Journey of embodied awareness and expanded connectivity.

Mental, Physical and Emotional is Spiritual Healing

When Duality stops, pain stops. Relationship Healing is ART of bringing your inner and outer worlds together. 


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Intentional Community That Works Together For Greater Good of All.

Cooperative community that supports deep meaning of life. Coming together - living in a better more peaceful world. Our intentional community is based of deep friendships with focus on communication, learning, growing in awareness, Right Behaviour, Right Attitude, Service and Spiritual Growth.

Birthing a New World Of Intention, Actualisation and Self-Realisation of Having your Dreams become your Reality in this lifetime that can be your legacy when you pass from this plane.Intentional Community

We aim to ensure you have a happy lifetime to move on from. Heaven is not out there if you have not had the courage to live it here AS YOU GIFT OF LIFE.

There is little progress in continued suffering. Suffering is a place to move on from, not a place to seek. Suffering often is valuable for your realisation that you do not want that life any longer.

Intentional Community is open to people with legitimate skills or have aptitude to follow direction in any of our areas from Organic farming, to cooking, to IT specialists. I became and interior designer under the direction of my mentor because I just followed intructions; this left my mentor free to do his work while I was in training. Within 3 months I was able to do his work unaided. If you feel you that kind of person - then we want to talk to you.

Presenting a new way of living. In this technologically challenging world the need for our Intentional Community has become more important than ever. Rather than escaping the technological world we are embracing it. If we escape it we would be viewing technology as a power greater than us. Technology is now controlling every aspect of our lives. When we master technology we know how to apply it where necessary. We embrace and study technology to use it as our servant rather than our master. This mastery frees us to live our organic life. Our intentional Community consists of a group of people dedicated to living at 100% of our capacity. People have been devolving in the area of relying on one another. We have become separated by authority outside of ourselves. Always curious always evolving.

The most important element of our intentional community is the integration of all we learn into our life. This is not just gathering of information. This is living every moment we breathe.

Foundation of our community is Humans Coming Together to Master Life and Live Love Laugh in Freedom of Living Wisdom.

Essence of our Intentional Community and Stages of Personal Development will enrich your life and your intimate relationships. Whether you join us after participating in any one these modules or not you will come away with significant life skills.

 Foundation of Community is Sharing of Skills.

Intentional Community Skill Sharing

Make Technology our best friend. Technology is not going away. If you have these skills - we want you as part of our team. We will help you simplify your skill that reaches our participants as easily as breathing. more...

 Personalised Immersion Program.

Intentional Community Immersion Program

This is where the Spirit Lives. Where we have not been. Parts of our being we have not touched or involved is where our original spirit lives. more...

 About Me and Why I know what I know..

Intentional Community to Know what I know and beyond

Self Awareness is progressive living. It is expansion and expression of what you know that shows up in our immediate environment. It is about challenges and who we become regardless of events in our life. I have had many. These have been the catalyst of my work since 1984 I have two videos of my life story condensed. more...


 Understand Kundalini Wisdom.

Intentional Community Kundalini Awakening Wisdom

Understanding the Significance of preparation for anything you do. We need to be just as committed as we would be committed to awakening Kundalini Organically. When you understand this - you will understand the foundation of our work and our commitment to bringing supportive wisdom growth. We live awareness in ever aspect of heart, mind, spirit, soul, body for mature harmonious and happy living. more...

 Become Part of Our Allegiant Mastery Group.

Intentional Community extention of Allegiant Mastery Group

Alone we are nothing. Together we can bring our focused thoughts into reality. It is a fallacy that you can do it alone. We are never alone in our life; we just don't know the alliances we actually have. We are part of universal wisdom. Universal wisdom is meant to be lived here on earth. To appreciate fruits of our creation, we need to be able to share and enjoy these fruits of labor with those who want to be part of these creations. more...

 Developing Creative Energy. It's Foundation of ALL Life.

Intentional Community Developing Creative Energy for Life

Foundation for all life is creative energy. Nature has creative energy because it is at all times interacting with itself. Every aspect of nature is tuned into itself. This is how it survived despite mans continued intervention. We want you to experience this and become part of this never-ending creation. Stop the stagnation for conforming to status quo. more...


People going through transition need support and a safe environment to continue to evolve. Higher thinking leads to higher intentions that create an environment that sustains progress. Become a living example of living in harmony with your soul. Seat of your soul is seat of your intuition. Your access to intuition is your health and wealth.

In this video is an example of the transformation people can experience in our sessions.  
For some the awakening is so profound that going back to living in ordinary environment is no longer appealing. This is most people are really seeking when they engage in spiritual healing.  
this inner wisdom and inner awareness is snot possible through any counselling. there is no therapy that can give you this level of sense of inner knowing. 
In order to heal all disconnects we need to be connected to planet earth and away from the artificial world that leads many to want to escape this often manipulative and abusive society that is getting darker and darker.  
We need you to join us so people around the world who want to impact society in a spiritual way that is non-denominational. Where spirituality is expressed in how we treat one another  
How hear each other and collaborate and be interdependent as we were designed to be. 

Within our intentional community you have access to every kind of support and skill necessary to bring your mind and dreams iIntentional communitynto reality.

The human mind is filled with sorrow of separation from genuine humans evolving. Just getting up each day to work that just sustains our stressed living is no way to live. A mutually supportive co-operative community promoting respect and solutions. A group of people dedicated to supporting each other first and foremost. Based primarily on improving interpersonal relationships. A group that puts their energy into making each other's healthy and wealthy.

A people committed to growing in awareness and expanding possibilities and capabilities. People committed to being part of the solution for every situation. Participating in integrating inner wisdom with absolute reality.

Our intentional community is designed for collaboration and interdependence.

We integrate our very needs as foundation for safely living within our soul consciousness.

Committed to live in absolute awareness of every action and every thought. Remember we are spirit living in our body. With each others participation (not just talking about it) we bring our dreams to reality. When this happens all our difficulties disappear. We all seek security and safety of our human body first. This is our priority. When these needs are realised, our soul begins to sincere communication with us on a human level. This is not an intellectual process. We fully integrate this into our lives.


Healing begins when we connect to every aspect of being. When you do that, everything inside us rearranges itself to perfect harmony.

People are seeking to live an organic life. We are basically living a synthetic life.

This is impacting us on every level.

We are all seeking fulfillment, but looking outside of ourselves. Relying on what someone else created to fill our needs. So instead of being caught up in action we apocopate in awareness. Conscious of why we are doing what we are doing.

Focus on what's important is foundation of our Intentional community.

Prerequisite; Attending at least one private session. Followed by Two weeks training as introduction to three month collaborative interactive training. Transition from ordinary life is our most critical marker; it takes conviction and dedication to move through the first three months of new way of living. Then it begins to become second nature.

End note. If you have great writing skills and can improve on the layout of the article or any of our pages - to help us get this message across we would love to hear from you.