Journey of embodied awareness and expanded connectivity.

Mental, Physical and Emotional is Spiritual Healing

When Duality stops, pain stops. Relationship Healing is ART of bringing your inner and outer worlds together. 


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Path Finder

Tantra Living Pulse is Path Finder to bringing together your body mind and Soul.

This is what is meant by weaving tapestry of life. (people in the west have confused it to be just bedroom activity; these people are fragmented and disconnected. They are unable or unwilling to seek the truth "here's a great article on Meaning of Tantra and doubts people have, read more in this link. I want you to trust that I have taken the time and effort to be time-honored by you.) That link shall help you to begin to understand my client experiences. However, truth is understanding comes from personal experience only, because your journey is uniquely yours, you are unique one in a billion.

Tantra therapies and Tantra training combines or weaves the physical (body) and mental (thoughts). Becoming aware of how these work together simultaneously. This advanced level of Tantra can be expressed and experienced from the moment you decide you've had enough of living in the general world of illusion.

Path Finder Tantra is the most practical application of spiritual tradition of solving and resolving life's problems by connecting male and female energies within your own body and merging all five elements.
  • Tantra Living is the science of cosmic principals by which light and knowledge is spread.    
  • True tantra practises are offered as solutions to ending internal conflict social and relationships issues and emotional struggles.    
    • Exploring sacred nature of the world around us to live in joy with a scientific basis.    
    • The mystery of the inner flow by awakening inner empowerment by identifying most affected areas in the body and repairing the damage through awareness.    
    • Creating empowering atmosphere in all areas of your life.    
    • Building a solid foundation.    
    • Learn how to apply the knowledge to your life. 

It is said that tantric living can assist in solving.
  • financial problems,    
  • self esteem issues.    
  • Past experiences such as sexual abuse and other forms of repression that affect people's adult lives through transforming feelings that restrain into spiritual and appreciation of worldly possessions that enhance our position in life.    

Path Finder Tantra offers solutions for attaining our worldly pleasures in relationships, in business and personal aspirations.

  • Our entire life is shaped by decisions we make.    
  • True Tantra takes into account the whole person and all of their worldly desires.    
  • Where our fabric of life is woven systematically to restore original pattern of spiritual and worldly prosperity. 
Our life is shaped by meaning we give to every moment. 
  • I asked myself "What is the meaning of Tantra to me".    
  • I want you to ask yourself the same question and re-define your perception of what tantra is by listening to these videos and audios.   
  • I want to assure you that your sexual relations are supported in these sessions and are considered a vital part of healthy living..    
Choosing Wisely -Because general public rarely research the truth despite it being so readily available.
  • Many tantric schools engage in hedonistic practices by marketing their sex services under a spiritual name.    
  • Using the word tantra for their personal, sensual and sexual gratification.    
  • A very convenient vehicle for people addicted to sex.    
  • Can there be a more convenient vehicle to engage and direct sexual practices than by being paid for having it done their way.    
  • Their marketing entices participants with compelling interpretation of Tantra and it's meaning.      
  • A promise of self realisation through practice of sex.    
  • These are questionable practices leading to oppression of authentic tantra therapist and human behavior.    
Tantra Path Finder for emotional wellbeing.
  • People often seek Tantra to feel complete and for inner healing.    
  • In the right hands - Tantra is a system the makes you ask better questions to have better relationships, health wealth and wellbeing.    
  • When the intention is clear and defined Tantra can be the most powerful tool available.    
Explore the Complete Package.
  • Tantra Path finder system connects you to your human body in this human life as the most complete & the most sacred of all temples.     
  • Tantra has been used for removing stubborn obstacles as a most rewarding system of overcoming the circumstances that drain your vitality.    
  • Learn techniques to help heal personal and social relationships.   

"I feel stuck" says Fraser "I've had enough of normality".    

Tantra was created as a complete system to give meaning & total fulfilment in every area of your life in this lifetime.

Misuse of Tantra.
  • Many tantric participants misinterpret it by identifying it with sex, seduction hedonism and inappropriate behavior.    
  • This misinterpretation limits your entire life expression.    

Have a listen to these people speak about their experience.

Connection & Importance of merging. 

  • Falling in love with yourself               
  • Stefan talks about energy of the living relatives that enter the room during the session.               
  • Bodies a team of energy.             
  • Validation first; Cherrie talks about her experience.                  
  • Hearing healed and for all day session.     
  • Disappearing into the universe.                
Tantra Path Finder connects you to the power within you.
  • The power to overcome all limitations.    
  • The Power to grow and explore endless possibilities.    
  • Power to experience all of who we are potentially.    
  • Going beyond our limitations and gaining access to the infinite power of will.    
  • The power of appreciation, and the power of evolution is the definitive goal of tantric wisdom and practice.      
  • The term tantra itself is inexhaustible it is the path to acquisition to endless field of power.    
Caring for yourself is at the very core of Path Finder immersion therapy and retreats.
  • Empower yourself to unreality. Reality is what is obvious, power is the knowledge of the energies that create the reality you deserve to live.        
  • To introduce you to the latest breakthroughs in health, healing, success in business and relationships begin by watching these very powerful videos.     
  • These videos can begin to affect you positively in every area of your life.    
Living in Ecstasy.
  • When life works, relationships, business, success, sex and love are abundant none of these elements are excluded.

  • When sexual difficulties arise between couples, that is an indication of a life problem not a sexual issue.     
  • When we are disconnected from ourselves we become disconnected from our sex organs our own body therefore disconnected and disassociated from our partner.    
  • When life works, sex and love is abundant .    
  • Be supported as you connect with your feelings of absolute love for self.    
  • When you do not love yourself you cannot love another.    
  • When you feel the vibrations of love pulsating within every cell within your body then Tantra Living in ecstasy becomes reality.    
  • Real Tantra living is connection to resonance with the human spirit and the journey of the Soul in this lifetime.    
  • The soul finally connect with the body establishing a union a oneness that is so spectacular that life would never be same again.    
  • Please have a listen to remarkable client   experiences here    .   
Healing Spirit Soul Throat Singing by Original People.

Healing Spirit Soul Throat Singing Traditional Music of the Original People. (please adjust your volume to suit your needs), many clients and readers have this track playing all day particularly when working on computer their body loves connecting to its own rhythm, these days the body needs a little help to get there)

Tantra is about discovering the best within yourself and in the world around you.

I've put together a video of Shamanic chanting complimenting my story within it.

  • Words & Thoughts Generate Energy that affects us.    
  • Watch how our thoughts, feelings and words emit energy and affect everything around us.     
  • Words, thoughts and actions generate energy that extends to everything around us and beyond.      
Path Finder  links you to your Energy that creates Symbols.
  • Everything is Energy, every movement and symbol. See what you can begin to do about it.    
  • This video is being edited    
  • The above video explains in scientific terms how what we say, think and feel affects us, our health, our success, our relationships and the world around us. Have you ever wondered why some people are successful in relationships, business and health regardless of what is going on around them?   

Living disconnected you are subjecting yourself to destructive habits, behaviours and addictions that impact every area of your life.

What I've read everywhere else is ordinary sexual stuff.

John's experience; You need to go through this to know these feelings exist.

"I don't think I'll drive for a while, I've never experienced anything like this."
To hear John please ENTER HERE.

Need to go through this "You need to go through this to know these feelings exist".

I've read much about Tantra but what I've read everywhere else is ordinary sexual stuff. Have a listen to John in the video above.

-- John; March 2013

Value second opinion.

The value of a second opinion is critical as Pete shares this story in his video below. When he read our Tantra site, he was compelled to call and share his personal experience that absolutely saved his hand.

Reading about Path Finder Tantra led him to consider Tantra. Contemplate how we can expand our consciousness by connecting to ourselves on this new level of awareness.

Unity of all our senses within our own body.

We need to take the time to know ourselves, better than anyone else we know. Our awakened senses are our best guide. It is about the quality of the Life that we embrace.

Define Path Finder Tantra in relation to your everyday life.  What is Tantra
  • Quality of your touch, how you touch.     
  • Key to what you truly feel.     
  • How to feel     
  • How we approach.     
  • Our intention determines how that person feels and how those around them feel and support one another,     
  • How they respond, how much they benefit.     
  • The ability to listen and go beyond the problem.     
  • Live in solution     
  • Dormant energy awakening