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Mental, Physical and Emotional is Spiritual Healing

When Duality stops, pain stops. Relationship Healing is ART of bringing your inner and outer worlds together. 


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Past Events affect our health and our connection to our environment.

A students journey of recognising that what he loved was not deep love at all. That what he thought he loved was just merely an escape.Past Events affect our health

Like most people seeking to be happy and fulfilled, he did what he thought he loved. He loved white water kayaking. While kayaking, he was able to get out of his mind. But when he returned home, that disconnect and feeling of loneliness and disassociation returned. He describes it as feeling flat. At 45 years of age, he was alone and seeking a genuine relationship. Like many people he's been through many relationships, but they all ended in disaster. Repeating the same pattern over and over again.

Past events affect our health by reliving the event in our mind over and over again.

His early upbringing was traumatic. Grew up on a family farm, where he worked as a child. Like most families dynamics, children all have chores around the house, he had chores around the farm. His family exhibited certain levels of abuse. This was in the name of caring and raising their children. Regardless of what parents do, they all believe they are doing the right thing by their children. Parents are product of social conditioning. He was a challenge in more ways than most children. As a reaction to the conditioning, he refused to eat. Out of deep concern for his health his parents force fed him. They were concerned he would die if he did not eat.

This created more resistance and as he developed and grew into a man, this resistance became his best friend. A friend that to him was protection against all invaders including all relationships. This includes his relationship to nature (which he loves) and relationship to his own body.


In this video we go deep into one of his healing experiences.

We do not go deep into exploring the problem. This has been done by his psychologists and psychiatrists. As he says, all they did was go into what was wrong. What we did was identify where we can link to what feels healthy and supportive. We connected to communication with the environment within his own body.

Because past events affect our health, we need to give the mind a path that links the old event to new ways of living.

If we just continue to explore the problem, that keeps us in the problem. Going back into the problem in a therapeutic sense further numbs us to life. What we need is a way out of the problem. To do that we need to feel that the unknown, which is the new healthy way of living is a safe place to be.

What usually happens is that we often feel safe in our problem because we know it. We feel safe in the familiar despite that familiar feeling being an unpleasant feeling. Because we do not trust the new. The new reminds us of parents demands and teachers demands. 

Leaning to trust in the new feelings is something we have not leaned to do.

New experiences have always been under the control of some authority. Teachers, parents and lovers all try to introduce new feelings into that relationship. What they are actually doing is taking over our life and enforcing their ways of living and interacting. Simply because this is what has been done to them. What they are actually doing is doing to you what has been done to them.

If your way of relating is by resistance, then your way of relating is through resistance. It is your way of being in control of your life. Everyone has their own free will. But our will has been so distorted that all we do is live in reaction of self protection. This creates deep division in relationships and within our own bodies. It's a life of constant disconnect until someone with ability to show you the way out takes you through that transition.

In transition we most vulnerable to past events that affect our health.

In this audio/video I guide him through his experience of feeling the pressures of root canal he had years ago. How the anaesthetic that was trapped by cell memory was finally leaving.

Every area of our life is influenced by our accumulated experiences. Our past events affect our health in physical and emotional level. These events play out in every relationship. Especially our relationships with our own body. Within our body are the walls of resistance that is our self protection. We continue to work on these walls to make them stronger and higher. We continue to isolate ourselves while seeking to be in a deep loving relationship. Then we want to bring our loved one into our fortress so we can all feel safe. But that is not how this works. How do you negotiate who's walls to live within?

While walls are built out of fear and resistance, that place remains a position of disassociation. That is not a safe place for anyone to reside within. Let's begin to clean up the inner environment from the programming that you accepted and from self defence barriers you've set up. It is vital that we have a wall of protection. A wall of protection is not a wall of resistance. Resistance drains you of your personal space. Resistance takes constant exertion of  personal life energy that really needs to be expanded into greater and more fulfilling reality. While in resistance, all energy is directed to building and repairing the wall.

First we need to let go of old ghosts, of residue of stuff our mind is holding onto. The only way to do that is to engage with the cellular wisdom. This means we learn to hear our inner guru. Only our inner guru has the answers. The problem is that the path to that inner guru has been severed. We heal the separation between your own wisdom and your current reality. This video describes one of the processes. Remember everyone is different. This is just an example of how it is possible to have anaesthetis leave the body without controlling it.