Journey of embodied awareness and expanded connectivity.

Mental, Physical and Emotional is Spiritual Healing

When Duality stops, pain stops. Relationship Healing is ART of bringing your inner and outer worlds together. 


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Kundalini Awakening rises Organically froKundalini Awakeningm Good Deeds.

Kundalini Awakening cannot be unlocked by stimulating chakras of physical body without causing significant damage. I know Kundalini awakening is popular around the world. Know this; if you are doing it for wrong reasons it will significantly impact your nervous system.

Intention and preparation for this most powerful process.

Kundalini has the wisdom of thousands of years of human existence and beyond. When we begin to experience Kundalini Awakening, a conditioned human begins to control it and guide it. This is a mistake that can create unwanted side effects such as headache and back and muscle pain. It can begin to mess with the hormonal system because it is guided by a human completely ignorant of it's power.

When you allow it to flow (as you hear in the video above) and join with the flow - absolute one-ness is experienced. You need to let go of the mind for that. Changes are experienced organically. The body and sounds begin to tone the new system. Fear makes humans control what they have not taken the time to explore.

Exploring and Experiencing Kundalini Awakening requires beginners mind.


 That is difficult to do when you have been conditioned and controlled your entire life. This is why you need guidance from a person with considerable life experiences. Read about me here and hear my videos of life story. This will serve you well when we work together. Understanding Kundalini does not come from taking courses. Understanding comes from a life of many references of many different life situations. Learning to adapt and flow with what comes up.

We need to treat Kundalini Awakening like we would preparing for trekking in Nepal for instance. You would not climb Mount Everest without significant preparation or trek in Nepal without knowing the dangers. Neither should you approach Kundalini Awakening with any less regard.

Preparing for Kundalini Awakening Through Wisdom.

  1. Right Food
  2. Cultivate Awareness
  3. Get clear on our Intention.
  4. Right exercise.
  5. Right mindset.
  6. Caring for others.
  7. Right environment
  8. Right attitude.
  9. Right application.
  10. Desire to apply your Kundalini Awakening to every day living.

What you bring to another will significantly strengthen your Kundalini pathway. Because what you bring to another you bring to yourself.

Current tantric sex goddesses probably had their Kundalini awakened that burned through in such a manner that they can no longer distinguish right action from actions that create soul injury.

Don't have your Kundalini stimulated in that manner unless you want lower consciousness experiences. They sincerely (some of them) believe they are doing gods work. This is one of the dangers of Kundalini awakening that was forced or coerced. God does not take over - god embraces. When Kundalini Awakening is caressed for pleasure and self gratification; it opens up to wrong actions that feel so right. Everyone else sees the fallacy of it, but because it has become common place, have accepted it as a right of passage. Remember you have to prepare. This is very serious journey that you undertake and it has to be combined with absolute acceptance that in our every cell is the wisdom to awaken this powerful energy through right action, not as a therapy that unlocks it before your body, mind and emotions are ready.

Understanding disconnect is foundation for Kundalini awakening. Then you actually get the message that translates into physical healing experiences. 
In this video this awareness student shares his experiences when fully engaged in being in the moment.
If you have had Kundalini damage read more about healing Kundalini. Kundalini damage occurs not only through manipulative awakening but also through relationship damage, violence and emotional, physical and sexual abuse. This impacts your life on every level.

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