Journey of embodied awareness and expanded connectivity.

Mental, Physical and Emotional is Spiritual Healing

When Duality stops, pain stops. Relationship Healing is ART of bringing your inner and outer worlds together. 


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Kahuna Massage & Kahuna Training.

Before we delve into Kahuna massage it's vital we look at Original Cultural Kahuna Massage before the original Huna system was infiltrated.

Kahuna Massage is intended to bring you to your soul consciousness. At this point you are able to relax. The whole point of Kahuna massage is to connect your own spirit body, spirit mind and spirit emotions. At a another level, connection to your soul body, soul mind and soul emotions are integrated with the spirit and the body.

Before you go into the rest of the page and the range of videos, it's vital you watch this first video so you get to know what Kahuna really is. And it's not what you have been led to believe.

What people don't know is that it takes 15 to 20 years to become a real Kahuna. These days everything is reduced for quick sale and high turnover. If you had real Kahuna before you  would be absolutely open to watching this. As they say "if you say you know, then you don't know." The world is forever changing.

Here is a video of a master healer who trained with three genuine Kahuna masters. He has also been the greatest influence in my work due to his commitment to truth.

In this video a woman describes her experience when body and soul merged.



Bringing Soul Consciousness

 Kahuna Massage & Kahuna Training 

In any trauma, we experience disengagement from our very source. Separation from a loved one of abuse from a person that you rely upon your very survival can trigger this spiral out of control disconnect.

Socially this is accepted way of living, but our very essence knows there is more wisdom available to every human, and we have been kept from it.

Kahuna Can bring the Soul Back into the body and in Some Cases bring a Person back to Life.

Kahuna can bring in life

We can only share with you about our Kahuna experiences. What we cannot do is talk about Kahuna in generic terminology. Kahuna has been downgraded as has every form of therapy has been downgraded to fit into a static business model. We won't do this here.

Our Kahuna is based on knowing people who have direct experiences with the flow of energies that heal.

Tantra Therapy and What We Do Here.

Kahuna Massage

Tantra mind control has taken over the world. Blinded by the promises of liberation men and women are booking in for yoni and lingam massage. Some tantra schools in their desperation market god presence in your genitals. Be careful of tantra offering sex as a way to enlightenment. Know you are vulnerable through your upbringing and lets get you healthy and wealthy. Controlling humans has been consistent throughout history. Our Tantra liberates your mind from all rituals that keep you reliant on some master to tell you what to do.

To Work With Me You Need to Meet With Me Here.

Kahuna Massage and I

So we can get the best out of our time together, wee need to meet on a human level not just as a provider of a generic labelled service or technique. Technique is dead knowledge. Wisdom has no technique. Wisdom is universal that flows through each of us, but has been muted due to our enforced way of living according to narrow rules and regulations designed to keep us stupid. more...

True Story.
Kahuna Massage True Story 

This Australian Couple trusted their instincts. They never gave into the doctor that kept telling them that the baby was stillborn. - Doctors brought them their new born that was pronounced dead. They brought him to life just by being there and disregarding the doctor who told them the baby was still born. The rest of the story is in the link above. Stop believing limitations, this could save a life. more...

The higher soul and the Over all Soul are interdependent

The higher soul comes in with prior knowledge of previous lives. They believe we are a continuation of who we were before. We are filled with knowledge that no university can provide. Every cell has imprints of absolute wisdom from past experiences. Knowledge of past lessons learned and knowledge of lessons to be learned. The over all soul communicates in a place of creativity that is inspired by absolute love of where we are. Love of what we are engaged in. Whenever there are problems,  calm and peace bring answers. Frantic worrying destroys that connection.

When your home life is explosive or divided, you need for your own sake remove yourself from that situation. If you do not, in time of any crisis you cannot have access to solutions. Solutions need clarity.

Working with - your Soul Consciousness.

We bring you to connection with soul consciousness. You cannot do it alone. While these soul consciousness remains distant and unreachable, there is no Kahuna massage experience. This goes beyond physical and mental relaxation. Even Aristotle taught that rivers and mountains have a soul. Socrates, Plato and Aristotle suggest that the soul is the most divine human actions. Wikipedia refers to this as Anima Mundi as the concept of theory soul that connects all living organisms on earth.

If the Kahuna massage the Tantra therapist does not incorporate Soul and Spirit with your therapy, they are not true Kahuna or tantra therapist.

In the interest of money and high turnover, almost all tantra and Kahuna therapies have been reduced to just the physical expression of these sacred arts. All the while trying to appeal to the general public with these ancient arts as the answer to stress management. Read more on Soul element within and around the human and the soul of the Earth here in wikipedia. Unfortunately due to our disconnect from our soul and spirit we have forgotten to consider this when the ancient principals are offered. 

If the Kahuna massage the Tantra therapist does not incorporate Soul and Spirit with your therapy, they are not true Kahuna or tantra therapist.

We need to establish the existence of your soul and your spirit. In most religions, the main purpose of belonging to any form of spiritual teachings is to save your soul. Unfortunately people see that on the other side of life. Almost as if we live soulless on earth and go to meet our maker who gives our soul. 

  You are living within your own Soul and within the soul of mother earth all your life. 

You do not need to know how that is. All you need to know is that a competent Kahuna can take your there providing you let go of generic expectations. 
In one of my teachers videos below; he shares how during training a Kahuna master brought a dead student back to life four (4) days after he died. That student failed one of his tests As a result of that Kahuna training test he died. The master brought life into him. The student did not know how but the master did. 
Hawaiian's honor the consciousness and super-consciousness. These connections have been almost discarded through the rough and sometimes violent treatment of indigenous cultures. All that has survived is the superficial or the sexualised version of majority or sacred teachings 
We must establish what Kahuna and Tantra are not before we continue with what it is. 

First we must remove fluffy new age misconceptions or you will not be able to receive any of the benefits of Kahuna or Tantra.

Kahuna was not a weekend course with accreditation handed out as it is now. There was deep reverence for all natures souls.

Beyond the physical body extends Kahuna wisdom of human consciousness. Most people have been exposed to just a nice techniques of Kahuna massage training connecting body mind and spirit modified for consumer based society.

Kahuna Massage therapist to be capable of making profound difference He/She must be aware of all aspects of cellular communication. 

This video is just one example of either Real Tantra or Ancient Kahuna therapies. 

Kahuna Massage is based on "Mana" that means life force as Ki is in Aikido, Chi as in Tai Chi. both of these I trained in. People talk about chi and ki these days as a perceived energy that runs through their body, but there is no outward representation of what they say. It is only description of their perception. Just feeling is not enough. You need to cultivate the ability to harness that energy and direct it to affect your environment. In the case of Kahuna massage; this "Mana" energy is directed to healing. 

In this video a man describes how this mana was massaging him. Then watch the explanation given in the videos below from credible scientists/biologists and psychologist.

In these videos consider watching them beyond your idea of what Kahuna is. Allow the feelings of the words to flow. Getting out the head is our greatest challenge.

In this video a man talks about the spirit massaging him while the soul and spirit are moving his arm.

This is representation of higher awareness that is offered in every level of therapy on this site. His 20year shoulder pain healed through this application. For any healing to occur; there must be a change of perception. Your beliefs are the filter that are reading this page and watching the videos on this page. Your cells are the software of your life.

In your cells are embedded all your belief systems that rule your life. Recent scientific research has demonstrated this.

Your experiences have shaped you and your mind body emotions. They are most likely not true representation of what Kahuna Massage is designed for. Kahuna Massage therapist to be capable of making profound difference must be aware of all aspects of cellular communication. Your cells are the software of your life. In your cells are embedded all your belief systems that rule your life. Recent scientific research has demonstrated this.

Kahuna Massage is a Deep Science. In this video a renowned biologist explains what ancient Kahuna Massage masters knew about the body.

This is what how our advanced scientist see consciousness of every cell in our body. As we explore beyond the traditional medical model we recognise that our organs have their own consciousness.

For example the liver has the consciousness of it's full function. So does the heart, lungs, kidneys. It is well documented fact that we are designed to be healthy. It's only when we introduce chemical stresses that our bodies have difficulty functioning in a healthy manner. We are designed to deal with emotional and physical stresses. Alone these stresses would destroy us. However when we ensure our connection to spirit and soul element within us and within everything and everyone we interact with, we have a built in radar or waring system.

The chemical substances and electro magnetic interference disturb these natural abilities within us.

This is what we work with in your Kahuna massage. This is what clients describe within these videos. It is absolutely essential you take time to listen these recording they are critical preparation for our initial conversation.

Hawaiian's have absolute belief in the higher spiritual aspect of our self. The ancestral spirit that comes into this world at point of conception. They often engage in activities that can bring spontaneous mystical experiences. They are conscious of the fact that soul and spirit reside here with your physical body. Not in some remote afterlife at the feet of some saviour as we have been conditioned to believe.

Plant consciousness link also demonstrates how frequencies of our thoughts and words affect our life.

This plant consciousness video will help you understand how thought frequencies affect not only us, but the people around us. Your body soul is the antenna for your physical, mental,  spiritual and emotional health. Your entire health system depends on the link to your soul. If body and soul are divided, then the mind takes over the task. This brings added pressure on the mind that is not designed for this task.

The body soul is the receiver of all communication. Have you noticed how often when you speak to someone they are not hearing what you are saying. They are interpreting what you are saying. It seems they more often disagree. Because the soul filter is not connected.

Soul aspect of your body is designed to the physical aspect of the body for self healing.

Any trauma distorts this ability to heal naturally. Here we aim at reestablishing your connection to your soul body.

Throughout this site there are many examples of trauma healing. We often do not recognise we have been subjected to trauma  simply because it has become our accepted new normal way of life. These element make up the whole self.

Collectively as body soul and spirit we are designed to interact with each other.

Being so completely condition to separation, it seems most humans only communicate on a mental level. And content to remain that way. If you do not know better - you do not desire better.

Scientific research live on how plants feel your thoughts. Your cells are your internal plant system that have the same capabilities. They record everything we expose ourselves to. Here is the link to video to plant consciousness. This experiment is from 1966. Depth of Kahuna Massage reaches this level of consciousness within your own body. All thoughts are consciousness. We reconnect thorough this level of Kahuna massage to source of consciousness with intention of influencing it's behaviour.

Explore you essence by riding your sounds of nature. You cannot reach you through words. Words are manufactured sounds.

In this video biology of belief system is explained by Rob Williams and nature of beliefs. Beliefs are conclusions derived from information presented to you. You have created belief from past experiences. These are embedded in your DNA software. In my sessions we link to your DNA software to access the programming. When opening the file (different organs and portions of the body) one needs to have right intention or the body will not reveal itself. Kahuna massage needs to be explained on this level due to the commercialized versions that are purely technique based. Technique based despite being referred to by some as a spiritual massage does not access this level without adequate supervised training.

Below are my clients speaking about how the spirit energy actually moves their limbs during their healing session.

This Kahuna Massage is based on principals of the order of Lono. This Kahuna is one who specialises in restoring balance in the body so life energy can flow. True Kahuna Massage of Lomi Lomi is a spiritual practice that combines bodywork with sprit energies. In this video - depths of client experiences are shared with tremendous care and attention. For when you are left to your own devices - you can come to confusing conclusions. Join us in this conversation on getting clarity. We need to be very careful with labels. The word Kahuna has been applied to everything. The commercialized everyday technique is fairly general concept people think it is. Once you believe that something is not possible you cut all possibilities.

You can even put that label on a jar and call it Kahuna.

But it is still a jar. The same has been done with just labelling it as just a massage style. True Kahuna a way beyond that massage technique.

In the rush to understand, label and conform; people have forgotten that spirit energy is real. It is in our every move & every thought.

Getting out the head is our greatest challenge. In this video below; hear a student describe his experience and the insight that experience revealed to him about his life.

Most humans are slaves to technique and expectations of their master.

A Kahuna master evolves by absolute understanding of the universal laws of nature and Karma.

  • The consequences of the choices we make. 
  • Through personal life experiences that have direct impact on what they do. 
  • How they affect every step you take. 
  • How every step you take affects your life. 

Kahuna like every aspect of life has the basic everyday person therapy approach that pretends to be authentic. Then you have people who do deep research and would not accept anything less than the cellular level of Kahuna Massage.

People confuse Kahuna style massage with the Ancient Deeper Principals that speak to every cell of your body.

The traditional times of Kahuna training -Kahuna title was an honor bestowed only to the most advanced Shaman- some of whom could even bring people in back from the dead even after a few days. You can hear this from a man who trained with one of the. The video is below. 

Kahuna is link between higher dimensions and lower dimensions.

When Kahuna is seen as just massage then it is not Kahuna. It becomes just massage Technique. Massage alone does not reflect Kahuna as foundation of most advanced visionaries.

This video addresses all aspects of life before any touch therapy begins.

Kahuna connects to highest states of consciousness and links with the body, linking clients higher and lower consciousness.

These sessions shall open you up to seeing the world as it is. In Huna living when you feel and see the world as it is, you find your place. Create a better reality. Not just a feel good massage. Prepare yourself for exploring true feelings.

This video is critical preparation for your Kahuna knowledge. We take you back to the time when true masters of Kahuna massage were tested.

Next I involve you in storing and expanding this vital force. Followed by directing it towards a project you are involved in. Or towards improving your relationships.

Everyone has the capacity to feel these primal feelings within their first appointment.
  • body feels as if it is draped in a Healing wave or pleasure   
  • cells come alive   
  • feel that you have the energy to do whatever you need  
  • place in life is so clear, easy.  
Sessions may take you on a personal vision quest.

As you are being massaged often your cells simultaneously release tensions of reactions to past restrictions.  

Cells simultaneously release tensions of reactions to past restrictions without manipulating them. Your cells have higher consciousness than your mind. This is referred to as cellular memory. Injuries, seeming to reform or regroup into a more effective desirable movement and feelings and lifestyle changes with little or no effort. Your mind becomes clearer. You become more aware of your choices and options. Your decisions are made with absolutely no effort.

When we find a deeper connection to life - there is so much more.

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