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Featured Article To know What Tantra is. First of all we must to know what It Isn't.


Knowing Tantra; If You had Incorrect Information About Tantra, Would You Want to Know?


As we read majority of the Tantric sites in the western world, unfortunately they have become almost exclusively associated with just sex and sex services.

The purpose of this article.

Getting real is absolutely essential, my experience is that those that advertise Tantra Goddess or Sexologist incorporating NLP  service including Somatic healing are offering a commercialized adult service interpretation of Tantra.

"These have nothing to do with the origin or the journey to true Tantra feelings, in-fact they serve to deny feeling severing the link to Tantra pleasures."

Sexual energy (the most powerful universal energy) is definitely involved in my Tantra Massage as a life force energy. If you just focus on the genitals; you obscure the power and deeper meaning of your experiences.

The best way to read this article is to approach it like you Erotic Tantra Carvingswould if you needed to protect your computer, learning how to recognise potential threats, and the dangers of ignoring them.

This is your firewall if you wish to protect yourself.

A good IT person knows; how to hack to know how to protect their computer and yours from threats. He/She must know the dangers of exposing their privacy and resources to just anyone. Many threats come disguised as helpers, often we downloaded them onto our computer ourselves, because we did not know.
Tantra is no different. The only difference is; that it comes in the guise of a very willing provider of erotic pleasures promising spiritual enlightenment.

We must know this, primarily since many sites that have sprung up, offering up the sex service, rubbing Lingam & Yoni and because give our genitals such an exotic name and calling it Tantra. People accept it as spiritual enlightenment. For goodness sake you are taking advice from a person who prides private services to any strange that calls. Just diving right into it like a one night stand. Books have been written about the sacred Prostitute, further enticing those who would not normally go there. Many have been taken in by the spiritual spin.

This type of service comes from misunderstanding. But not just that. That level in some sectors of Taoist practices was created to increase male potency at the expense of female energy. Men believed they could extend their life force by stealing female energy.

Female energy is vital for mans health.

"To extend a mans life he would absorb a woman's vital energies. This was referred to as 'The battle of stealing and strengthening'."

They were stealing the woman's energy, draining her then casting her aside, replacing her with another to drain her and so on.. What they believed would strengthen them effectively weekend read more in this link. There is a Tantra way that takes care of both man and woman equally.

A conversation I had with a woman recently.  

What we need to know about how we are affected.

I was speaking to a friends daughter who was contemplating becoming exactly that, after she read 'Sacred Prostitution' book.

Did she think to research the facts further?

  • Innocent emotionally vulnerable  people are now being affected, we need to know what is not correct. he temple of Aphrodite. from Wikepedia     
  • No.            
  • She took the book as gospel.         
  • Like many of us we    

believe if it is written.   

  • Responsible therapist must know what their clients do not know in order to protect them.        
  • Many in the Tantra field have not taken the time to research what they were taught because we tend to believe without following through with our own research.    

Well I did the research for all of us with credible links, now there is no excuse.

Those who sincerely wish to care for their clients are encouraged to contact me to upgrade their knowledge.

Now this woman was HIGHLY intelligent. Intelligence does not mean having the right knowledge. It means you are

Knowing Tantra

We go into self defence mode when we are embarrassed about our choices and lack of knowledge.

Knowing Tantra

capable of greater knowledge. Learn what to do with your ability to achieve this you need to take your research a step further. Prostitution in Rome was a tourist attraction according to the content on the page many were also slave, considered the lower level of society. Therefore it was OK for the men to have sex with them. They too were referred to as Goddesses. Painting on right is from that page in Wikipedia.

She is a mother who needed to be a good role model for her son, yet she was defending the writings rather than connecting with her own truth. Yes she argued with me on the subject. (We go into self defence mode when we are embarrassed about our choices and lack of knowledge. There is no need to be embarrassed, just learn and move on) because it is written. It seems if it is in writing we believe it.

These people would never have contemplated using an adult service whether for sex of for genital massage, most people are so disconnected that when the word Spiritual is used they lose all connection to gut feelings, operating out of logic turn out to a Spiritual promise. Clearly we all are seeking Spirituality.

Yet blindly they turn up to men and women who call themselves gods and goddesses, providing their services naked of semi naked. I am aware that some tantra providers begin with breath techniques, pelvic contraction, chakras worship. Your body cannot process this and stores that experience as another defence system. First the body needs to be freed from restrictions to allow space and freedom for new breath to come naturally. Those techniques cannot be used at home with your partner unless you tell your partner. When you do, how are you going to teach her what you do not yet understand that you are engaging in prostitution.

One of the Tantra schools offers body slide and mutual massage following the first appointment. Others even have accreditation for oral. Another features their Goddesses topless with the clients hand between the breasts. Here is   Phoenix Goddess Temple sacred sexuality story; you be the judge. They are all the same yet claiming to be spiritual. What is out there under the Tantra Massage Label (including some life coaches, who provide the Lingam massage - we are informed of this practice, because some clients expect it here when they arrive - the expect what is unsaid, as it always has been during times when providing that level of service was illegal) Almost all Tantra massage out there is just an adult service regardless of the label they use and the spiritual talk around it. Regardless of the meditation techniques. When meditating in those conditions the dark energies enter.

Here is a link to a police raid on a tantric temple that claims to be a church. Have you ever thought that sex should be sanctioned in a church. It is prostitution and nothing more. here is the link to the video.

Meditation does not discriminate, the user does. These services have always been available, mutual touching has always been there in that industry. This is information is for those who are not aware of the adult industry. So now they call it Tantra, make remarkable promises yet their fees are often lower than the happy ending services. Is it any wonder they've become so popular.

Now you know, therefore if you are addicted to that Tantra. Know that now you have no excuse now you have read this site with the many wonderful recordings in video and mp3.

It is not just my opinion. This has been well researched and authenticated. Now you have some measure of what to look out for.

Well I did the research

This is not just my opinion. These facts have been well researched and authenticated. Now you have some measure of what to look out for.

Knowing Tantra

In Tantric school marketing Tantric services - they hypnotise you with the steady rhythm. Be careful.

Knowing Tantra

Latest Tantric News Article on China's First Neo Tantra Resort Raided (I expect Australia & NZ, perhaps same applies in Europe, are of similar system) many clients shared their Tantra Experienced while in those countries. These days all we need to do is Google) practitioners can feel safe. Knowing their right of practicing religious beliefs. In their marketing Tantric services they hypnotise you with the steady rhythm. Be careful.

Goddesses focus on Spiritual Practices while naked or semi naked with their clients. While it is marketed as a spiritual practice apparently they cannot be raided. Is this any different to when prostitution was illegal. There it is now marketed as genuine massage. Now they have the word of Spirituality as their allies.

Many counselors consultants are recommending a Tantra experience without knowing any more than you did until now. Almost all of Tantra is a New age Sex Service, read this article in Phoenix News.

People Need to wake up to the Goddesses practices.

Some web hosts refuse to host tantra services. Apart from a few free advertising sites that promote new age services all the others ensure the advertising is placed in the adult services category. Clearly they've done their research. Innocent men and women have been lied to. Manipulated, mislead; having fallen pray to those sexual predator's. Don't worry if you are one of them. Here is a video to help you understand Tantra better from a man's personal experience with his tantra sex friend.

We have all done things we are not proud of. Either out of circumstance, or just being trusting with the wrong people. In times of need we are vulnerable often unable to make the distinction. Those times we just seek relief from overwhelming pressures.

Many innocent people have been taken in by them and are now addicted, justifying they actions of seeking sexual gratification by quoting the supposed sacred texts. Lets look at the facts, they are critical for those who would not normally seek an adult service. That behavior was always there in the adult red light district or by those providing there services privately. They have at all times

Knowing Tantra

Red Tantra movement began to be promoted around 40 years ago; with the new age sector, with so called students (who lacked understanding of his teachings) of a spiritual teacher Osho.

Knowing Tantra

claimed they were providing a legitimate service.

The Red Tantra movement began to be promoted around 40 years ago; with the new age sectorWhat those new age people did was create tantra training retreats, more new age people attended, more of them particularly those who offered extras chose to call their service Tantra. In the adult industry mutual touching & body slides, massages as well as prolonging orgasm was always there. Now they call their services tantra and their place of business a temple.

Naturally when any light is presented, the darkness arrives to take advantage of the vulnerable and the easily convinced. This is the nature of the universe. You have never arrived. You are in a constant place of movement, growth. That is the Yin & Yang. When you do not pay attention, yin & yang become distorted.

Convincing us is not a difficult task, we are all stressed looking for that glimmer of stress relief where ever we can find it.

So you arrive at your Tantric Goddesses or Tantric Gods place. What a shame they use this beautiful word to entice. Then you listen to advice and instructions from those who did not do any research on the subject, those who perhaps attended one of the supposed schools of Tantra then began to sell their bodies. These people have been around for a number of decades. In the last five years they have begun to saturate the internet. Just because it's out there, we do not have to put it on our must have list.

This article is your firewall, your protection.

I hope from now on, you'll take a moment to discern fact from new age fluff and fiction. Back to What is Tantra page.

Knowing Tantra

We encourage you to do your own research, it seems that most people are blindly following anyone who sets up a course or a place that sets themselves up as a school without questioning and researching deeper.

Knowing Tantra

Editorial Message.

This site's articles about Tantra are provided for awareness and enrichment purposes. We encourage you to do your own research, it seems that most people are blindly following anyone who sets up a course or a place that sets themselves up as a school without questioning and researching deeper. In our experience many just turn up and do as they are told, this keeps us in the intellect.

These same people set themselves up as Tantra therapists. 

Their clients are not at all interested in knowing Tantra itself if the genital massage is not part of the deal.

This has been my experience, there you go - your tantra therapists, this is all that the client wants. The client is rude after reading other sites or having services from Tantra Goddesses, who on the most part as far as the client is concerned is doing genital and prostate massage. If that is not on offer then the typical client who is now seeking Tantra is not interested. That type of client would normally had sought happy ending service. Now they find greater entertainment from the Tantric Goddess.

The current trend is now to use NLP and Somatic healing in association with Tantra; this is just New Age Marketing. Tantra stands alone as therapy. When we introduce more techniques, true feelings are buried and one just reacts. Plus synchronisation is lost or diluted greatly. Then you are getting only part of the truth that disturbs your flow.

That truth is then intellectualized making it separate rather than personalised. Thereby creating separation.

The ultimate purpose of Tantra if it is to be truly felt, is to merge with universal consciousness.

True Tantra teaches respect for the feminine energy, yet the women providing Tantra services do not know how to be treated or even how to be heard. They just provide a technique.

Those client who would not have a different attitude if they did have real Tantra.

Others seeking a total Tantra promise without knowing tantra and it's fullness. They seriously believed they have arrived at true Tantra teachings, they would never offend a woman. They sincerely need the help promised.

Sadly they miss out. When you continue to provide sexual services for men (ie, lingam massage and prostate massage that is marketed as essential part of tantra on first appointment. Those of you who truly believe you are providing a genuine Tantra service. Try not offering Lingam and prostate massage and see how many takers you'll get till you upgrade your skills). Under the current conditions you shall never learn the real art of Tantra.

The intellect fails in the areas of discernment. Only the body, mind, spirit emotion when balance is impartial. Then truth is seen and felt clearly uncompromising by our conditioning. 

Importance of knowing tantra is critical before you make the move to one of the tantric sites that promise you healing through sex.

Sex addicts have found their calling since the almost frantic marketing of sex therapy that has become the go to What is tantraplace for all conditions.

Sex addiction is a mental disturbance that actually did not hurt anyone but the sex addict.

Now the vulnerable are believing they need to have tantric sex with a tantric sex addict to be healed. This is a dangerous practice. However in order to understand what is tantra you need to recognise that these people have now taken up tantric worship as a way to satisfy they sexual perversions and their sexual urges.

Brilliant scripts targeting the vulnerable, the sexually abused, the stressed and desperately lonely people end up being recruited into this sacred sex industry.

There they can satisfy their urges under the guise of a spiritual teacher. Inn the interest of protecting my clients from spiritual bull I have links to articles you never considered. You have been mentally and emotionally manipulated into believing that having sex with your teacher is a valid therapy.

Sexual Abuse in Tibetan Buddhist monastery. Confessions of a monk who was sexually abused by other monks.

The worst of humans also reside in spiritual temples. In my search for life answers and what is tantra, I found my into spiritual communities. These communities got off on nudity and sexual exploitation. Partner swapping was typical. The temple gurus indulged in multiple sexual liaisons. Their students were prayed upon. The leaders were often bi-sexual. Is it any wonder they found a way to make it mainstream.  To divert attention from their inability to find spiritual meaning to their lives. All this love and fake  hugs.

I did not give up on my search in knowing tantra. It has been my experience that what is mainstream is just a hosh posh of junk that people pick up for quick sale with no regard for the consequences.

If you are interested in knowing tantra  we  must first recognise the truth. Lama Kalu Rinpoche speaks  about sexual abuse he suffered as a child monk -rape and violence in the monastery. His own tutor tried to kill him. This eventually led him to drugs and alcohol. Not too different to the average person who has lived with any level of violence or some injury. Eventually he regained his faith in himself.

Remember there are many whacky self proclaimed spiritual teachers. they believe they are super human. This can lead to craziness. They call that crazy wisdom. It can have devastating consequences. Here is a story of such craziness in a well established temple read more here.


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