Journey of embodied awareness and expanded connectivity.

Mental, Physical and Emotional is Spiritual Healing

When Duality stops, pain stops. Relationship Healing is ART of bringing your inner and outer worlds together. 


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Developing Awareness brings you closer to what and who you love.

Powerful stories of developing awareness sessions. Listen in on them in their live sessions.     

In these videos we are applying the principals to actual situations. Developing awareness program is extension of inner consciousness. The only way we know that we are developing awareness is immerse ourselves in our favourite activity. Within this activity we identify the varying depths of immersion.


Romance is easy, because it consists of flattery. Romance is not found in nature. It is a delusion created by man. People base their entire relationships of idea of romance. It is LOVE, Trust and being able to trust you can depend on that person no matter what is true love. Because love in an action. It is not a collection of words.

When you have love, romance blossoms.

Only through immersion do we know that we are developing awareness. Till then it is just an opinion.

The first video you can hear my client and I getting clear on his needs. What brought him to me and how we intend to approach this. Acknowledging where you are now and how much you are prepared to cooperate in your own life is foundation of successful developing awareness training. Willingness to go beyond the confined and limited levels of social living. This does not separate you from what is important. It does however does set you apart from crowd thinking. In crowd thinking is gossip and compulsive need to offer an opinion whether you know what you are talking about or not. That is just a lot of noise that distracts you from being who you are. The arrogance of having an opinion has devastating effect on your physical, mental and emotional health. Relationships are then remain in conflict because no one is being their authentic loving self. The remain just a robot repeating programming.

This is part of a three hour appointment. Setting strong foundation is critical if we are to make any difference in his life. Second video is in part of the two below. Recognising connection to how we are affected and how long memory stays in the cells.


Join us on the beach; this man's journey of identifying with the meaning of deeDeveloping Awarenessper connection.

  • In this video see footage of client in his element doing what he loves.      
  • Helicopter was the only access to this area. This is the   
  • helicopter they travelled in two by two.    
  • White water kayaking in Daintree Forest in this video.      
  • Many people live in spirit of adrenalin rush. 

  • But when the rush is over, there are often feelings of emptiness.

In this video watch developing awareness excursion - immersion training where the truth came out.

  • This student said he loved the ocean yet he Developing Awarenessin this excursion became aware that he was just using the ocean.       
  • Therefore it was just a self centered life.           
  • Any wonder he would feel empty after.       
  • Nature is designed to fill you, to embrace you. 

  • It is always embracing you.       
  • Like this man you just get around separate from all that you rely on.         
  • Natives all honoured their connection with the spirit of the ocean, the wind, the mother earth.       

Connection with nature is just as deep and meaningful as a human relationship. You can become like wise men and women in the past who naturally connect on this level of awareness.

Join us on our journey in this video and the understanding that came from it.

  • developing AwarenessHe Loves white water kayaking - see the footage in the video above.       
  • We took him back doing what he loves doing. 

  • Back to the water to gain clarity on associating with the environment.       
  • Listen to what he has to say in this video.       

When you want your own truth guidance from experience is critical or you end up resetting to default. In this video listen to how he defaulted to enjoying the ocean. Then after our talk and new understanding he experienced the ocean on a far more intimate level rather than just using it as his pleasure tool.

Powerful transformational video below a must see.

Levels and stages of Developing Awareness and how this links to everyday life.

Developing Awareness

In your search for what you love and who you are; some people are lucky to find what they love to do. That can also be your undoing. You are in danger of expecting that event or that person to provide you with all your spiritual and relationship needs.

This expectation can be much like you expecting the sunshine to provide you with all your life's needs.

To sustain life; you need air, water (that can come in form of much needed rain) earth, food and shelter. We need night so our body can rest and regenerate.

Disassociation from your soul could be at the source of these feelings of emptiness and separation.

The best way to recognise this can come from doing what you love doing. Begin by developing awareness of all elements that contribute to your joy. Remember to develop awareness on how you impact people with your every word. Once recognised, you go beyond pleasure into joy. Joy is sustainable.

Pleasure is fickle because it demands satisfaction only on your terms.

Pleasure is pure selfishness in comparison to joy and bliss. Pleasure separates us, makes us feel isolated in our bubble of pleasure. But we do not know that until we experience Joy and Bliss. By developing awareness this man for the first time expressed in words how his highs of the day turned into deep loneliness. Do not mistake loneliness with aloneness. Aloneness takes you to absolute truth of life and energies. Aloneness is a place of despair. In your session you will experience the difference between the two words and the two feelings. This cannot be reached through intellectual understanding. It can only be experienced in the now. The now is our speciality.