Journey of embodied awareness and expanded connectivity.

Mental, Physical and Emotional is Spiritual Healing

When Duality stops, pain stops. Relationship Healing is ART of bringing your inner and outer worlds together. 


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Restorative Tantra restores connections to unified fields that humans lost thousands of years ago.

To understand what is tantra we need to understand the concept of confluence. The merging of two principals. Where you are now and the original source. Assimilating wisdom with the higher dimensions. Your lower self meets with the higher self. Like two or more streams or rivers meet to become one. This is the level of confluence we achieve with our clients. When you approach with that perspective it then becomes a possibility.

However; if one of the streams or rivers is blocked by a dam, that is left out of the merging. 

Healing does not control; Restorative Tantra Receives you.

This situation redefines what is tantra. In the urban or neo tantra model, the aim to bring energies into play overlooks the full spectrum of rivers of consciousness.

What you are not aware of you cannot see. It's the same with the neo tantra model. Their aim in recruiting therapists and creating tantric teachers has to limit the scope of awareness necessary for confluence of all streams of consciousness. The dams need to be removed. Not by What is Tantraemotional release, but by emotional consciousness that allows the flow of energy to meet the main river. If the distance from the main river has been interrupted by physical mental or emotional events, these events will move on their own accord when the streams of consciousness are allowed to flow.

When rivers merge without conflict, this begins new levels of consciousness and cooperation.

These streams of consciousness are not readily recognised. Ultimately, when you really look at your life; what you are really seeking is new levels of integration and collaboration with the people around you. What you are really seeking is safety in your immediate environment. Knowing what to fear and what to embrace is at the very essence of what is tantra.

Any new stream of consciousness needs to be linked to current consciousness and universal flow of wisdom. 

Much like a child learning to walk. the child sees adults walking, therefore it tries to walk. The child is walking as a result of learning to walk. Without learning and stumbling, there is no progress to actually walking. We do not go from crawling directly to walking without the process of adjustment on the way. Child falls, gets over it and tries a different way. On the way child discovers muscles that have never been used while crawling or learning to crawl. This is why child falls while learning. this is the confluence of integrating the crawling with the walking. You cannot discard crawling muscles in order to use walking energies and muscles. They must converge. The must become one with crawling and walking in order to progress.

This helps you understand what is tantra. It is the principals of confluence.

When you engage in goddess worship sacred sex tantra, you are separating yourself. Compartmentalising your life. You are leaving your life behind to feel good in separation. That is primitive approach. We need to access the primal force. If you want to experience what is tantra, you need to experience new levels of self awarenessFinding truth through self awareness that does not exclude any feelings. When you identify with a feeling by hugging it out, you are dividing it from the source.

This is the expert understanding of what is tantra energy as opposed to sacred sex. Sacred sex divides. Restorative tantra embraces.

Restorative tantra liberates you from the traumas, suffering and disappointments.
Restorative Tantra is non linear progress, again like  from crawling to walking. You do not jump in a straight line.  Your essences unravel organically and intuitively. Your cells can teach you universal wisdom when you allow yourself to hear your inner connections to the source.
In this video a Woman describes our journey Together through her Anxiety.  
But in this merging it all occurs simultaneously by  loosening into creative empathic spiritual and physical reality. Integrative restorative expression of life progresses through your daily activities. This runs in the background like a well maintained computer. This is how you begin to understand what is tantra. Until your computer is debugged and useless files are removed it keeps slowing you down.  The same is essential for your life, not just the sex part. If you just clean up the junk files but not upgrade your system, junk files will continue to reappear. With proper set up, these junk files continue to be dealt with in the background. You do not need to go into cathartic experience to constantly get rid of junk files.
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