Journey of embodied awareness and expanded connectivity.

Mental, Physical and Emotional is Spiritual Healing

When Duality stops, pain stops. Relationship Healing is ART of bringing your inner and outer worlds together. 


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Human Consciousness.

Current social interpretation of human consciousness is based on sense gratification, or the lower aspect of human consciousness. Human consciousness is based on expanding humanity beyond the "I" of the physical human being to the expansion of the soul that is living in and around the human body. The human body is a vehicle for you to get around in. Within this human vehicle is the human consciousness that has come here to travel to actualising it's brings the lower, higher and middle aspects of consciousness. It's the merging that releases toxins and attachment to past events. Emotional release actually stirs up unwanted emotions that divide lower, higher and middle levels of awareness. Division is where most people function. Therefore division is easy to sell to the general public.

At the very core of your search our human consciousness is really seeking to feel whole. To make sense of the divide you feel and to heal that gap.

Human consciousness expands into humane consciousness. Humane consciousness is living beyond self gratification. We have been conditioned to comply with systems that are designed to keep us reliant of experts who consistently reprogram us to reliance on the system. We need to expand our human consciousness by turning to one another in times of  every need. We are capable of taking care of each other. Many cultures around the world have demonstrated that when they decide to live a  healthy lifestyle. Then the systems to fix us would not be required. We do not need to be broken.

The very core of human consciousness is shut down in almost every human being in the birthing process.

The separation from the womb where everything was provided for is cut off abruptly the moment the child is born and his/her lifeline is cut at it's very source. When the umbilical cord (prematurely) is cut the physical body goes into self defence. Nature has a process that evolves you to the next level of connection. Just like you would not remove the outer casing of a seed as it begins to germinate, you do not remove the cord. As the seed begins to evolve into the plant, nature at it's own pace sheds it's outer shell as the plant continues to become a seedling, then a stalk then branches and leaves; so does a new born need time to adapt to it's new environment in order to grow into a strong stable caring sensitive compassionate human being.

Human Consciousness can only evolve in an environment that supplies all of its basic human needs. Expanding human consciousness can only be expressed when we heal that initial divide between us. Learn to go beyond talk. Make your word your follow up. Dispense with filler words that use up your living space. Your life is the sacred land you need to be very aware of. Practice observation in silence. When you are silent, you can hear sounds that a busy loud mind edits out. Human consciousness has many levels. It's essential for us to link these levels in a spiral that  brings all these levels together. Create order in you mind and emotions. When there is order there clear vision of life around us.