Journey of embodied awareness and expanded connectivity.

Mental, Physical and Emotional is Spiritual Healing

When Duality stops, pain stops. Relationship Healing is ART of bringing your inner and outer worlds together. 


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Employment Opportunities for graduates of Kapua Tantra workshop attendants and recipients of the therapies and lifestyle support training.

Seeking highly skilled support team, if you are on a mission to support life changes then contact us.

You'd be a person who is actively seeking opportunity for your own personal development and personal growth. You are not seeking just a job, you desire a lifestyle that reflects our values.

Expressions of interest compatible with our current vision and mission of the business and our commitment to quality support and services for us and our clients are NOW being accepted. All viable ideas considered.

Current Opportunities are performance based.

Web Design.

  • Job Type: Web Design.      
  • Employment Type: Full time initially ensuring you understand the depths of Tantra we want to share with the world.      
  • Managing others: No - You'll value direction and mentoring where necessary.      
  • Experience: At least 3 years in working for a company where you would have had the responsibility of following through instructions using your remarkable skills.      
  • Extensive knowledge SEO required.        

Article Writer/Editor.

  • Job Type: Writer, editor, Article submitter & e-book design and content editing      
  • Employment Type: Full time initially      
  • Managing others: No - You'll value direction and mentoring where necessary      
  • Experience: At least 3 years in working for a company where you would have had the responsibility of following through instructions using your remarkable skills.      
  • Experience and thorough understanding of website content writing essential.        

Other positions.

where you may be trained for please enter here for Our team page.

Essential Requirements.

  • Have a deep desire for your own personal development.      
  • Hunger for a better lifestyle.      
  • Proactively improving our web presence and our message.      
  • Report on activity and results on a daily basis.      
  • Maintain regular contact .     
  • Ensure approval in the early stages of business development while learning about our business.      
  • Have tremendous respect for mentoring.      
  • Be available for meetings .     
  • Request a meeting when clarification is required.      
  • Have prior experience working in a team environment.      
  • Have outstanding verbal communication skills.      
  • Deep commitment to continue to improve yourself as a magnificent human being.      
  • Strong work ethic.      
  • desire to improve your ability of build rapport and be able to correspond with people.    
  • At all times prepared to do whatever it takes including self care.    
Personal Traits and Qualities.
  • Attitude that knows that everything is doable.    
  • Resourceful.    
  • Results-oriented.    
  • Determined in helping others    
  • Support us in growing the big picture.    
  • Be available to be supported.    
  • Desire to learn new approach to attention to detail.    
  • Agreeable.    
  • Active listener.    
  • Always maintain the big picture.      
  • A demonstrated ability to effectively work as a team with others. supporting each other in achieving the agreed goals.    
  • ability to carry out instructions.      
  • Maintain a cohesive work environment.      
  • Demonstrate ability to learn and apply new direction, attitude and skills.      
  • Undertake continued training when required.      
  • Commitment for long term.      
  • Follow through with all requests.      

Imagine the people we would all become when we elect to work together supporting each other at all times for mutual benefit.

This website firstly requires great editing to create an expert presence, it is a responsibility that shall be shared by me the founder and the writer/editor and web designer and other experts.

This is a contract performance based position. When we have the results payment shall commence. Ongoing work would be required. You'll need to love what we do. And posses a strong desire to learn and grow our business.