Journey of embodied awareness and expanded connectivity.

Mental, Physical and Emotional is Spiritual Healing

When Duality stops, pain stops. Relationship Healing is ART of bringing your inner and outer worlds together. 


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Interior design

We have a tendency to seek people just like us, therefore limiting the influences on our lives and attitudes.

They were caressing my skin. The entire inside of my body felt as that it too was being caressed by this loving spirit energy.

That was a powerful physical feeling. It was almost scary at how pleasurable the feelings were.

Upon reflection what is frightening is that we not aware that this is the level of natural feeling of being immersed in love. My clients confirm that we are all able to experience these feelings all day every day.

This time in particular truly stands out.

I was Meditating, an overwhelming feeling of the most amazing energies were caressing me. They were caressing my skin, my insides felt as they too were being loved in such a way - that it was almost scary at how pleasurable the feelings were.

At the same moment I felt feelings in my hands I never felt before, as I looked at the palms of my left hand that felt particularly exquisite, I saw the lines of my left palm shift, almost like redirecting the railway tracks. My left palm that once was very scattered with lines was now clear like the lines on my right palm. This was happening as my body was vibrating, pulsating gently tenderly, lovingly surrendering to the change. it was not a grand shudder simply because I had no resistance to it. i was merging with the tender caresses of the universal love energy.

This is all happening as I am living what seems to be a normal life.

I have a great job. I'm around people who value me and love me.

All the while as this is all happening in my life.

I have a life that appears to be similar to everyone else around. 

I am Key designer  at a specialised interior design studio. Closed to the public.

Our work was all referral.

We are commissioned for special projects. Responsible directly for the quality of our work from concept to final inspection. I with my fabulous team, put the dreams our clients had into reality. Each project was entire content, including co designing with builders, all the trades, suppliers manufacturers importers, often involving site meetings.'

Yet that other part of me continues to communicate.

Till that time in my I am alone in this inner journey. I had no teachers. As a child I attempted to ask questions at bible studies. All I received was an explanation of what the priest would tell any child. I just had the passages read back to me. Why do people treat each other with such disdain. I can read.

There, I just had passages in the bible read to me (as if I could not read that myself). For me I knew what I sought was what was perhaps not in the Bible.

I wanted deeper meaning inside the parables. Not the literal explanation that everyone seemed to want to believe.

All I got was their repetition of their beliefs which were not even their beliefs.

They were just repeating what they were told to repeat. This attitude leads to unconscious living and someone lording over you.

That did not appeal to me because I wanted truth not just a story to believe. Then and there my tantric journey was fuelled.