Journey of embodied awareness and expanded connectivity.

Mental, Physical and Emotional is Spiritual Healing

When Duality stops, pain stops. Relationship Healing is ART of bringing your inner and outer worlds together. 


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Finding Truth transparent approach to truth beneath the marketing.   

The truth is being told but we interpret truth through the mist of our past experiences.

Only by being there with a skilled facilitator can you see. Much like climbing a mountain. When you don't know the environment, you could be circling for days and even years. We are conditioned to comply with the system. People just follow the system without question. When people blindly follow a system; they are living in shadow of the person who created the system. Remember people created gods to worship.

Personal power is a person who can see their life for what it truly is and lives it.

Lets begin with a man who was contemplating a relationship with a woman. A few weeks prior to her arrival, she told him she was a tantric sex goddesses provider. He had never heard of this, so he went to Google. She also revealed to him that before becoming a tantric sex provider she was a call girl. This is what he has to say.


In India it was decided that a lower cast of the population dedicate their child to the temple.

Life of Freedom from Rituals, Pain of failed Relationships, Insecurities and Control.

Uncover what is tantra through essence of reality that cannot be distorted. Therefore you can not  live in the world of distorted reality.

Truth Cannot Operate in Distorted Reality.

Because you recognise reality for what it is - therefore  you do not get caught up in it.  There is no conflict. You do not get influenced by it. You then influence the world around you by new reality through living your own truth and bring others with you to this new reality, because you are no longer attracted to conforming to distorted concepts of truth. When you know yourself 'No one will ever get away with distorted truths'.

There they are trained to be a sex goddess. This is the foundation of tantra sex training world wide. This is a play list of great people doing their work to awaken us.

Clients come to me when their life cannot continue on at the same level any longer. This creates the desire to move beyond the boring comfort zone. If you really see the state of society for what it is, you really begin to question where you fit. Understanding new depths, new levels of consciousness through walking the talk changes the reality. If we don't want to change our current reality, there is no point on taking the step.

We are born to seek our own truth. Don't let yourself down by taking on someone else's truth.


Finding truth of authentic tantra and the dangers of the many unrealistic promises of tantra, you are now on the path of your own truth.

Truth cannot make a mistake; like a good computer, providing you install a reliable program.

Even the best computer is subject to the programming and how you use the program. If you install a corrupt program, that computer will self sabotage. Your body is like a computer.

Be careful when you a selecting Tantra. Because it is a program that will change the way you function in your world.

What is tantra is relative to the program you install. In the same body when you remove the old program and reinstall a cleaner and clearer trustworthy program, you computer will not let you down. Consider your body as being programmed by the time you have reached this page. You are now reading through the haze of programming or marketing. To ensure we are not reading from the old programming. Go out and step onto some grass. Get in touch with earth. Take a walk in nature. (Be responsible as you do that). Then come back and listen to recordings then read. Welcome to your new world of tantra living.

Once you have seen tantra for what it can be and the dangers of the many unrealistic promises of sex tantra, you are now on the path of your own truth. Truth cannot make a mistake; like a good computer. If you put in a corrupt program, that computer will self sabotage. Your body is like a computer. Be careful when you a selecting Tantra. Finding truth in tantra is relative to the program you install. In the same body when you remove the old program and reinstall a cleaner and clearer trustworthy program, you computer will not let you down.

For example; when you are hungry, you want food to change the reality of hunger. When you eat, then you are no longer hungry. You have changed your state to another feeling. So what do we do with other feelings that continue to follow throughout the day is what stops stress and constant questioning.

Can we stop the never-ending seeking and just grow and expand with full awareness. Yes you can. The only way is to participate with your thoughts and feelings till they reveal themselves as they really are rather than being in the perceived feelings.


People are uneducated about culture. Unfortunately someone takes one piece and the rest of the world follows. You are vulnerable without education. Education is not just about going to school. It's about recognising the world as it is. Not buying blindly into a system.

Because I was born in China and saw first hand a woman rubbing her feet that were broken.

These feet were broken at the age of 3 or 4 in order to make her sexy for her future husband. They would be bound and forced into a 4 inch shoe for the rest of her life. People did that for a thousand of years.   

Millions of Chinese did that to their little girls. Humans are cruel and it's time we were honest about it. They will do anything for promise of comfort and pleasure including sell their family or break their feet. Selling girls to temples still persists. Why do people have such a blind spot to anyone in authority. The temple workers lifestyle link is here. That is just one of the aspects of Tantra. This has become acceptable behavior just as the damaging practice of foot binding in China.

It was officially banned in 1911. But the practice continued. Some women bound their won feet as their family refused to do ti for them. They wanted to fit in. Fortunately what was considered beautiful is now seen as obscene and ignorant. Hopefully the sex tantra becomes just as unacceptable when people realise they are being exploited by oversexed so called gurus who are just building their own harem. But now they have the people pay them for the privilege of exploiting them. In the past harems were completely funded by the owner of the women. You are owned by the tantra sex cult and don't even know it.

We offer the truth of depths of healing on all levels simultaneously. This is what weaving means. Weaving the entire tapestry of life in the moment. This is the one offered here and by just a few around the world.

Below is a play list on the Foot Binding.

In China the upper class women food binding was 100%. Sadly the more educated are the most vulnerable.

Its was mandatory for all girls in court so they met the standard of beauty. For the general population the percentage of foot binding was 40-50%. Humans remain basically unconscious the moment they comply with the majority.

In 1664 Manchu Kangxi Emperor tried to ban foot binding in 1664 but failed. People get locked in within their mind on what is acceptable when the practice continues for too long.

The ugly truth beneath the beautiful music in this video and art in this video is pain and torture. When you focus on the music; event the tortured feet of the women don't reach you. All most people will connect with is the music and see everything else as art. Be careful of the story that hides abuse that is perpetuated at little girls at the age of 4. A time when they have no say. Their toes are broken at that age to ensure they to not grow. The arch is also broken to fit the shoe.

Most people try to fit into a system in the same manner. It breaks their spirit and soul. But they persist in fitting into this frame of pain and torture.

Tantra sex is the same. Sex when it's part of all of tantra - then sex is beautiful and remarkable. Tantra is seeing the entire world as it is and enjoying many aspects of beauty it joy it has to offer. Tantra Sex is popular because the people offering it and seeking it are unable to or have not experience joys of living fully. They are seeking a saviour in the false intimacy.

In this video we hear about pleasure and burdens of misery.

This video brings your attention to truth of life. It removes every cover-up that has been perpetuated on humans for centuries. This is Tantra awareness training from a true master. I am master of my life - therefore I do the research. You can too. Just need to ask better questions. If you don't - you are illiterate in that aspect of your life.