Journey of embodied awareness and expanded connectivity.

Mental, Physical and Emotional is Spiritual Healing

When Duality stops, pain stops. Relationship Healing is ART of bringing your inner and outer worlds together. 


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Upgrading Consciousness from physical form consciousness to recognising we are much more than a physical form.

This creates complete transformation of how we see things and people. How we approach people, how we communicate with each other and the world around us. We have opportunity to put these mental and emotional realisations into action. To fully explore and interact in the state of upgraded consciousness.

When we begin to recognise that our purpose is to be interconnected, we begin to seek people on same path to interact with and create together. Upgrading Consciousness is the time when you move from using your mind and relying on memory; to using intuition to absolutely know what to do in each moment. Which in actuality means seeing the links the connections energetically. These connections are not available through the mind. Intuition is the absolute knowing in the moment what it is that is happening at that very moment. People have been working linearly for thousands of years, therefore it is a massive shift. This huge shift is smooth and seamless. The moment trying comes in, resistance and the mind enter. By working together in Upgrading Consciousness we gain momentum  simply due to collaboration and upgraded interactions. These interactions are intended to upgrade every area of our life.

We are in the midst of one of the greatest transformations that humanity has ever experienced. We are at the center of turmoil, wars and the most ridiculous shift to a dark spiritual practice that claims to save the soul through sexual activity alone. Each evolutionary stage has come from division of  light and dark that eventually find their right place.

We begin to recognise what we have known intellectually - this time in our physical reality.

The theory of quantum physics has been around for many years. Our mind has prevented us from actually experiencing the actual reality of quantum physics. All solid physical objects are made up of electrons and atoms. This I was taught in physics. That lecture made a deep impression on me. Within these atoms and electrons is vibrational energy. This is life force energy. Therefore all objects around you are actually vibrating with a life force. The entire universe is made up of the same vibrating energy. These vibrations have various groups of pulses both inside our body and inside the earth. Around the earth there pulses as there are pulses around our own body. Equipment reads our pulses. These pulses are always there. It is these pulses that send us signals. Because we are so busy in our heads, we miss all these relationships that are always there.

Quantum physics tells us that - all the energy that exists in the universe is interconnected. You can hear some clients talk about their vibrational awareness and connections that linked them to the universe beyond. These vibrations are affected by actions we take and the thoughts we have. In just the quantum physics the phenomenon also known as entanglement. Non locality interaction between two particles deeply separated physically, yet interconnected vibrational, instantaneously. These particles Einstein referred to as "spooky action at a distance". When you do something to one the other responds instantly despite being as far as a world away. Best example of that is perhaps a phone. When you call the person you are calling can answer the call immediately. This occurs through emotions and words as well. The connection is instant.

As an example: some years ago I was working on a client - at that time I was in Bondi. The woman's mother was going through an emotional outpouring in New Zealand at  precisely the same time that my client accessed a particular memory. My experience is that all energy in all things are infinitely connected.

Session Graduates are eligible to apply to participate in our Upgrading Consciousness living. This means we live by interacting with the flow of our intuition as we continue to upgrade our awareness. Every event around the world is interaction of energy frequencies. Eastern mystics and American Indian shaman and aboriginal elders have known this for thousands of year. Western science is just catching up with depths of ancient wisdom.

Vadantic wisdom suggests that underlying the physical reality is the universal consciousness that 's expressing itself through events and thoughts. There is a major resistance in the mainstream tantra sex services that seem to simply focus on sensual or erotic energy. The reality is that you do not have to demean yourself by presenting your private parts to someone who claims to be a sexpert. These energies are accessible by letting go of the mind. This destroys the paradigm of duality and separation. Dual cultivation is popular in the tantric circles. When there is no duality, dual cultivation is actually creating separation into duality. By practicing dual cultivation you are actually assuming you are separate. That mindset cannot become one with itself through practice.

The only way to know you are one is to become aware of the oneness that is already there. This is achieved by upgrading consciousness through daily interactions. Our most powerful energetic force is our sexual energy. When you realise that everything is connected you will connected to this energy beyond the mind. The earths most powerful energy is the sun. The sun is actual consciousness that reaches the consciousness of the earth. The earth atmosphere is earth soul that in itself is a consciousness frequency. Sun and moon affect our tides and migration of animals and birds.

Learn how to smile, interact and talk on a completely different level. By upgrading consciousness we will be able to begin to create a whole new way of living.