Journey of embodied awareness and expanded connectivity.

Mental, Physical and Emotional is Spiritual Healing

When Duality stops, pain stops. Relationship Healing is ART of bringing your inner and outer worlds together. 


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Essential Resources prepare you.

For you to receive the highest benefit from your session it's vital you know the generic interpretation of tantra that is dark side of tantra. Also the original deep tantra that was intended to liberate you from your blockages by accessing divine knowledge. Popularised tantra consists solely of sexual elements focusing on sex problems in the name of Tantra. This reflects the western preoccupation on limitations of just sense organs. Tantra has been overly sexualized and distorted from it's origin. Tantra is mistaken as yoga of sex. Internet is filled with fake tantrics wanting free sex adapting unacceptable behavior targeting vulnerable people suffering from sexual abuse and distorted relationships. Sex is less than 1% of tantra. When you are viewed a complete being then sex problems disappear. Loving is true and natural.

Essential resources brings you references from trusted sources and true stories of depths of deception going on inEssential Resourcesspiritual centers. 

Tantra is not just about bodywork and sex. It's about becoming aware of all things we are conditioned to believe.

Teeth cleaning products containing hydrogen peroxide - it literally kills the dental pulp. Yet this is major ingredient in teeth cleaning products including products dentists use. Ask you dentist to check out this link. Then ask if there is another product they can use to clean your teeth. Now you know that the bleaching of teeth looks great almost immediately; but have some disastrous consequence down the track. Here is the link to full article.

There are so many things we just accept just because some expert says so. The damage does not show up for years and even decades. When it does, this is never linked to the supposed safe products.

We are controlled in every way possible supposedly for our own protection.

You can be quarantined, hospitalised and have other treatments without your consent. How soon will we have laws to have sex only the tantric sex way that opposes the spirit and soul.   Here is the link. When we impose techniques, we become robotic. We begin to suffer emotionally and physically. Relationships break down and we become a singular being without the defences that strong relationships provide. 

Essential Resources of deeper levels of Tantric consciousness that come from the depths of you, instantly.

Tantric system is designed to bring about full consciousness to body and mind. This means you access the natural state within you that is always present. They used shamanistic methods to attain psychic powers. Tantra is the inner medicine. Because understanding essential resources that make up tantra is complex and takes decades to master, it cannot be sold as mastery short course that many tantra schools promote. We cannot fast track wisdom that would affect the client for the rest of their life.

#1. Essential resources is this story. This may help you understand the therapies that are veiled sex services. We are going beyond unconsciousness created by social, cultural conditioning. To do so we need to help you know what is fake tantra and what is real. We begin with truth about Tantric temples story and therapeutic tantric sex sessions by a priestess and healer has just been convicted of being a pimp. You an   read the whole story here.

#2. Essential resources is true dakinis story. What goes on behind closed doors. And the intention of the spiritual teacher who has dakini followers and trainees. This is   true story of former dakini. In this essential resources page you'll read about the abuse that well educated lawyers, doctors, magistrates, pilots and businessmen and women seem to overlook just because of all the talk of compassion all day. Then they are subjected to public humiliation. All feelings are repressed and only unleashed during so called shadow work sessions. These are often angry and self defeating. There is genuine rage behind false compassion talks. These gurus behind the front of compassion push their students yet claim spiritual enlightenment. How can this possibly good for the soul. These people become puppets.

#3. Essential Resources; your organs are your gods and goddesses.

This is perhaps one of the most important of essential resources. This is one we access here in the first appointment. You are guided to connect to your food and the organs and every cell within your body and around your body simultaneously. This brings new state of consciousness. This merging with food essences extends to the entire day's consciousness. While in this link Swami Lakshmanjoo talks about Bagavatgitta and mantras; I found we do not need to go to that. We connect to our spiritual organs purely as they are. This is the advanced interactive immediate way of accessing.

#4. Here you do not study spiritual scriptures. You experience you as complete being in real time.

We take the road to Kundalini awakening. The preparation for that is all important. Here, J Krishnamurti describes Kundalini far better than I could. I'm better in personal conversations with my clients about their personal experiences. Because each one experiences different levels and areas of awakening. Now when you listen to my clients you can hear them describe the awakening in a beautiful calm way. Obviously the transition is the place where expert support is essential. My client results are due to the preparation I've been refining this over the last 20 years. And with each client it is always a new experience. This is essential for you to know that each moment is new yet solid.


 Essential Resources 1

 Knowing Tantra 

The secret doctrine. It is not secret if it's generalised for the public. more....



 Essential Resources 2

 How Our Spirit Lives & Relates

Events affect us even after death. How who we are doesn't change when we pass this earth. Real life account of one client about his wife here.

How our spirit lives true story enter here


 Essential Resources 3

 Every Cell Pulsating vs Reacting

When you are in your head you feel mechanical. My talk with a client expressing his breakthrough of even tasting in his aura.

How our spirit lives true story enter here


 Essential Resources 4

 About your mentor

Ensure we begin with Trust - It's essential when you seek anything that ads value to your life that you know your mentor and how they apply these elements to their life and life of their clients. Remember these are secrets not generic services.

Begin by establishing confidence in me please read about me here.

Essential ResourcesHow our spirit lives true story enter here


 Essential Resources 5

 Would You Want to Know Truth about Tantra?

If You had Incorrect Information About Tantra how far would you go for the truth.

How our spirit lives true story enter here


 Essential Resources 6

 Tantra Mentoring

Ensures you do not get side tracked. With expert guidance you are not left to your own devices to understand what is happening. You are guided and grounded. more...

How our spirit lives true story enter here


 Essential Resources 7

 True Story of still born baby brought back to life after being pronounced dead by doctors in hospital for 2 hours.

True tantra works on levels beyond the physical yet in collaboration with the physical more...

How our spirit lives true story enter here

What we do is beyond the cyclical nature that is trapped in limitations of compulsive behavior.

Our work with you is designed to prepare you to shift your perception of what is possible for humans.

Videos throughout this site  are part of intensive training.  Others in the case study file are individual appointments. Until you watch this videos of client experiences you have no idea of what is possible here. They are designed to prepare you to shift your perception of what is possible for humans. The case studies have additional videos that you will find useful. Welcome to your new world. Remember impossible is only an opinion. Here the impossible becomes possible.

People have become disconnected from their souls and rely on just physical. We all we come from somewhere and go somewhere else when we die. This energy is here with us - lets make friends with depth of you. Because this is what you are really seeking; everything else is just a diversion.