Journey of embodied awareness and expanded connectivity.

Mental, Physical and Emotional is Spiritual Healing

When Duality stops, pain stops. Relationship Healing is ART of bringing your inner and outer worlds together. 


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High Profile & CEO Client Support Services and/or Corporate Training.

At High Profile & CEO Client Support Services we understand that today you deal with complexities and demands in career, social media, temptations High profie and CEO client support servicesand the spotlight on every aspect of your life. Your team, your family and relationships under more pressure than ever before.

We understand the numerous demands made upon you from all directions. Whether you are a public figure or CEO of your company, or you just wish to keep your search for a better life private, we are here to provide the necessary support and nurturing &, when required; we also provide necessary training for your family or key personnel so they are better equipped to support you better in your new lifestyle design.

In your position life is constantly demanding your time, support and attention. Sadly this leaves very little space just for you. This is also recommended for sporting entities.

High Profile & CEO's are most vulnerable because they rely on ill equipped people to act as their filter.


Many work place accidents and top level decisions have place bosses at risk.

For example Uberfounder Travis Kalanick admitted the mistakes he made and acknowledged he needed guidance.

Sexual harassment and discrimination is as rampant in these large corporations as it is anywhere in our society. It all begins with leadership at the very top.


These beliefs can cost you your life - like Timothy Hayes Google CEO (father of 5, a loving husband) hires a prostitute and dies of drug overdose. His family have to live with that knowledge the whole world is looking at them. Is that what you want for your family. It's not too late to turn things around.

Or workplace accidents where patrons lose their lives because of communication breakdowns.

We do not need more rules and regulations - we need to develop greater awareness.

"Your body when under pressure can affect emotional mental and spiritual imbalances that can lead to oversight in most significant areas of your life."

Many of our sporting personalities due to pressures of the game and spotlight on their personal relationships end up in the media for their inappropriate behavior. Many losing their sponsors or their positions on the team. Relationships fall apart. Many contracts are being terminated or paid out. High price to pay for a moment of inattention.

Developing awareness is part or our High Profile & CEO Client Support Services.

We look to prepare for you our specialised skills and experience. Here every detail is all about you and the aspects of your that have been re-arranged through stress.

These two videos are just some of the examples of how we work.

This one covers pain and pleasure combination.

Celebrities under massive pressure are changing partners as often as they upgrade their image. That's fine, when things are not working. The thing is - it's vital they work on their break up as much as they did on getting together.

"Friends family and children are often part of the break up package. This area needs deep healing and understanding."

Children sense more than adults realise. Your cells are impacted on a similar level leading to inappropriate decisions for health and wellbeing of your full life. It's the events leading up to break up or poor health, injuries and diseases that are responsible.

Example of what stress and lack of detailed care and attention can have devastating results.

I don't want this to happen to you.


We have created High Profile & CEO Client Support Services for people in your position. We are aware it's almost impossible to find lifestyle support at this level of personal experiences.

A man I got very close to while working in one of the health retreats was international business man. Yes, he implemented what he learned into his life; but purely as another thing to do. That added to his stress.

This was not evident for a number of years. We have a tendency to take our health and mortality for granted until it's too late.

We'll he ended up with cancer of his penis. I had not spoken to him for a while. When I called him - he told me the terrible diagnosis. But what concerned me most of all - was his girlfriend at the time.

He said to me that she was very supportive and to quote her "everything will turn out, you'll beat this". I was deeply outraged at her hopes and wishes.

'This highly educated man, deeply caring wonderful man had a woman that was leaving his plight to hope. In his deep pain he accepted her words as the answer to healing."

Not because she did not know health and healing, she was a chiropractor. If this was me, I would have been providing with all the healing foods and activities as well as plan for long life of extraordinary health. Just good thoughts and words do not work. I have not seen this work. Yes there are some miracles we hear about. These miracles I would want to explore and see what mental and emotional changes that person stepped into. there is no such thing as miracles. 

Years later, recently I came across an acquaintance of his who informed me that his penis has been amputated.

I did not follow up when my friend told me the news due to his commitment in his relationship. Relationships can be our downfall. It is my experience that in relationships people are typically in it for themselves often to the detriment of the person they are involved with. Now no penis but many memories of flying around the world taking care of business.

"Miracles I would want to explore and identify mental and emotional changes that person stepped into. There is no such thing as miracles. There is only change of perception that changes the frequency of our cellular communication."

Another person called me for an appointment. He told me what a good friend a manager of one of the top resorts was. In the next breath he told me he was on dialysis. Knowing influential people in business does not guarantee health and wellbeing. Taking care of all of you is key. (there are no guarantees in life; but it's best we have no regrets.) 

Another friend from many years back bladder cancer was not detected despite her constantly seeing her GP for definite symptoms.

It was only when she saw a locum while her regular GP was away, that the cancer was diagnosed. By the it was too late. Bladder cancer is the easiest cancer to heal. But you have to catch it early. The point is that; specialists and professionals are all on their own time schedule not yours. Only you can learn to pay attention to the professional that you engage on your journey of self awareness. This is what we offer here. Much like your business. You know the skills and attitudes and the quality of work your employers must produce for your business to remain successful. You have the skill to identify the quality of their work despite being unable to perform the work yourself. Your awareness of your body and your relationships are just as simple. You just need to know the feeling and the sense you recognise as signs for required improvement.

My sister died of cancer. She was one to trust in medicine. She did not believe in the senses we are speaking about here.

Well she was experiencing headaches and loss of vision. Her GP recommended she have her eyesight checked. The symptoms were classic brain tumor symptoms. Only when she collapsed in a shopping center - transported to emergency was the brain tumor discovered. The next day she came out of surgery. Well meaning friends and family overwhelmed her while she said she'll fight the cancer. She did not take time for her healing. Instead she just went along with the long process of surgeries and medications. I'm not saying the outcome would have been any different

High Profile & CEO Client Support Services

Make the most of your life where in some part of your life there is a place just for you.

High Profile & CEO Client Support Services

had she taken time out for her on the way to end of her life. But she would have made time to make friends with the dying process. Dying is a reality for all of us. It's how we get there and the dignity we meet it with that matters to the soul and spirit, mind and emotions. 

While we continue ignoring the storm of voices inside our heads, all screaming for attention, our relationships suffer. On the way many people may also get hurt. 

A Specialised Service... Just for you...

Whether you are a public figure or CEO of your company, or you just wish to keep your search for a better life private, we are here to provide the necessary support and nurturing &, when required; we also provide necessary training for your family or key personnel so they are better equipped to support you better in your new lifestyle design.

High Profile & CEO Client Support Services.
  • Train your staff to provide additional services for you.  
  • Accompany you to events and fit in health retreats regularly ensuring you get the most out of your stay rather than just blindly following directions.  
  • When engaging in any activity bringing awareness to all elements that affect you and influence your team.  
  • Your personal health routine.  
  • How you get out of bed.  
  • How you prepare for the day.  
  • Stress management routine.  
  • Injury management.  
  • Support in business management (awareness technology).  
  • Mediator for family and friends while you are in transition of your lifestyle changes. CRITICAL.  
  • Planning balance of ups and downs that are essential for healthy living.  
  • Discovering your passions that have been suppressed.  
  • Certainty of your place in life.  
  • If suffering from any diagnosed symptoms - help you expand your life beyond limitations that may come with these labels.  
  • More to be added to this list soon.  

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