Journey of embodied awareness and expanded connectivity.

Mental, Physical and Emotional is Spiritual Healing

When Duality stops, pain stops. Relationship Healing is ART of bringing your inner and outer worlds together. 


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Self-Awareness is living fulfilling one's possibilities of talents.

When we begin to understand nature of our relationships only then do we find supportive place on earth while developing latent capabilities and character. We need identify where on earth you belong where there is no inner conflict. Social Conditioning and standard education are designed to create conflict within our being.

These elements are in your programming. You came in with them in your DNA. Your birth came with purpose. Just as you were designed to crawl, walk and talk without instruction. It is an effortless path. Uncover your true identity beneath the social programming.

“The danger of the past was that men became slaves.
The danger of the future is that men ay become robots.”  

-- Erich Fromm

Live a conflict-free life. Find the ultimate truth of life without renouncing worldly possession.

If you have questions about solutions to your relationship and worldly challenges, contact us. When you begin to live in self-awareness you do not interpret life or words spoken. You see things for what they actually are. In state of self-awareness you observe and discover your essential truth. Reveal the basic oneness within you by participating in our community that takes care of each other first Self-Awarenessand foremost. This is contradictory to what most spiritual teaching are about. Consider this from the perspective; if everyone took care of their own garden of friends family relatives, there would be no suffering of any kind. While we continue to consider god to be beyond this planet and work and pray for deliverance when we die, we are creating suffering for ourselves and our loved ones.

For some there are no loved ones in their life.

Here you will be guided and supported in creating family union environment that is working together for the common goal.

Everyone dedicated to move through obstacles of past conditioning. Together for absolute attainment of your capabilities. Everyone contributes towards your success and you are contributing to their success. What would take you a lifetime to do can in most instances can be achieved in one day.

Self-Awareness is only possible when you have safe environment.

When body/mind/emotion are not focussing on survival and self protection, only then can they hear and feel the spirit and soul. For your life to feel safe you need to be part of a community that takes care of it's own.

New wave. A way of thinking and living can only be achieved by creating a new civilisation. Set on values that are commonly shared by each person involved. Begin by living according to earth cycles. These cycles are our environment that ensures every element of provided for without effort on our part. When we allow our fruit and vegetables to grow in season. These foods have maximum benefit. Spend time with the earth. When we spend time with anything we make it our own. This makes it valuable to us.

All people have the ability to create their own life for themselves. Our past reality has been distorted in an effort to make us forget our innate abilities. Man has abandoned his own reasoning and is basing his decisions on someone else's interpretations of the past. History is interpreted in distorted ways. Even current events are distorted. These distortions are immediately verifiable if you take the time to do your own research. When you do, ensure you are listening with the ears of spirit and soul not just the physical hearing that is censored by the programmed mind.

We all have the capacity to delve into the past without censorship from educational forces.

Your body for instance, knows what it needs, without thinking it out. Thinking is the opposite of wisdom.

Self-awareness is only possible when you develop a way to think for yourself. Then live without thinking. Action and wisdom are result of non thinking mind. Stress is result of a thinking mind. Everyone has this ability. In these videos you can hear people accessing their awareness instantly. The moment they allowed themselves to let go of the programmed known, great revelations poured in.

Your personal nutritionist is accessed through self-awareness. We know that animals for instance are able to access the right foods for any situation. They have this instinct that leads them to solutions. That is provided a complete balanced environment is available to them The same is true for humans. We are all capable of determining what is necessary for us at any given time. There is absolutely no reason for obesity or diabetes. These conditions indicate a severe disconnect from the soul and spirit bodies. All three bodies need to be walking as a team. All as one. The three bodies combined are our best defence system. You will never make wrong decision when you are living in your own personal environment of body, soul and spirit. These are your first nature that connect you to earth nature. When you begin to connect to these elements you begin to walk the path of self-awareness. You will step out of the state of self hypnosis and into self awareness.

Self-awareness gives you a picture of where you are now, where you come from and into your future.

In that state you can clearly see intention of people around you. You can tell who you can trust. You then have the capacity to co-create the future based on shared values. Self aware people form alliances. They begin to build their own dream life together. They ensure they are self sustainable. This means that the most fundamental skills are within the community. It is easy to train anyone to any particular skill providing they have clear alliances within the community. Alliances are your personal strengths shared and included within these alliances.

It is important that we have a smooth transition of people's habits. Most people have never been exposed to a collaborative community. Most people are in pain due to ignorance of what is immediately available to them. Self-awareness is an instant awakening. Building the trust within the community takes some effort. This effort can be the most enjoyable participation you have ever engaged in. training to live your dream schedule to be announced. Contact us to express your interest. Share your abilities. In sharing you find your self worth and self esteem. Prerequisite; Graduates from one on one therapies.

In this powerful video a woman shares her significant outcome in one day that 7 years of therapy failed to deliver.

How power of insight and self-awareness leads to healing.

Everyone is talking about healing. talk therapies and even laying of hands for healing. Often talk therapies want to process emotions. In an attempt to process deep painful emotions the mind and body goes into self defence and resistance. The gates close and the mind takes over in order to hide fear, shame, unworthiness. That is the nature of the conditioned mind. To protect the known feelings buried deep away from prying eyes.

Repressed emotions are not resolved by telling them what to do. The underlying repressed feeling just bury themselves deeper in the subconscious where they continue to play out. Resentment builds as the outer shell takes on new ways of coping by pretending to go along with new programming. As you continue to bury toxic feelings the soul and spirit begin to fall away due to resentment that the hidden feelings are resisting.

Feelings, like the physical body respond best in an environment they trust. Feelings need to be embraced no matter how painful. As they begin to feel safe they let go of the resistance and move into the protection of the fullness of embrace. These feelings allow themselves to be strong together, to be vulnerable together. As they come together, they begin to heal and be at peace with each other. This change begins to express in external relationships.

Cleansing, Empowering, Restoring layers of joy and peace inside.

Learn to grow safely together not just talk about feelings. Self-Awareness allows you enter into nurturing supportive relationships. This process unfolds organically as it develops richly by connecting with part of ourselves that have been displaced by traumatic events. Begin to live daily as you continue to expand and explore your new life that expands as the healing process progresses.

You can begin to explore your self-awareness firstly in a private session. Then for accellerated progress follow through in group cultivation.