Journey of embodied awareness and expanded connectivity.

Mental, Physical and Emotional is Spiritual Healing

When Duality stops, pain stops. Relationship Healing is ART of bringing your inner and outer worlds together. 


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Services designed specifically to your present situation.

Fully customised program. Coordination and integration of every aspect of life ensuring a seamless transition. Every aspect of lifestyle is arranged for you in collaboration with your progress. As your situation improves we continue to adapt your progress.

Foundation of every aspect of our service must begin with Emotional Wellness to Break Free From The Old Story.

It is immensely critical that you feel at ease. Completely secure from the very first moment we speak. This first impression is of the highest importance. A total feeling that you are in the right place. Most teachings and therapies begin with an atmosphere of dependency. By your dependency on the therapist - you sensitivity is crushed. But when you know and feel that you are secure; your emotional flowering is not thwarted by fear. Fear is a sense of abandonment. Abandonment is the feeling most people live within.

In this video you get to hear an example of dissassociation many of my clients have identified when we actually link to new feelings that they have not been aware of before.

Begin by cultivating emotional capacity. Giving you tools to fix emotional wellness will only suppress the symptoms and not deal with the cause. Our body does not need more interference from more technology. We begin by establishing deep sense of security. This can only be when you have taken the time to hear new ways of accessing change.  The videos open you to new insights.  You would then feel at ease. Be able to access who you actually are beneath the social programming.

Our Approach To Wellness and Awakening.  

When we find ourselves trapped in conflict, pain and uncomfortable, destructive emotions we become disassociated from exploring and we begin depending on outside authority to tell us who we are. We can feel cut off from love, from our very sources of aliveness and wellness. You need to be vitally interested and committed to self discovery rather than authority of a counsellor.

Most therapies affectionately bully their clients into submission with promises of opening chakras and aura cleansing. This is a dangerous practice at best.

You need to strengthen your borders not open them to the distorted world that want to dominate your life.

We begin by establishing an atmosphere of intelligently encouraged continually,. This remains vital and without distortion thorough-out our interactions. These foundations you with you when you return to your daily life. This establishes an atmosphere of cooperation and collaboration. As an extent ion of our service we bring that back to their workplace and to your family and extended family environment.


Services Designed Specifically for your current situation in life

Developing Awareness.

Immersion of physically exploring new elements of life you discover where you have accepted the unacceptable. For many this is best beginning more....



Services Designed Specifically for your current situation in life

From private integrative session to CEO client support.

Begin by establishing Truth.Access


Stress Management

Stress has become normal state of being.

Stress is often result of accumulated denials and conforming to what is considered normal.

Steps to stress free life begins in first instance of our meeting.  



Miracles happen when you tell truth to yourself

True story of baby coming to life.

A family heartache turns to truth of why they want to bring their baby home more....



Services what is your real life about

Developing Awareness.

Immersion of physically exploring new elements of life you discover where you have accepted the unacceptable. For many this is best beginning more....



Services to connect to loved ones who have passed on

What spirit needs after death

Immersion of physically exploring new elements of life you discover where you have accepted the unacceptable. For many this is best beginning more....



Services Sexual Abuse

Sexual Abuse is more common than you have been led to believe.

True accounts of client experiences more....


Services creating tribe that walks with you.

Skilled group dedicated to supporting each other

No one can achieve progress alone more....



Being Present

Discover how to be present in each moment.

Whether we at eating, working or making love, mostly people's minds are elswhere.

Put into action - interactive retreat or private session on being present.


Uncomplicate your mind and body.

Most people have accumulated life dreams and physical stuff that never really served it's purpose.

We will work on identifying your needs before we move onto de-toxing. There is a danger of throwing things out as much as hanging onto things that clutter our life. First we establish purpose. Then we move on. Action without purpose is exhausting.

Defining your love for life can be challenging if you've never actually created your own path.

Every step begins by identifying your vision that has always been there. Otherwise why take the step at all?

Personal treatment program. No two people are the same. Upgrade thinking and emotions. Everything you do, everything you say affects not only you but your family and your work.

You are treated with dignity and respect as you adapt to the transition. Family and business associates are often part of the problem.

A time for healing. Our focus is on ensuring seamless transition.

  • Personalised Mentoring.   
  • Self medication issues.   
  • Pain management (how we perceive and relate to pain, these are beyond just physical symptoms). Getting off pain medication.   
  • Adapting to new ways of life.   
  • Personal training - personalised by being having a training buddy.   
  • Support you in interpreting life differently.   
  • Learn how to receive.   
  • Social integration.   
  • Lifestyle assessment.   
  • Lifestyle buddy.   
  • Stress management program.   
  • Anger issues.   
  • Anxiousness.   
  • Anxiety.   
  • Depression.   
  • Lifestyle interaction.   
  • Relationships therapies.   
  • Healing painful memories.   
  • Eating issues.   
  • Post-Traumatic stress.   
  • Personal care.   
  • Sexual abuse.   
  • Nutrition.   
  • Whatever is necessary to create a significant change.   
  • We will provide what is necessary and accompany you to all therapies and activities.   

Relationship stress has affect in every area of life; including health, joy, work, business, family.

Our speciality is assisting you in forming a complete and total relationship with your body and your life. Adapting to flow of change is a skill not taught as part of our childhood development. Relationship issues, alcohol or drugs; beneath that is inability to form association with your life here on earth. Specific intervention involving your environment is often the solution that brings awareness and easiness to life.

Many companies are experiencing issues amongst their teams. Issues of inappropriate behaviour such as sexual abuse or unwanted advances, drugs and alcohol destabilise businesses and families. Work culture ruins more lives than any other situation. We spend most of our day at work. Your environment affects every aspect of your life.

Woman's connection to her body first time in 60 years.

In this video we explore this woman's adventure of self discovery to joy. Moving through painful journeys to new opportunities..

Mentoring, Therapies, Stress Management & Services support on all levels including Personal Relationships. In this video; one of the participants shares with you his day on the beach and his realisation of how disconnected he really is from the very thing he enjoys so much that when he sustained injuries that set of his depression.

This is a very powerful Services event.

How he begins to connect with that fact that he really has been completely disassociated yet thought he was having fun.

Environmental Management including Personal, Home Environment & Business Environment. 

  • Private.      
  • Corporate.     
  • Retreat.   
  • Rehabilitation & Lifestyle follow up & Support.   
  • Yoga.   
  • Kundalini Yoga.   
  • Kundalini Meditation.   


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