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When Duality stops, pain stops. Relationship Healing is ART of bringing your inner and outer worlds together. 


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Relationship Issues.

It's important to deal with issues immediately. Some seemingly perfect relationships are suddenly going through separation or divorce. Most people do not have the skills to begin to address early discomforts and miscommunication in a relationship.

Relationship Issues dissapear when we growAs we settle in a realtionship we often begin to feel the need to grow.

But that is often interpreted as dissatisfaction with your partner.

After a few months or years couples can no longer sustain that level of discontent and begin reacting inappropriately. The relationship loses it's heart so they give up. Simply because they did not have a healthy relationship role model. Most people come from dysfunctional families. How do you identify current past challenges.

Reality is, for any relationship to be enjoyed and sustained it requires growth. There'll always be something you'll find you want to change. This can create resistance from your partner. One of you may love to expand and grow at a fast pace. The other may be happy to just maintain the comfort of the known.

This can be very healthy for a relationship. It's how you approach it that will make or break your relationship. This is the time to give a relationship coach a call.

This can be perfect opportunity for relationships enrichment therapy.

No relationship is perfect we cannot predict how our partner would interpret our behavior. What may seem reasonable and typical behaviour for you may be interpreted personally by your partner as sabotage. Or they may be overlooking behavior that needs modifying hoping that it will get better. Neither approach is healthy for sustainable relationships.

Relationship issues that most frequently become challenges are;

  • Conflicting goals and ideas.  
  • Communication difficulties.  
  • Intimacy issues.  
  • Not having your needs heard and acknowledged.  
  • Emotional challenges.  
  • Depression.  
  • Anxiety.  
  • Stress.  
  • Sexual challenges.  
  • Lack of personal identity.  
  • Seeking to establish relationship identity.  
  • Family challenges.  
  • Partner ignoring you.  
  • Blended family challenges.  
  • Caring responsibilities.  
  • Violence.  
  • Sexual assault either by partner of seeking a way of telling your partner or loved ones that you have experienced sexual abuse.  
  • Trust issues.  
  • Differences in perspectives.  
  • Boredom with your relationship.  
  • Different goals and expectations.  
  • Loss and Grief.  
  • Addictions whether they be sex addictions or substance abuse.  
  • Affairs.  
  • Managing separation.  
  • Divorce.  
  • Infidelity.  
  • Dealing with change of relationship status.  
  • Managing & negotiating mutual friendships and individual friendships.  
  • Caring responsibilities.