Journey of embodied awareness and expanded connectivity.

Mental, Physical and Emotional is Spiritual Healing

When Duality stops, pain stops. Relationship Healing is ART of bringing your inner and outer worlds together. 


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Clients from across the globe seek this level of work, where I pride myself on uncovering deep wisdom within each one of them.

To prepare you for our conversation, it's crucial to watch the videos on this page and any recommended ones. These provide the foundation for my sharing with you how this will work for you.
It's vital you read this page to understand the nature of tantric services out there that have created issues in your life that you may not be aware of.

Read it thoroughly so we don't get confused with that kind of spiritual oversight that will have serious impact on your relationship and business health.

I've crafted a brief introductory video to familiarize you with myself and the unique approach to tantra in Tantric Living Pulse that sets me apart from almost all the other Tantric Services.

For a more comprehensive understanding, delve into my personal story page.

This could be you - feeling and living the difference.

The video below showcases a session that, without careful examination at the time of the appointment, might have been perceived as merely pleasant. However, without acknowledging the significance of the shift, its true impact would not have been recognized.

Each individual is unique, and I encourage you to watch several videos to understand that these sessions transcend mere techniques, delving into the profound depths of your being that undergo transformation during your personalized session.

We often overlook the simplicity of profound shifts, instead seeking complexity due to conditioning. Yet, significant transformations are inherently straightforward. We simply need to retrain our minds to tap into our inner wisdom rather than succumbing to external influences.

Take the time to listen to this video, then reach out to me for a complimentary pre-appointment phone session, where I can offer genuine support and assistance tailored to your needs.



While listening to the videos; To prevent overwhelming feelings, it's essential to disconnect from all devices and close other browser tabs so that your spirit can fully engage with undivided attention.

Our past experiences deeply influence our present lives.

My commitment to you is to introduce fresh perspectives and provide a comprehensive understanding of how your past impacts not only your health but also your personal and professional relationships and the health of everyone around you.

I guide you through exploring your emotions and gaining insight into your current situation. This process is tailored to ensure substantial progress, equipping you with specific techniques that yield significant improvements in various aspects of your life.

Visit this page for a firsthand account of a client's journey in healing past surgical memories stored within their cells. Click here to delve into their experience.

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 It's vital you meet me before calling

 About your mentor

Ensure we begin with Trust - It's essential when you seek anything that ads value to your life that you know your mentor and how they apply these elements to their life and life of their clients. Remember these are secrets not generic services.

Begin by establishing confidence in me please read about me here.


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