Journey of embodied awareness and expanded connectivity.

Mental, Physical and Emotional is Spiritual Healing

When Duality stops, pain stops. Relationship Healing is ART of bringing your inner and outer worlds together. 


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How our Spirit Lives after Death. True Story by James onconnectedness.

To appreciate the section about the Spirit we first youneed to hear what he had experienced prior to the vision. Without the beginning of the session the love of his wife would not have been possible.


Please hear part 1 first here.    

James's wife passed on a few months earlier after a long battle with cancer and heart disease. He was seeking to connect with joy in his life, and that is precisely what we did. 

During the massage his wife appeared beside him, a deeply moving time for both he and I.

You need to know that I receive healing when my client receives healing, that is true nature of Spiritual Massage Therapy. It was my honor to be in his presence, to support him assisting him to connect with this miracle. Miracles are just things and life that we cannot see, yet they exist.

As in every situation, I ask relevant questions and we determine the intention.

Then the adventure and journey or truth unravels in the most remarkable way. Clients who require healing find that their family both living and those that had passed on experience the magic of feeling more complete.

His wife who had endured numerous operations such as the removal of her breast due to cancer and open heart surgery, inserting stents, reaction to medication; during the Kapua Tantra Massage (the merging of the elements) therapy on James, first she appeared fractured damaged, the way he remembered her prior to her passing. As we continued, her body seemed to regroup into wholeness. Her breast returned and she was whole again and so happy, he too felt he could be happy again.

This was all through this level of Tantra Massage, which is a physical massage.

Because it is your body that is your temple. Then when the physical is connected then you are aware of the regions around the body and your relationship with you pleasures, joys and pains.


Pure connectedness during our session is the foundation of healing.

This is self empowerment. Every cell merging with universal truth.  You practice connectedness during your session. There was no hypnosis, NLP, regression techniques, auto suggestion or visualisations of any kind, just pure connectedness during our therapy session, every cell merging with universal truth. 

When we are in that place of truth, the universe that was previously closed to us (mostly through self judgement, conditioning and possibly an attitude that we know it all) is revealed in all it's magnificence.

Your loved ones once passed on can be healed, we just need to let go of the vision of pain, for that we need support for our own healing process. Through our ignorance and the perpetuation of ordinariness we remove ourselves from the beauty of connection on all realms. For most people, the greatest fear is what power lives inside of us. As we have been programmed to ignore it by taking on the world of schooling. Schooling was never intended to override your inner wisdom. We help personalise this wisdom to your training. This will complete you.

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