level. Advanced tantra massage in the hands of an evolved human brings all relationships together within the moment of touch. Touch is meant to link the soul, spirit, and physical together. This is necessary preparation linking your inner world with the outer world realities.

This unlocks the pathway to connection to cellular communication with each other. For relationship success. Stress relief. It is deeper than just a Relaxation Massage. The most Therapeutic Massage that links emotions and spirit into your every day interactions. You are guided in Understanding all levels of life and where you fit in the scheme of things.

This results in;

  • Removal Toxins (because our reality changes).    
  • Has the ability to center us.    
  • Deeper connection to our core.    
  • Induces Sleep.     
  • The result of this massage is represented in this video is what he experienced. This is the man in the video receiving the massage.   

Realisation is link to the ability to see life for how it is. Realisation triggers Profound Relaxation.

This deep connection delivers these results. 

Integrating on this level has never been offered until now 

Therefore; please watch these videos (if you truly desire real stress relief that lasts) on pages provided here.  here as well as  John's experience page. We are capable of connecting the two worlds with integrity.

  • Slow the ageing process.         
  • Improve Blood Circulation.         
  • Relieve & Reduce Pain.         
  • Reduce & manage stress more effectively.           
  • Strengthens immune function.         
  • For Women; heal the female power energies and physical functions associated with those energies.         
  • Tantric Pulse Massage for men assists with erectile dysfunction hormonal imbalance by connecting to your sexual organs.    
  • These secrete hormones and if required assist with premature ejaculation        
  • Tantra Massage for Woman often reactivates the connection to cellular memory of the hormonal system.       
  • With stress of all these misalignments out of the way you can begin to create.      

Understanding billions of Nadis and their functions through experiencing them. this is what tantra massage is good for.

When brought into new energies; that connects to your body as an entire unit, body mind spirit. It brings about desire & ability for Deeper Understanding. Improve physical & emotional well-being. Helps you Regain clarity. 

Tantra is about Connecting with your  entire being. Not just to your center. It is all living. Yet the moment we define it - Tantra disappears. Yin Yang explained.

Tantra is merging of energies. Dissolving the boundaries that divide. To prepare you for Tantra, here are some of the feeling that John describes within the video in John's experience page. Tantra can be away to bridge that body awareness gap. Merging of Yin and Yang is the healing energy. 

Tantra energy embodies, envelops, embraces, captivates & captures your entire focus.

This links to the essences of life. Every move you make is your connection to your expenses of life. Tantra massage, is referred to as the 'Joining of the Essences'; Ancient masters demonstrated the truths on the walls of the temples. These arts of connection are ART OF ATTENTION. When we pay attention, we are in state of being present. When you are present, there can be no judgement. It is judgement and interference with our life that gets us into trouble. These become elements of resistance. Resistance prevents capacity to hear and feel actual events as they are. Paying attention makes you master of your life. This level of attention could maintain good health and attain longevity.

Linking touch to life become the key. Often touch remains just awareness of physical presence. Because that is what is taught in training. Energy healing is again remains energy healing. Reality of purpose Tantric massage is to link thought with action. That is called manifestation. This wisdom has been kept from all healers. This perpetuates division between healing and life.

Beyond Healing Taoist sexual practices take us on a journey of new dimensions. Redefine spiritual practices and knowledge that has been suppressed for thousands of years. Kapua Tantra takes you on a journey of self exploration and towards divine goals of your level of success.