Journey of embodied awareness and expanded connectivity.

Mental, Physical and Emotional is Spiritual Healing

When Duality stops, pain stops. Relationship Healing is ART of bringing your inner and outer worlds together. 


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Lifestyle Mentoring & Makeover-A Life Worth Living  

Christine’s Story

A Two and Half Day journey into the amazing healing ability of the body, that is if you slow down long enough to listen.

Under the guidance of Tasha, Christine began to connect with her body. Lifestyle Mentoring & Makeover-A Life Worth Living

This is Christine.

  • Doctors advised her that shortly she would require surgery to remove a large portion of her bowel.    
  • Aches, pains and sleep depravation were part of the many symptoms as well as a result of her condition, which continued to further weaken her further adding to the severity of her condition.    
  • When Tasha agreed to work with her she was required to keep a journal of her progress.    
  • The following is an exact typed copy of her writings (excluding the actual process due to the fact that every client support program is customized)   

To begin; 1st day Monday.

  • I believe that I have contributed to my body being the way it is now, by maltreating myself and eating wise, also in not always preparing the right foods and in the right times, and eating so little of late.    
  • I also have fed a lot of negativity in to my mind mainly from hearing it from others in the past, as in emotional and mental abuse.    
  • I also treat myself very abusively especially strength and work-wise as if I work like a wharfie.     

I have learned so much in the past few days of better and healthier eating habits.

Also how I have neglected and treated my body wrong and how my head is full of negative thoughts and attitudes.

  • Through eating healthier breakfast and lunch. I do feel I have more energy and my bowels are not bloated as they were in the past.    
  • I feel through the therapy and relaxation I have lifted a load of my shoulders which was heavy on my shoulders, neck and arms.    
  • I feel much more relaxed learning not to worry about so much.    
  • At night I was satisfied and slept very well with less fullness or hunger and less pain in my shoulders and deeper sleep.    
  • The early hours have not affected me yet.     
Continuing; Monday night.
  1.  no pain in the shoulders   
  2.  no pain in the arms   
  3.  no pain in the stomach   
  4.  Able to eat lots with no discomfort.   
  5.  Mind a lot emptier and clearer, sleep fantastic, no weight in the head.   
  6.  Awoke alert and on the go.   
Continuing; - Tuesday.

  1.  Still emotional at the drop of a hat.   
  2.  No pain in the shoulders     
  3.  No pain in the arms.    
  4.  No bloating of the stomach.    
  5.  Mind still empty, clearer sleep, again no weight in the head.    
  6.  Sleeping not as good had things on my mind (due to a phone call with a friend)    

Tasha“this is only day 2, adjusting thing can be a challenge if one does one thing in this case Christine had a tub of yogurt instead of a meal which in turn would have possibly cooled her intestines therefore effecting sleep and mood”. 

7.  Woke up alert, small amount of tension and pain in the shoulders and arms again due to getting off the program.

Continuing; - Wednesday.
  1.  I feel fine   
  2.  Anger dispersed   
  3.  Back to doing what works   

All of Monday and Tuesday Tasha has spent at least 15hours with me personally.

There was a lot of resistance from me, but it all worked

Thank you Tasha