Journey of embodied awareness and expanded connectivity.

Mental, Physical and Emotional is Spiritual Healing

When Duality stops, pain stops. Relationship Healing is ART of bringing your inner and outer worlds together. 


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Master Mind Events Art of value of collaboration, inter-dependence. 

All success is result of collaboration and interdependence. No one ever succeeded alone. You get to put all this into action. People are great at thinking and even designing. Their greatest challenge is in putting it into action. Into physical reality. That is disconnecting from soul and body. You soul came to live in this body to create it's life but something went wrong. This created a gap between body and mind leaving the soul deeply disappointed for being left out of the very reason the body was born. This is your body and your life. 
Learn how to use it to your best advantage. 

All success is result of collaboration and interdependence. No one ever succeeded alone. Watch this video to get a better idea of my experience and my clients experiences. Truth seekers wanted now - join us in getting the message to the world. 

Our Master Mind Events team training focuses on collaboration and cooperation skills.

You Engage in your Daily Activities as your entire being. This video provides a visual demonstration along with detailed explanation. These principals I bring to your training's while applying them to your daily activities.

We care for our organs, the most important of which is the pineal gland.

That is the master gland. When pineal gland is clear, your choices are clear. We begin work with your most important organ in the body. That clears space for clear mind to be able to work with it's own body. From that day on you will practice on being totally present.

Mater mind events


Purpose of Master Mind Events is empowerment. Developing you Power of influence. Until now you have been programmed. Conditioned to believe words and totally accept anyone who sounds like an authority. You get to hear you and the dedicated people around you at their absolute essence. 

 Here's a video.


Mastermind events include critical Skill share components.

  1. Article researchers who actively get involved in bringing both scientific.  
  2. Articles and videos on Neuroplasticity from credible sources.  
  3. DNA and other cellular intelligence.  
  4. Water how our thoughts and intention affect our water.  
  5. Bruce Lee material. You may have come across a talk with one of my clients who was a Bruce Lee student. He talks about his experience during his session with me comparing it Bruce Lee attitude. How he felt the flow. I'll upload the recording once it's located.  
  6. Video editing. Remising videos.  
  7. Outsourcing skills.  
  8. Social media.  
  9. Spread the word of this level of Tantra.  
  10. Contribute to editing this website.  
  11. This sets the foundational skills that are required for all aspects of relationship building. We use the interactive technology I used in multi million dollars of projects. The people the product the skills and commitment to make it work. 
  12. Email set up and auto responders so our site visitors have the best support and experience.  
  13. If you know anything about setting up webinars contact us for your training.  
  14. Stylist.  
  15. Site location research.  
  16. Legal.  
  17. Join the training to be with people dedicated to supporting you.  
  18. Our clients come from all over the world so they need support in every way. From accommodation, to food preparation and transporting them and I to locations for their expeditions. People who have completed the training would be considered for these opportunities (conditions apply).  
  19. Other skills that are not listed that are part of every day living such as cooking, gardening etc.  

Prerequisite; appreciation and desire and involvement in what we do here. Desire for change and to bring that into every aspect of life. Commitment to improving your skills and your life. Commitment to ensuring success of this service and project. Commitment to improving your quality of life in every area including financial and environmental. Together will create a plan where you have your own income while supporting this project. Continued Personal Development. Commitment to supporting each other in creating the life that dreams are made of.

I'm looking forward to hearing from you.