Journey of embodied awareness and expanded connectivity.

Mental, Physical and Emotional is Spiritual Healing

When Duality stops, pain stops. Relationship Healing is ART of bringing your inner and outer worlds together. 


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Shamanic De Armouring based on ancient principles of Atlatian times.  

Ancient Teachings for Spiritual Development and healing through Shamanic De Armouring. A proven system that heals damaged past and strengthens your ability to see all aspects of your life as you transform. There are many types of therapies offered around the world. They all reflect the current consciousness of these therapist. We are all born at different levels of consciousness. What is it about siblings. Our past life determines what level therapy we choose. We have many levels of awareness in our social structure.

Join me in my conversations with my clients within the videos throughout this site.

Here we offer many levels of healing. While we have been conditioned to seek a specialist in any particular therapy, this is not the best choice for you. Ultimately when you have had any form of mental, emotional or physical therapy, you get to go home to make sense of it all. What the thepist could not do, you go home to try to do yourself. To bring what you have experienced in your therapists hands into you your life filled with challenges that are still there. You've had your session, but your home ground has not changed one bit. Now you have to try to implement the changes you have experienced into physical reality.


Fear and pain comes from lack of self knowledge. Self knowledge is gained through experience. In your session you are taken through experiences within your own body and your mind/emotion/spirit/soul.

When you meet all of your elements simultaneously, the fear of the unknown disappears.

Without Inner Peace we are Satisfied with Temporary Happiness followed By Sorrow and Regret.

Lasting Inner Peace is ackomplished by Communion With your Peronal Soul of Joy.


It is better to be unhappy about your own ignorance than to die happy with it.
-- Paramahansa Yogananda 

Our Shamanic De Armouring foundation is of raising levels of consciousness. We work on raising the lower chakras to higher frequencies. We do that by linking each chakra. Over thousands of years our chakras have divided as society divided. Alone these chakras are tired

Letting go of fears and memories of your past while moving forward is a flowing movement. The only time fear comes up is when you resist support. Therefore its' important you know who I am and that I've worked with thousands of people from all walks of life successfully. Many are speaking in the recording within these videos.

As you listen - you'll hear them talk about how they felt lost when the old thought patterns disappeared. At that point I guide them to meet the new feelings and thoughts and realisations that have been sitting beneath the old programming.

Your shamanic de-armouring to be successful is a process of blending you with every single aspect of your body your soul your spirit your DNA every cell in the body every single thought process. Feel you are expanding beyond into the whole of the Universal wisdom.

This is experience simultaneously provided you have a highly experienced mental who has that she do for themselves and the tens of thousands of people. You'll hear me guiding clients to understand the journey of shamanic de armouring and what the feeling mean. 

Listen to the stories in this comprehensive video at least five clients share uniqueness of their personal experiences. Each of them are different

Shamanic De Armouring

Every single person is absolutely unique. Since birth you've been conditioned to fit into a status quo. Expected to be the same. Like whole bunch of sheep in a pen locked up within your minds. Convergent thinkers have entirely different to divergent thinkers. Read here Divergent thinking vs Convergent thinking persons.
The whole purpose of shamanic de-armouring is to release you from the corral of conformity. You can stop having to feel that you have to be someone else. This is the whole purpose of shamanic de-armouring. It's not about taking away your shield. It is about respecting your shield and letting it do what it is designed to do.

Understanding what the statement "Paying Attention" means is the purpose of Shamanic de-armouring.

Shamanic de-armouring is about creating a stronger armour around you. We have to strengthen our borders.

Determine Who and What to Let into Your Personal Sacred Space.

Without border protection your chakras we will not open. The only time to open up is when a strong and have a solid platform before you move on. You have to know what you're leading in before you open the door. If you are in the habit of opening a door to just anybody that knocks at your door without checking if you want that person inside then you are being foolish.

So here during your shamanic de-armouring you're going to gain the wisdom of when to let wrong people in.

  • You will gain discernment of the energy that comes in with that person. 
  • You will learn how to understand that energy within seconds even a split second of speaking to that person. 
  • You will also learn that every single person has changed from moment to moment. 
  • The person were yesterday is not the person they are today. 
  • Even though they may believe that are the same person. 
  • You'll recognise that you've had a new experience of some sort or the same experience again and again. 
  • Either one of those combinations is adding an extra burden or removing a burden from there being. 
  • Because they have not recognise that doesn't mean there has been a change.

    What the Atlanteans have learned is not to repeat the same mistakes ever again. Unfortunately much of their wisdom was lost til now.  

So these are the advanced people have been reborn into this lifetime. Of course the other very damaged people who brought the damages in with them that are spreading the untruths. Will teach you how to do your research because it is all available a on the Internet. The internet has everything there for you if you ask a different question. Or if you asked the same question differently reposition your words that will give you different result.

Within this website there are links to new information about tantra and shamanic de-armouring.

Remember ordinary people will focus on ordinary results and comply with a set system. 

Ordinary people just accept what the masses accept. I know at this point it seems confusing because some of the time to people claim to provide personal development and life coaching. Some high-level life coaches have gone down the track of including the sexual services of tantra because that's the demand of the people they give you what you asked for. These people have little regard for. They have left the research up to their research Department does not have the wisdom of searching differently. The grasp onto the first mass marketed product and package in such a way that you will bite without question.

You'll get out of the habit of letting other people master your life.

In the shamanic de-armouring you will discover self mastery in just the first appointment. There will discuss how we can implement that into you live full-time under my guidance.