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Tantra Explained
It is the universal heartbeat that when your stop to be with it respectfully it  can connect to your personal rhythm. This is what we bring to you in this article tantra explained.

What we see is the kinky tantra training. We accept that some people are attracted to the lower level of Tantra. If you want tantra explained it's essential to acknowledge that every one is on different levels of evolution. Some, just alcoholics and drug addicts are sex addicts. It is the sex addicts that are driving Tantric sex industry. The only concern we have here is it's marketed to the vulnerable who need real help with their sexuality. Sexology, bondassage and other kinky things are often on the menu. That tells you of the level of consciousness these people are in.


Unity is our foundation. Tantra explained on a humanitarian level of merging. Bringing consciousness to the world of oneness.

Free, creative self boundless energy. Celebration of creative power in every individual. Recognising that every person has power of free choice.

Tantra explained as unity of stillness an dynamic vitality. It's layers of energy that come together as expression of creative universal mind. If you are taught sex techniques; creativity is lost. You are just following mechanical approach to expression. Pain and separation persist as long as you are following a script.Article Tantra Explained

Their sexual challenges are not founded in sex but in bad experiences. Challenges occur in separation that affect their entire life. You don't have to have group sex or sex teachings to heal sexual issues. When you access all your levels of consciousness then Tantra healing in it's full spectrum occurs.

I write this with deep concern that people believe they can just direct energy within a body they have no relationship with. Many people have been deeply damaged by directing sexual energy cloaked as tantra as a magical tool for enlightenment. They call that a spiritual experience but what has happened is you're confusing physical pleasure with spirituality. There must be pure intention before a connection can be established. when you mess around with energies that your body and soul are not prepared in the right sequence you are likely to raise damaging energies that unbalance your entire system. This has happened to many who frequent tantra sex healers. These people are frustrated and have been lead to believe that this is all there is. Deep down they know they are on a fools path by believing that tantra is all about sex. They miss out on the most rewarding experiences and lifestyle.


When controlling energy you do not understand it becomes like goats locking horns. It's deadlock. No one is winning. Can remain trapped in this lock indefinitely. Tantra Explained as the original spiritual tradition. It is a place of oneness. It is so simple that the mystery continues to evade even the most learned priests.

Tantra explained through universal principals of matter and dark matter. Is About Being Fully Present and available to expanded aspects of life. We begin by introducing you to your energy bodies and how they interact when you connect to their existence.

What is the Hidden Secret True Tantra Brings to a relationship?

Popular Tantra has been adapted for quick sale. Prepackaged and scripted for sexual satisfaction. Just like you cannot live on strawberries all your life no matter how much you love your strawberries. Sex is just that strawberry. Life fulfilling lifestyle calls for depth of understanding of who we are. Life calls for us to feel valued all day every day.

Understanding tantra and how that relates in the physical every day world is all about the rhythm and frequencies of linking your desire to bringing that into the physical world as reality. This means the thought or the desire needs to be merged with the physical element. For some this means bringing the right people to turn that into reality. For example; when you build a house. You have an idea 'desire', 'thought'. Thought needs action to make it happen. You go out find the land to build on. Now you have land 'the physical', architect 'mental'. Then you need surveyors followed by builders etc. Then finishes and furniture. Then you move in. All this under a good manager flows.

It's all about collaboration and coordination. You do not need to do a thing.

This is what real tantra energy is like. When you tap into that earth heartbeat; it's like the site manager that links all the properties within you to link to external elements. You do not need to do a thing. What clients have expressed is along these lines. Once you let go and allow the frequencies to align themselves in right order, you do not need to direct energies. When people begin to redirect energies you create serious problems. Much like someone deciding to release a dam without considering not only the short term consequences but the long term consequences. After the rush of water everything is a mess. The only problem that within your body you cannot see that. An aware person can clearly see the emotional, spiritual, physical and lifestyle damage.



-- -- TJ

 18th June 2013

Updated - Edited 23rd October 2016


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