Journey of embodied awareness and expanded connectivity.

Mental, Physical and Emotional is Spiritual Healing

When Duality stops, pain stops. Relationship Healing is ART of bringing your inner and outer worlds together. 


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Healthy Tips

Tasty Healthy Smoothie for body regeneration.

(Recommended by Dr John Whitman Ray)

  • 1 cup (mature green, meaning it is ripe on the inside while the skin remains green) papaya          
  • including skin       
  • 10 -12 papaya seeds       
  • 2 slices pineapple       
  • ½ banana       
  • ½ orange       
  • ¼ cup Grainfields liquid        

    B.E. Whole grain Liquid

    available here click to enter their site       

Or purchase from your local health food shop for more information on benefits of this liquid pro biotic their FAQ page is informative as is the rest of their site.


Blend in blender till there are no lumps – drink/eat

Great for cleansing liver

Best taken before breakfast.

Foods Delights for Healthy Loving.

Foods for Healthy Loving affect the process and our ability to connect with our inner pleasure energies. List of beneficial foods supporting you in creating positive changes that last.

  The Best way to take care of your body is from inside out.       
  • To get the most out of Tantra,       

For better Relationships.

Foods for Healthy Loving & Intimacy, Work and play, is the attention you provide for yourself.

To create the spark within our bodies. Our cells need to feel that excitement.

Healthy Tips for connection to Foods for Healthy Loving.

  • Exercise regularly.       
  • Eat Good Diet.       
  • Ad vitamins & minerals (our foods are depleted firstly from depleted soil, then addition of chemicals, storage  & transport.  
  • All this before we even  purchase them).    
  • Connect with your food as if it is your lover.     

Controversy about food and diet and myths about low fat etc.


The food that we eat is 300% - 400% more important than exercise, yes exercise is important, but the food is the most essential element. Dr Mercola shares his findings.

 Have regularly scheduled meal times.

Take your time to eat, to be with your food.  

list of foods below are in order of heaviness.  

lettuce and other greens.  

fruits and most vegetables.  

wheat, rice, and other grains.  

nuts, beans, and other legumes.

(These are best soaked prior to cooking to deactivate enzyme inhibitors).  

  1. cheese, dairy products, including eggs.        
  2. fish, seafood. chicken, poultry.       
  3. beef, pork, other red meats.        
The easiest place to start for balanced meals is with Asian food.
Asian cultures have the perfect balance in their foods.
  • Asian cultures have the perfect balance in their foods Their Presentation of the Food satisfies all our sensesColour   
  • aroma       
  • texture       
  • vegetables       
  • protein       
  • taste  


Balanced food that tastes great.

  • balance of meats.     
  • vegetables.    
  • rice.    
  • desert.    
  • and tea to aid digestion.       
Most of all
Their Presentation of the Food satisfies all our senses.
  • Meat, especially red meat are most difficult to digest.        
  • This would interfere with your magical Tantra experience.        
  • To increase you sensitivity to your body and that of your  partner you need to reduce the heavy meal intake.        
  • Asian cooking provides this perfect balance.        

Adapting to Change can be easy when you have the right tools.

  • This at first may for some, have just a temporary affect until your body adapts to the changes.       
  • Healthy natural foods promote a healthy mental quality to our lives.        

Natural foods increase our feeling of pleasure within our bodies.

How to begin to connect to desire for change.

  • We would all love to feel better in our bodies, we seek pleasure.         
Our desire for meaningful pleasure is deep.

We continually fall back to our old habits, after-all they've been our companion perhaps all our live. 

  • Everything in life is an addiction.       
  • When we make changes that last, they become another addiction.       
  • What is addiction?       
  • It's what we are drawn to on a regular basis.       
  • What we do without thinking.       
  • It is almost a non doing.       
  • Just an easy habit.        
Changes made easy.

Changes we make can become a great addiction or habit as easy as the ones you have now. However the ones most of us have habits that were formed by events we did not chose.

Events in our lives.

These events that we may not be aware of, run our lives, therefore you are not in control of your life. People associated with these events determine our actions and beliefs.

How do we make the transition easier?

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