Journey of embodied awareness and expanded connectivity.

Mental, Physical and Emotional is Spiritual Healing

When Duality stops, pain stops. Relationship Healing is ART of bringing your inner and outer worlds together. 


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Case Studies Video Audio Series moving from consciousness to wisdom.

These case studies give you an insight into what is possible. Our bodies store every experience as frequency. This becomes memory embedded within our cells. The embedding is very effective. It confuses the natural flow that connects us to universal knowledge. Within our bodies all this knowledge is linked to earth and universal rhythm. This is not to be confused with universal consciousness. Consciousness is collection of the known. The only way to go beyond the programmed known is to put it into action here on earth. This is why souls are born on earth. The most spiritual experience you can give yourself is to create a new way of living. A way of living successful life filled with new experiences. Sexual expression is the narrow way of interpreting tantra. When you live tantric life fully; your sexual experiences are enhanced in a way you never considered possible on earth. Successful relationships are expression of your connection to your soul body and spirit body. This brings your entire being into every level of life participation.

With all these memories in place; your body is like computer with too many files and programmes running.

Within these programs are viruses that have been imbedded that further distort the coding.

Detoxification experienced as we connected with nature in totality.


 Our body is not just a body. It is filled with memories.

Through all these programs you operate in the world. You see and hear everyone and everything through the filters in your body. Much like a virus and file clean up, we work with your cellular memory in a variety of ways. these recordings give you an insight of what some participants have experienced. But first lets get the spiritual Tantric sex marketing clarified by a man who was contemplating a relationship with a tantric goddess.


This video here is of a woman who had tremendous challenges in her marriage; this is what transpired.

This play list will introduce you to some of the outcomes. Naturally; your experience will be your experience. It's about how much of you that you can allow to feel.  

None of them expected this. When you are burdened with external programming and continue to leave your energy centers unprotected; stuff continues to pour in.

Because you are so overwhelmed with the different memories that continue to play; considering these as a possibility does not even enter your mind.

This video below is result of multiple sessions.


Most people believe it is for someone else. Most people have read stories. Here we have real live talks with participants.

This video a woman shares how SHE NOW FEELS WHOLE.

No longer a bunch of compartments. A NEW INSIGHT into her life story in one session. When anything new is a challenge - this video explains why people resist anything new. Reminder - even this video may not make sense. That is a good thing. If anything makes sense - this means you are living in past knowledge. New experiences open ability to recognise new ways of living.

Be mindful of trying to make sense of anything. Just allow new possibilities to be. Explore beyond flat earth that still remains within minds of humans.

Healing disconnect following injury video.