Journey of embodied awareness and expanded connectivity.

Mental, Physical and Emotional is Spiritual Healing

When Duality stops, pain stops. Relationship Healing is ART of bringing your inner and outer worlds together. 


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Tantra Goddess & Tantra Massage spirit of Earth, Fire Water Wood Air.

Tantra Goddess & Tantra Massage Brings spirit of Earth, Spirit of Fire (volcano), Spirit of Water (Rivers, Oceans, Waterfalls), Spirit of Wood and Sprit of Air.

Most people seeking Goddess services have now been conditioned to expect lingam or yoni massage. For this reason we present to you true meaning of Shiva Lingam from Dr P.V. Vartak. Here is his link. I've created a video of the content so we can focus on some key points. This is to ensure you are acquainted with real Tantra not the primitive one that is flooding the world. Even intelligent people have been fooled. Interesting what clever copy writing can achieve.

Sacred Space for Life Transition.

Tantra Goddess & Tantra Massage

To prepare your body to receive transmission of your goddess tantra - take a moment to turn off all your distractions. Remove all other websites and searches, turn off your phone, tv, anything that is running in the background. You have just been reading all kinds of stuff and your mind and body are filled with those expectation. For instructions of how to clear all this programming more...

 Right Living Tools For Peace.

Tantra Goddess & Tantra Massage preparation

Resistance and disassociation prevent us from receiving signals from our own body. this page prepares you to expect to find new feelings and expressions. Major factor in getting the best out of Tantra Goddess & Tantra massage is to expect the unexpected.  Your expectations and habits have created a straight path for the known. To benefit from Tantra Goddess massage you need to hear what this client has experienced when old pain disappeared and how he is guided to connect to new - more...

 Cultivating Awareness.

Tantra Goddess & Tantra Massage Cultivating Awareness

Every cell in your body is affected. Every cell has it's own taste sensations among other senses. Your aura is filled with conscious cells that you cannot see. these are receivers of all impulses and energies.

Every cell has unlimited power. Every particle of you arrives to our appointment. Not just the mind. For your mind to find peace we have a conversation with one of our participants. Your health responds to purity of mind. Our conversations here gives you  insight into our clients breakthroughs. more...

 Restorative Tantra Link.

In Indian spirituality; there are thousands of female goddesses. Every goddess in the temples is symbolic of its energy and its intention. It was a way of teaching people to recognise the spirited intention of the person.

"I know we have degraded the tantra goddess name to provider of adult services. This is a gross misinterpretation. Cannot possibly be healing or helpful to female power." Playing around with chakras in that darker energy can severely damage all your spirit levels. Please bear with us while we explain further.

In this video we deal with trauma integration of her personal session.

This lady grew up in violent household followed by abusive first marriage.

Tantra Goddess & Tantra Massage takes many years of training and often many lifetimes. That is deep shamanic commitment to humanity. We encourage people to approach this wisdom with right intention.

Tantra Goddess & Tantra Massage is the ART OF ABSOLUTE AWARENESS.

You reap what you sow. We need to till the soil. For your body this is done through Tantra Goddess & Tantra Massage living energy. Our sacred ritual connects you to earth rhythm.

Begin by understanding that there are many levels of consciousness. First of all, you are conscious now. You are breathing, walking talking human. That is called basic consciousness. This is where you will remain if you do not let go of the ordinary knowing. Empty your cup. but do not fill it. Because if you fill the cup, that would prevent you from allowing upgrade of consciousness.

  • Tantra Goddess & Tantra Massage brings in the forces of nature in alignment within your own body.    
  • Every organ in your body holds the spirit of the goddess relating to that organ.    
  • The very core of your being is affected by every event in your life.    
  • Goddess of the earth makes herself known to your body throughout the process of Tantra Goddess & Tantra Massage.    
  • At any time you have free will to choose to live in darkness or the light of the God or goddess of that domain.    

Here we remove the division between dark and light. When the two come together you go beyond beliefs of ordinary lives.

This video helps you understand necessity of change of consciousness.

This is essential for you to know that Tantra goddess and Tantra massage works on varying levels of consciousness. Whatever level of consciousness you participate in will leave that imprint. You become the extension of the people you spend your time with. People are using the word spirituality and the word consciousness believing they know that is the answer.


Our  Tantra Goddess & Tantra Massage is not about jumping around and stirring up energies.

Here we work with the earth grid energies and your fundamental personal energies. Your personal energies cannot be a copy of anyone else's energies. When you identify with your personal vibration; then you can connect to universal wisdom. They are connected to invisible receptors and transmitter of energies.

Some can receive energy from earth grid. All thoughts are energy. Not only do your thoughts affect you but the people you spend time with affect every aspect of your life. This affects you entire life. This experience you may be suppressing which may end up in creating diseases.

Tantra goddess and tantra massage accesses layers of consciousness.

Tantra Goddess & tantra massage of the right path unites every aspect of you. You feel you are immersed in all wisdom. It is a new field of vibrations that need to be integrated to be truly felt. This takes expert guidance. It is not about going with the flow of anything goes. You are guided expertly to new ways of expressing yourself as spirit soul body mind emotion combined.

We must know how our thought affects our vibrational being and our relationship with our body and our loved ones. Not every vibration is good vibrations.

In the sacred carvings of temples exteriors are secret symbols. Most of the carvings represent the unconscious actions of humans. Men in the hands of a woman who empowers women; melt into embodying the female energy. In both men and women embodiment of both male and female energies is the foundation of tantra and path out of suffering. To understand vibrational essences we must know what thought does to our being. Every vibration is not a sign of good vibrations. In this link you'll see a video of a plant reacting to the scientists thought. It went into distress. Watch it to understand the many claims of vibrations that are actually reactive patterns hands of some tantric practitioners. Not all tantra vibrations are healthy.

In this link you'll see a video of a plant reacting to the scientists thought. It went into distress. Watch it to understand the many claims of vibrations that are actually reactive patterns hands of some tantric practitioners. Not all tantra vibrations are healthy.

The other videos on this page and on the home page are all different. Tantra Goddess & Tantra Massage here are in keeping with the foundation of the video above.

The video about my life is here. My aim is to present to you the very best in life. In these videos begin to hear the transformation my clients as they and I discuss the changes they experience from the beginning of the session compared to the end of the session. This is what I mean by emotional fulfilment self-knowledge and liberation.

This particular video takes you into our very powerful process of self realisation.


Tantra was designed as your path of absolute knowledge of the self. It is the linking of the two worlds. Linking to seeing of the unseen.

Tantra originally had a totally different message; but as always you need a guide who monitors your perception as you begin to explore deeper elements of you.

These aspects of you manage your state of being.

What you receive here is based on your deepest real life needs. As a medium between your soul, body, mind, emotions; I support you through this process. By the time you've listened to my clients experiences you'll be assured that you are more than just your body.

You always knew there is more.

But we were fed fantasy of tooth fairies, Santa clause and even false gods. Every thought you have has been implanted by society you were born into. Not a single thought is your own.

But you know there is more. So you explored tantra goddess and tantra massage.

This too disappointed you until now. Have a listen to these people. You know there is a spirit that wants to enjoy enlightenment here and not have to wait til you get to heaven.

Advanced Tantra Goddess no longer needs mudras, rituals or trances. The goddess has taken up residence in her. She sees all of her life and your life simultaneously. (see book below)

Tantra is a path of absolute knowledge of the self. It is the linking of the two worlds. Linking to seeing of the unseen. (this is documented in the" testimonials"   and in" how our spirit lives after death pages".)

Activating energy frequencies of your cell connects you to your cell programming. Biologist Bruce Lipton has demonstrated that 95% of what we believe is our knowledge and belief is actually everyoTantra massage tantra goddessne else's belief.

Your truth has been programmed into you. Right hand path of Tantra is way of showing you the real world. Left hand tantra that focuses on sex is brings in the dark energies.

In fact, you have little knowledge of truth beyond what has been programmed into you. In this video he makes this very clear. The physical representation of tantra are symbolic. This fusion lasts a lifetime. You do not need to seek a physical union for that. Then when you make love you do not need rituals because the fusion is already there as much as your breath never leaves you.

For your reference check out this book.
Offering Flowers, Feeding Skulls: popular Goddess Worshiping West Bengal.

Tantra Goddess & Tantra Massage are best explored in conjunction with Mentoring.

We work with people who want to reach higher dimensions . Only when you want to reach higher levels of consciousness are you ready to go beyond your limitations. 

Truth is; becoming a Tantra Goddess is a way of life.

A Tantra Goddess Finds Joy in Greatness of challenges as well as wins.

At first glance it is difficult to change perception because we just skip to what we know, unable to locate new knowledge til we experience it a number of times. This is the process of learning anything new.

 It's vital we do not turn all Tantra goddess and tantra massage into devotion to the guru. Sadly people seeking liberation have ended  up showing their devotion to the guru by having sex with them. Here is true account of events. We want you to be fully informed how you have been taken advantage of and Tantra goddess and tantra massage people have been fooled. Many straight men ended up having sex with their guru in order to prove their worthiness to be around him. Same goes for women. Women have fallen pray to gurus so called graces with promises of spiritual liberation. And it is continuing throughout the world now more than ever. Under the guise of tantric healing. Their partners have also been exploited. They claim to be a church. Here is a story of how this so called church infected it's students. This was written up in new York times. Some of them knowingly.

That has nothing to do with tantra goddess & tantra massage devotion. That is pure exploitation. Some very sick people set up monasteries to exploit people. for example this woman was a tantric sex slave in a monastery. When you do your searches, check  the fake from real. Many look real as they promise you sexual heavenly liberation. Be sure to search their history. Many are bipolar. One of aspects of bipolar is demand for lots of sex.

As a typical person seeking Tantra goddess and tantra massage, you don't want to be misinformed. Unless of course like many you are just seeking a sexual adventure. Many matchmaking sites have sprung up. If that is what you want then tantric sex is what you want.

I had a situation. A woman who has been indulging in the dark side of tantra was diagnosed with cervical cancer. She still continued to seek sexual healing from the very sources that quite possibly have contributed to her condition.

Sex is the most potent drug of all. You can overdose on drug of sex and not even know it. As in any addiction you will first gravitate to people with similar mindset such as Tantra goddess and tantra massage people. These people would not even know they are addicted to sex. Because their teacher training imbeds that line of thinking during training. It's a hypnotic state they live in.

Tantra goddess and tantra massage was never intended to be an adult service that ends in sexual hypnotic trance. It has been modified to feed the needs of the addicts of sex.

Here we bring you healing from your past Tantra goddess and tantra massage trojen implant. It is an infection of mind. You cannot possibly grow from repeating same routine. That has stunted the spiritual growth of many wonderful students and teachers. Remember teachers are the most vulnerable. They are committed to doing as the system tells them. Time to start questioning. Would you really like to leave a world Tantra goddess and tantra massage to your son or your daughter. Do you really want them to make that a valid career choice. Or to you want them to understand depths of Tantra goddess and tantra massage beyond the limitations of fear. What about your grand children yet to come. We are in danger of falling back to the dark times where women were disposable. Everything that was sacred once is not truth.

Egyptian pharaohs used to take their servants with them when they passed on. That was considered spiritual. We do not know whether these servants took the poisons willingly or were threatened with unbearable violence on them or their families. A lot has been buried in the past.

I am here to help you awaken.  In the videos the stories often come from their first appointment. That is due to a profound shift in consciousness.


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