Journey of embodied awareness and expanded connectivity.

Mental, Physical and Emotional is Spiritual Healing

When Dualilty stops, pain stops. Relationship Healing is ART of bringing your inner and outer worlds together. 


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Do you feel disconnected, confused and seeking deep sense of self.

Within these videos - My clients share their journey of reclaiming their life.

Before you call it's essential you watch this video so you know there are greater depths of living.


 I offer same opportunity for you. Listen to what clients experienced as an example of what is possible.

Personally - like you - I prefer to seek support from people with real life experience - Life experience is about living the changes that impact our life.

My service is not about what I do - My work about the difference my work can make to your life. This could be you - feeling and living the difference.

This video below is one of the examples of a session that - if it was not thoroughly examined at the time of the appointment would have been just a nice session; but the realisation of the significance of the shift would not have registered.

Everybody is very different; I encourage you to listen to a few videos so you recognise that these sessions go beyond a technique but into the deep recesses of you that are actually shifting during your customised session.

Something so simple is often overlooked. We seek complicated techniques, this is our conditioning.

Any significant shift is always simple. We just need to retrain our mind from being programmed by external forces to being able to tap into our inner wisdom.

Please listen to this video - then call me for a free pre-appointment phone session so I can truly serve you.

To avoid massive overwhealm be sure to turn off all your devices and remove any other pages you have open so your spirit can trust you by having your full attention. 

Past event affect our lives. My commitment to you is we bring new life concepts and total understanding how your past is affecting your health as well as personal and work place dynamics.

I actually walk through all of your with you feelings and understanding of what is going on. This is designed to ensure you make significant progress and you come away with specific techniques that continue to make significant difference in your life.

On this page we have a real life discussion of a clients experience of healing past surgery memory from his cells. Enter Here.

 It's vital you meet me before calling

 About your mentor

Ensure we begin with Trust - It's essential when you seek anything that ads value to your life that you know your mentor and how they apply these elements to their life and life of their clients. Remember these are secrets not generic services.

Begin by establishing confidence in me please read about me here.


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