Journey of embodied awareness and expanded connectivity.

Mental, Physical and Emotional is Spiritual Healing

When Duality stops, pain stops. Relationship Healing is ART of bringing your inner and outer worlds together. 


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True Stories of miracles. Everything said and done affects your health.

Everything you say and do, affects your physical health beyond science. True story of premature baby born March

25th 2010 in Australia (three months premature) pronounced dead by doctors. 

Still born remained considered dead by doctors for further two hours and more. They still continued to hold him. The doctor rejected parents belief that their child was alive. Mother Kate Ogg requested that she hold him to say goodbye. Within a few minutes she could feel movements.

She says the doctor told her that it was just a reflex. He can't be alive. Then Kate Loving parents dared to think that doctor may not have all the answersasked David Ogg to take off his shirt and join her in embracing their baby.

He did, he laid beside Kate and together they continued the embrace.

He remained considered dead by doctors for further two hours and more. They still continued to hold him. The doctor rejected their belief that he was alive. A midwife filmed the touching journey. Here is You Tube link of this true story.

Kate said, she felt that having him lay on her bare chest, skin to skin was the closest he could be to being in her womb. He is living a healthy life and at times he tells people that he died and came back to life. This story is critical because it unravelled in a hospital amongst doctors, nurses and all the medical equipment.

The birth process especially for premature baby is very harsh with normal delivery that you and I have personally gone through. I'm sure there are a few exceptions of natural birth where baby is placed on mother immediately with his or her umbilical cord still connected to the placenta.


This video is one of my teachers. He talks about how his master teacher went through a test of poison.

Problem becomes your greatest teacher. (Tony Robbins talks about challenges being your greatest gift as well). I can tell you now that this is true through my personal experiences. This is what brought me to this level of knowledge and understanding. Only your personal experience can verify your truth.

True master shaman lives through that. (DO NOT TRY THAT AT HOME.) Training shaman is intensive full time three year training. These days you can be accredited as a shaman within a weekend of two. We cannot continue to trivialise understanding of spirit in all things. This video explains what being present in the now means.

The umbilical cord should not be severed from the placenta until it stops pulsing at the very least. Better still, allow it to drop away naturally. This I found in my research. (Remember this is not medical research that I am aware of, please be responsible for your decision - do your own research. Your life is your responsibility, I only share my personal experiences). You are welcome and encouraged to explore your own experiences. this is your life. Be kind and loving to yourself so you can know how to be loving to people who are there to support you.

Make your life; your life. Not someone else's idea of who you should be. Who you are becoming is your journey unique from the billions other souls on this planet. 

Like me, you have been told what life on earth is and how you are supposed to fit in. I assure you that just like me your mind and your feelings wanted you to go against what someone else wants you to be. But , babies and children go along with what their culture and family in the name of survival dictate. Your culture and your family hold the power of life in their hands.  

At some time however, you begin to question and seek. On your way, just like me; you'll find groups that want to convince your that their way is the way. I found that, but that never felt right. I was expected to accept that persons or that groups idea of the better way is your way. Again you are required to conform, further taking you off track.

When you get stuck I'll be there to help you identify that feeling so you remember it when life throws you another curb ball.

Your unique knowing of where you belong is what counts. You are different from me - when we are together, we will practice linking who I am with who you are.

This creates a bridge of communication thereby expanding my consciousness as well as yours. I've been on this journey that's never ending. Exploring joy of expansion and expanded living is never ending. I will start and support you on your path as long as it takes. When you get stuck I'll be there to help you identify that feeling so you remember it when life throws you another curb ball. It will, because it is only when we have the comparison that we recognised our uniqueness and our potential for better living.

When I work with you; you are this baby that authority has decided belonged. I am like these loving parents. I'll support you in unravelling and acclimatising yourself into this new environment of living your life. We all need to feel we belong. When Kate and David remained with the child who was declared dead for such an extended period of time. Then clearly his soul felt it safe to remain in the body and give it life.