Journey of embodied awareness and expanded connectivity.

Mental, Physical and Emotional is Spiritual Healing

When Duality stops, pain stops. Relationship Healing is ART of bringing your inner and outer worlds together. 


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Weight Loss Services specifically tailored to your needs.  

No Diet, no pills - just great food.

Steve lost 22kg, in just 4 weeks while indulging in all his taste senses.

  • Eating as much as Three tEating and appetiteimes the amount he was used to.

  • As his appetite increased he became healthier, losing weight in the process.     

His story is below.

Steve’s Story.


“I can’t remember being alive like this”. 

  • Grey hair slowly disappearing, lost more stomach, in just one month and have lost two and half inches in the belt.    
  •  Started losing age in face and body.   
  • In the same month 110kg to 88kg “Wow, How good is that!”   
  •  Energy levels – better staying power – normal work done in less than half the time, & actually planning things to do.   
  • Improved hearing and eyesight.    
  • Hay fever gone.    

More on Steve’s Story and others as you continue to read on.

Weight Loss

"I Started losing age in face and body."

-- Steve 

Weight Loss

Lifestyle Mentoring & Weight Loss here; is approached very differently.

 Steve lost 22kg in just 4 weeks eating three times normal amount
When we met Steve, he said he needed to lose some weight, he had a protruding stomach like many men his age also (Steve had a motor bike accident in his twenties, now he is in his 50's) he literally used to waddle due to past injuries

Tasha's response was;

"You do not need to lose weight, you just need to get healthy".

After a few consultations he began his journey of connecting with his life's habits. He began making very simple yet critical changes immediately. Below are diary entries he made over 28 days. 

Tasha monitored his progress. Steve kept a diary

How would this Lifestyle Make over work for you?

As everyone is different, it is personalised on a daily basis. Once you begin to connect more to your body, you naturally adapt rather than be on the same boring routine.

This is not a diet. It's connection to everything you do including food.

Then we began Steve's Weight Loss & Lifestyle Make over. Here is his progress report.


07.9.06 -

I Steve with a rather large belly, fatigued and in a lot of pain from past injuries, also suffering from hay fever. I am a constant worrier. Plus I had strong body odor to the extent that I used to spray deodorant on my shirt. Then I started on Tasha's Lifestyle programme.


I lost 22kilos in just 4 weeks all while eating 3 times more than  my normal amount.

Steve lost 22kg in just 4 weeks eating three times normal amount

Steve's Story. 
 07.9.06 - I Steve was completely constipated in a lot of pain from past injuries, suffering from hay fever. I was a constant worrier. I started on Tasha's lifestyle programme.
 08.9.06 Things started moving.
 09.9.06 - My bowel was starting to respond as what I would call normal.
 10.9.06 - Eye sight improved. A small blood blister that I was getting on my top right hand gum. That blood blister I got about every 2 weeks, has now stopped.
• 11.0.06 - My sore knee was getting better. Sore joints had almost corrected themselves. Energy levels and alertness is a lot better now.

Weight Loss

Getting work done in ½ the time.

Thinking very clearly.

More confidence.

Weight Loss

• 12.9.06 - Very regular bowl movement. I went into town. When walking on the foot path I just felt like walking very fast being conscious of my body movements. It felt good. I was hardly puffing.
• 13.9.06 - Plenty of energy. Feeling good regular bowel movements. My appetite is good. Clear thinking.
• Eating three times more than normal yet losing weight.
 14.9.06 - Energy levels exceeding yesterday. Getting work done in ½ the time. Thinking very clearly. More confidence.

Lost another ½inch belt size.

Appetite doubled, eating more yet still losing weight.  


·     16/9/06 - Hearing things in the house at like a ticking clock that I never used to hear. 

·     17/9/06 - Bowel really moving well. 

·     19/9/06 Energy levels even better, staying power, just push it. A days normal done in less that ½ the time. 

“Now; - actually planning things to do. Just happens, COOL!”

  • 20/9/06 Energy plus day,      

1. split second timing went well without an effort, 

2. Urine clearest it has been.  

3. Work no effort at all when it was before.  

4. Thinking clearly without even trying to think.  

Weight Loss

Sleep is ever so restful. Work is too easy; job planning is probably saving time.

Weight Loss

“I can’t remember ever being like this”   
  • 22/9/06 - Sleep is ever so restful. Work is too easy; job planning is probably saving time.     

·           23/9/06 - Noticed small light when radio is on, didn’t before, 

1. Sweating is not as bad as before

2. Don’t feel the heat as much as before.

3. Body odor is not as strong as before.

· 23/9/06 - Eye sight clearer.  

1. Bowel very frequent,

2. Job planning very clear. 

  • 1/10/06 - I no longer suffer from hay fever.

Much more confident driving very early hours of the morning at 2.30am.very rest full sleep if only a few hours. It is enough after very long days. 

Seeing myself now, looking younger in face and body.

·1/10/06 – grey hair slowly disappearing lost more stomach, it’ been just one month 



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Here we are assisting you in connecting with your inner body. It is our inability to connect to ourselves that often creates these issues.

When we begin to truly taste what we eat. When we delight our senses the body loves itself and your. Your body mind and senses merge and dance within. Shedding Weight and pain is a by product of connection.

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