Journey of embodied awareness and expanded connectivity.

Mental, Physical and Emotional is Spiritual Healing

When Duality stops, pain stops. Relationship Healing is ART of bringing your inner and outer worlds together. 


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Limitations are unfortunately  promoted as Tantric spiritual sex. 

That makes it purely a sex service masquerading as spirituality. Tantra is about going beyond the physical and beyond the limitation of just sexual expression. Beyond the limitations and the compulsiveness of body and mind that keep you trapped in your limitations. It's about living and expressing life at your highest possible dimensions beginning immediately.

It is a misconception that fulfilling sexual needs is the tantric path. Regrettably for the uninformed; general public attracted to tantric path are often there for reasons resulting from misinformation. Sadghuru   quotes in his website  " They go because they want a spiritual sanction for their sexuality. Why do you want to bullshit yourself about spirituality?" He continues; " sexual needs can be fulfilled by forming relationships for that purpose, either within or outside the fold. Using spiritual process to fulfil sexual compulsions is reprehensible and irresponsible. It can lead to various levels of loss. 

At the responsible level in our search of what is tantra we discover the destructive path.  

By participating in limitations of popularised spiritual sex; man sinks is life through indulgence of alcohol, irresponsible sexual expression including having sex with your student. That approach will take you down because you end up participating at the lower level of energy systems. Real Tantra is about building energies to highest dimensions. Expressing energies purely thorough sex becomes just an addiction. The highest path of walking the life of what is tantra is in participating in skill sharing. When we are part of a strong community unified and on purpose of living up to a common goal for the common good of all involved, that is the highest level of Tantra. This is living and participating rather just believing. When you believe, that belief needs to have substance or it remains trapped in the mind. Lets bring your belief to life to test the truth or the lie that keeps you stuck. For unity of all your cells Right hand tantra is the path to enlightenment, success and personal fulfilment. 

That is the left hand tantra. A few perverted people grasped on a few processes reducing it all to sexual gratification at the very core of their message to the people.  


1.       People offering sex tantra in their limited life experiences; associate that as the highest level of life experience.    

2.       Definition of what is tantra by confining it to just sexual union is foolish and damaging to your spiritual progress. 

3.       The reality is that every cell can experience orgasmic state of existence enveloping your entire body as my clients share throughout this site.    

4.       People can only offer the highest knowledge they have.    

5.       Those offering sex tantra are trapped in their level of limitations of life.    

6.      This traps one in never-ending spiral in search of sexual fulfillment that can never be satisfied. 

For this reason they become a tantric sex educator so they can attract volumes of willing participants that feeds their sex addiction. 

On that limiting journey your energy is lost in survival process by exaggerated build up of energy that demands release. This ends up deflating the soul purpose by separating body mind soul leaving the body trapped in it's aloneness. The very reason people seek Tantra is to feel unity. When approached from a purely sexual perspective the general uninformed so called gurus perpetuate soulular disassociation.