Journey of embodied awareness and expanded connectivity.

Mental, Physical and Emotional is Spiritual Healing

When Duality stops, pain stops. Relationship Healing is ART of bringing your inner and outer worlds together. 


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Tantra Mentoring   for your total well-being by Joining of essences.

"Linking vibrational connection to every part of you to the vibration of the universal energy."

This Tantra Mentoring is in form of Spandakarika. 

The vibration of life. Spanda is another name of Self-awareness or Vimarsa. It is vibrational connection to every part of you to the vibration of the universal energy. It is from the Spanda principle that the group of senses acquires its power of going forth towards the objects, maintaining them in perception for a while and then withdrawing them towards the centre.

In this video a woman talks about the merging of energies.

  • This is possible by the rise of Sahaja vidya by which one experiences unity in the midst of diversity.   
  • While states of experience like pleasure, pain, etc. differ.   
  • The Experient cannot change; for it is the Experient that connects the differing states as the experience of the identical Experient.   
  • (Reference Extracted from Spanda Karikas "Divine Creative Pulsation" book page 21 The Karikas and the Spanda-nirnaya Translated into English by JAIDEVA SINGH)   
  • Spanda not only as identical with the essential Self but also with the whole universe.   

 Identify with the meaning of deeper connection.

  • We need to know who we invest oJust surrender, let there be a let-gour valuable time with on this planet.   
  • Knowing they are paying attention to the world around us  while we immerse ourselves in learning to truly listen feel taste express in our lives.   
  • Exploring and living within the benefit of what we have just learned.   
  • Uncover deeper understanding of where you honestly are in your life.    

Begins with thirst for definable change.

These days we can find information just by Internet Search.

Without a MENTOR who has lived many aspects of life you will get side tracked or trapped in a loop.

That you must first discover/feel your where you are fractured is difficult to see on your own. To know that you can feel whole. To know it you need to have purpose. We begin by feeling it's presence. Loving is what our society is all about. Yet within the spirit world it is the densest emotion and beyond. In the spirit world,  Love is the lowest foundation that you grow from.

Love is the foundation that you would continue to build upon not a place to aim for.

"Not to be confused with spiritual practices that involved Taoist masters having sex with virgins under 14 years of age and no older than 18 years. The world is filled with this kind of spiritual predator. In Tantra training you will master discernment between those who use you and those who empower you."

When you are connected to your own universe, then the bliss is transferable.  

This ultimately makes a remarkable trustworthy lover. Techniques are tools. We acquire tools yet until we master at least one of them we do not recognise it's value. They are just taking up valuable space. Simply because; when you value them, you are able to let go of useless actions and beliefs that are cluttering your life.

For the seeker of Deeper Feelings within Tantric Experiences.

Tantra, is referred to as the 'Joining of the Essenes' meaning expansion. It's connection and liberation of dormant potential energy. Historically Tantra practitioners believed that these arts of pleasure could maintain good health and attain longevity. Beyond Healing Taoist sexual practices take us on a journey of new dimensions. These are spiritual practices that involved Taoist masters having sex with virgins under 14 years of age and no older than 18 years. Before we take on a label it's wise to understand what this label covers.

These joining of sexual essences were purely for the benefit of male practitioners. Ensure you read the entire link. In china they presented these acts in beautiful Chinese art. People are affected by symbols.

Longevity and immortality

Reference from Wikipedia

Some Ming dynasty Taoist sects believed that one way for men to achieve longevity or 'towards immortality' is behaving intercoursewith virgins, particularly young virgins.

Taoist sexual books, such as the Hsuan wei Hshin ("Mental Images of the Mysteries and Subtleties of Sexual Techniques") and San Feng Tan Cheueh ("Zhang Sanfeng's Instructions in the Physiological Alchemy"), written, respectively, by Zhao Liangpi and Zhang Sanfeng (not to be confused with semi-mythical Zhang Sanfeng who lived in an earlier period), call the woman sexual partner ding and recommend sex with premenarche virgins.

Zhao Liangpi concludes that the ideal thing is a premenarche virgin just under 14 years of age and women older than 18 should be avoided Zhang Sanfeng went further and divided ding into three ranks: the lowest rank, 21- to 25-year-old women; the middle rank, 16- to 20-year-old menstruating virgins; the highest rank, 14-year-old premenarche virgins. 

 "It's always wise to check your sources before taking on any practice." Personally, as a woman I find this offensive. to be used as a vehicle for a man's spiritual development while not being informed that in participating in these rituals I would sacrificing quality of my life and degrading all human .

-- TJ

Taoism was developed as longevity for the male practitioner. It has been said that it's now adapted to the female practitioner. I expect proof. In thousands of years there have been a handful of successes. They did not practice dual cultivation because it turns on the practitioner.

When you engage a male practitioner as a female student, how do you know their intention. After all you do not know and they surely are not going to tell you if they are draining your energy. You would not know if you a losing energy. Because losing it and gaining it feels similar to a person needing healing.

David recalls his experience

Here I Found Pleasure, but most of all healing of my pain that I've been receiving treatment for through massage and physio by no pain no gainapproach. Here pain released through feelings of pleasure within my body

I did not know what to expect, I found pleasure but most of all healing of pain through pleasure.
I’ve had pain in my shoulder for the last months, had physiotherapy, massage where they dug deep into the tissue saying no pain no gain in remedial massage.
You did not do any of that yet MY PAIN IS GONE.
Back feels so straight – I don’t feel like slouching. When I came in I was slouching, now I can’t slouch even if I try,

Sitting straight is no effort at all, as if I've always been like this;

How did that happen?

During the massage I felt your hand on my feet yet you were higher up the leg near my knee. You did have your hands on feet at some point earlier, I did not know you moved on until I felt your hand up my leg, yet the feeling of both your hands on both my feet was still there. This is so unreal.

The pleasure energy was pulsating at different vibrations the intensity varied as you guided me to merge with the feelings while you continued to massage me.

There were no complicated techniques while you massaged my body, as you did so, my body freed up seemingly allowing for the flow of pleasure to naturally occur.

David 14th November 2012

First we must become whole within ourselves - feel the inner connection to our own bodies.

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       James refers to  Celtic as link to the natural world more in Wikipedia here transcript is on testimonials page.

In relationships Tantra is absolute unity of the couple resulting in healing energy. These energies are interconnected.

Our idea of Tantra is subjective. Subject to what we have heard, read or been told. Subject to Tantra therapist providers life experiences. Subject to the limitations of our personal world. The purpose of a competent Tantra Tantric Mentor is to take us beyond our personal limitations creating a new wonderful reality of pleasures.

At Tantric Living Pulse our intention is to assist you to integrate the skills and feelings into your daily life seamlessly for health, wellbeing and remarkable relationships.

Let your experiences take you on a journey beyond your limitations, this is what real Tantra does. The services offered at all times reflect your presenters or therapists personal life experiences, life choices and future desires.

Read about TJ, your Tantric Mentor here for a different perspective.

In order to present real Tantra, first we need to define what it isn't. To keep this page purely for real tantra here is a link for the Article content within this site on;

'How the western world interprets Tantra' - to know what Tantra isn't'.

Within this site our clients open up to you about their Advanced Tantra experiences. More are prepared to be uploaded.

Tantric Living Pulse began as a personal healing journey for Tasha when she healed her back in just a few minutes under the watchful eye of a chiropractor. Here she takes you through her personal experience then applying the concept to you, designed for your current needs more...

Realistically people are just trying to get through their day, not really interested in philosophy, study or complicated techniques.

In saying this - they seek to know that the person they make the appointment with has done their re-search and trainingTantra Mentoringin order to be able to lead them to solutions.

But more than training and research. You want someone who has puttheir theory, accumulated knowledge into practice in their life and the lives of those who seek their support.

More than just a list of their courses and events attended.

Based of research & development and personal experiences including a strong background in prestigious Health Retreats since 1989

Tantra is the ability to see, feel taste, it is a state of unique awareness that everything is connected. Once defined absolutely all expansion stops. Testimonials enter here.

Our Experience comes from deep knowledge.

We are made of billions of sex cells yet we ignore almost all of them due to blind dependency on the private parts.

My experience and influences come from Tantric Teachings that have been a large part of my life from Kashmir Shaivism this is based on free will. I'll connect you that free will that has been repressed by rules imposed and required social programming that separate us.

Connecting with our lifetime of pleasure THAT FLOWS WITHIN US, ALL DAY EVERY DAY

When we are placing our focus only on genitals we are depriving ourselves of 99% of lifetime of pleasure THAT FLOWS WITHIN US ALL DAY EVERY DAY. It is our fuel, our life-force. We focus on sex organs on occasion, making that a special event, when every moment of our lives is a special event when we allow that pleasure to live fully

Our concept of what sexual energy.

Our relationship with our sexual energy affects our the health of our own body and relationships with each other both on personal level as well as the community. It is our misunderstanding of the most powerful energy in the universe; & YANG WITHIN OUR BODIES. THE joys of ULTIMATE HEALTH WHEN BALANCED.

Then the sexual energy travels thru the entire body moving orgasmic energy into internal organs where they actually make love to one another resonating through the entire body. Then the man feels true orgasm, then he knows absolutely; that ejaculation is not orgasm. However because we are not made aware; the orgasm begins often simultaneously with ejaculation yet complete orgasm is prevented from actualising by ejaculation. People think that because ejaculation has occurred, there is nothing beyond that. This creates tremendous confusion for both men and women. Orgasmic energy is the most healing energy in the universe yet the sex industry has take the word Tantra adding it to their profession under the label of spirituality.

Tantra Massage is extremely sensual simply because your body heals through pleasure. We have been conditioned to associate healing with pain and struggle. Is it any wonder 20% of Australian population is disabled, while another 60% are depressed at some time.

Let's allow joy connection to flow, as advanced indigenous cultures practiced daily.

health retreat & Tantra Yoga  

  • Kundalini Yoga.       
  • Kundalini Meditation.       
  • Training & Workshops.       
  • Lifestyle Support.       
  • corporate team building.       
  • Event Support.       
  • Speaking Engagements.    

Tantra Massage, Kundalini Active Meditation. Tantra Yoga cleanses your cells, very much like a computer clean up that removes corrupt files. It organises them, un-installs old programming and re-installs updated data.

New programmes can then be added, until then any sex technique and positions would burden your system greatly and further divide relationships.

 Balance first.
Many are justifiably confused about what Tantra is as we all continue to seek more meanings and pleasures in our lives. Do we take the time to explore enough?  

We are presenting findings of our experiences, our clients experiences many were delighted to share. We invite you on lives adventures through and our research, in form of articles, videos, books, remarkable recordings of experiences and everything that embraces all of our senses. Our approach provides you with your personal journey, your exploration into the harmony of Tantra. Our feature pages stories take our readers and clients to greater possibilities, beyond the constraints of the ordinary. Tantra teachings do not come from ordinary people. Tantra is the foundation of the universe within, connecting you with the universe without until you are one.

So, what is Tantra Mentoring?
Tantra is a Way of Living Every Day in Joy. What we learn in Joy we remember.

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