Journey of embodied awareness and expanded connectivity.

Mental, Physical and Emotional is Spiritual Healing

When Duality stops, pain stops. Relationship Healing is ART of bringing your inner and outer worlds together. 


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Working with Disconnect Brings Insight into Self-Empowerment Benefits.  

As a society we are deeply disconnected from each other. This comes from internal disassociation. But particularly disconnected from our inner world. Here we present client stories of their ability to connect to new feelings that come about through changes.

When you feel the change and identify with it; you begin to partner with new aspects of you. Naturally once you feel that - if your wish you can have tests to confirm the changes. It's important when new sensations come you make them a  friend. If you don't; that new feeling, like a great friend who comes to visit you will feel unwanted. If a friend visits you and you do not acknowledge their presence they are unlikely to stay a friend. They may just leave or begin to complain and even act inappropriately just to get their message across. It's vital we acknowledge our new friend in our body because it is a living breathing life form. It wants to be part of your team so it can influence your health. It is also wanting to learn from other parts of your being it's most valuable contribution to your wellbeing. In other words - these new activated parts of you want to be part of the whole community.

Tantra energy is teacher and spirit of life.

You'll learn how to protect yourself in life and how to get the most out of authentic tantra journey. Your life will present itself for long lasting transformation. It takes many lifetimes to become a Tantra master. This is why you rarely come across this level of body of work. Tantra is about experiencing aspects of you that you do not know rather than repeating what you have had until now. When we are working with disconnect, your mind raises to new levels of consciousness.  You will see yourself in a way you have never experienced before. Beyond the limitations of human expectations. It also takes you beyond addictions of repeating past mistakes.

Working with Disconnect Review.

The biggest problem people face is disconnect from their essence. I recommend you listen to videos for what is possible for you. Healing past emotional traumas that continue to keep you unhappy deep inside by accessing conscious expansion. You'll discover what is Tantra as beyond fear of knowing who you really are. Fear of not knowing how to be in next new step fully. You will become aware of your conditioned restrictions as they fall away. Your fears are the difficult path you do not need to follow. You can let go of your wounds, sadness, pain traumas and struggles. Without any trauma of separation. This is done through embrace of what is good. A place you have never been to before.

Do you want to enjoy the life you have been born to live? Are you willing to do what it takes to know you and your life as you begin your walk the path of healing?

This video above clearly shares with you the depths of realisation you can reach. It is the capacity of realising the levels of awareness you actually have inside of you.

In your session we begin to heal your boundaries. Whenany change occurs, there is a period of adjustment. Working with Disconnect is part of identifying boundaries we have created. Boundaries need to be strengthened and respected in order for you to allow yourself to be vulnerable. Higher consciousness is developing awareness in creating your own gods instead of following the God other human beings have created.

Like this man in video above. When he got home he realised his hearing opened up. Listen to him here.

When any change occurs, there is a period of adjustment. Like furniture in your home, it takes up new space while the size of your home does not change. Also you have use for it or you would not have taken the time to find it. It is the same with your new feelings. The difference here is - that these feelings and functions have always been there. But they were muted probably by the never ending manipulation of the conditioned mind. As you continue to be present with new feelings and the benefits they bring, your mind will begin to calm and let go of control, because the conditioning will continue to fall away. You begin to be your original self as opposed to robotic  controlling self.