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Mental, Physical and Emotional is Spiritual Healing

When Duality stops, pain stops. Relationship Healing is ART of bringing your inner and outer worlds together. 


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  • Journeyr the essence of Tantra, the merging of physical and spiritual realms, supporting impeccable health of mind, body, and emotions. Explore the profound relationship between spirit and matter, unveiling the mysteries of consciousness and purpose. Through Tantric Living Pulse therapy, cultivate dignity, clarity, and discernment, transcending divisions and conflicts. Learn to embody Tantra in every aspect of life, experiencing a living, breathing meditation that restores inner connection with the natural world. Journey into the depths of your being, awakening to the rhythms of existence and overcoming anxiety with profound insights into the interconnectedness of all life forms. Explore the journey of consciousness, awakening to the deepest parts of your being,
  • holistic support and guidance for men facing emotional and relationship challenges available now. Explore practical solutions for issues like premature ejaculation and intimacy concerns, aimed at fostering healthier connections and emotional well-being through the recordings on our website to begin with. Our platform offers insights and real-life experiences to help men navigate these sensitive topics and build stronger, more fulfilling relationships. Join us on a journey of personal growth and development, focused on holistic wellness and building a supportive community.
  • Experience the transformative power of spiritual healing and connectedness with our unique approach to Tantra Massage Therapy. Join James on his journey of coping with grief and loss as he reconnects with his departed wife during a deeply moving session. Discover the profound healing potential of reuniting with loved ones beyond death and embracing universal truths. Our holistic approach focuses on empowerment and healing from emotional pain, offering a path towards transformation and inner peace. Start your journey of healing and empowerment today.
  • Take the journey of spiritual awakening and self-discovery through the transformative power of cellular harmony and connection. Hear from men who have shared their profound experiences of healing and empowerment during Tantric Living Pulse sessions. Explore the depths of meaning and connection in life as you embrace the unity of body, mind, and soul. Through Tantra Massage Therapy, discover how every cell pulsating with resonance can lead to profound shifts in consciousness and awareness. Join us on a path of transformation, overcoming fear, and embracing new possibilities for a life filled with purpose and fulfillment.
  • True Stories of miracles Everything you say and do, affects your physical health; story of premature baby in Sydney Australia pronounced dead by doctors lives.
  • About A place for you to reconnect, recharge, refresh providing private support services This is a place where we create a space for you to just relax, reconnect to your true nature supported by techniques specifically designed/adapted to your immediate needs and beyond. Our minds and bodies are stress-impacted, to take the load of you may nourish your being with a unique selection of personalised sessions in Massage, bodywork, personally selected meditation as well as short and long workshops, lectures, events or courses all designed to that place of self awareness that we lose in this technically demanding society
  • Tasha's Story: A Journey of Self-Discovery with Anthony Robbins Description: Read Tasha's firsthand account of her time at Anthony Robbins' private resort, where she encountered Tony Robbins and witnessed the dedication of a guest who invested one million dollars in personal growth. Discover the importance of self-work and the luxury of dedicating time to personal development. Successful people do what ordinary people won't do Health Retreats are great, They are a window into how fabulous your body and your relationships can feel all we need to do is follow that through. That is totally achievable, the health of your body and your business are easily integrated
  • Article to Motivation In vast contrast I've followed a number of past health retreat guests who upon their return celebrated their experience by adding one or two things as modification, yet continued with their life as before.
  • Vision Our Vision is Your Vision The Way We Are Meant to Be The magic of touch and power of physical connection is often overlooked in this virtual world of mobile phones, email, internet, television. We have removed ourselves from ourselves. We alowed it to happen. We even ask for it to happen.
  • Our Team at Tantric Living Pulse Our Team regardless of their position continue training and growint. It's Not How Good You Are, Its How Good You Want to Be: The World's Best standards of training they are trained to live what they learn to bring into their every day lives, to ensure we may support you better in every area or your life. Tantra is seen a just a bedroom activity, yet nothing can be further from the truth. It is our power energy that nourishes every aspect of our lives. Our Team lives their life of success daily. There are many great professional with great skills; in training 80% focus is on attitude, we believe it is not the tool as it is the attitude of the one who uses the tool. We develop and maintain essential rituals that promote our success and success of our clients reading
  • Transform Your Relationship with Couples Relationship Services Description: Explore our Couples Relationship Services designed to deepen connection and address communication issues. Whether you're struggling with fear, disconnection, or lack of intimacy, our therapy and coaching can help. Discover how to turn your relationship from separation to bliss with Tantric Living Pulse coaching.
  • Discover the Benefits of Tantra Massage Beyond Relaxation Explore the transformative effects of Tantra Massage, going beyond physical relaxation to foster deep connection and holistic well-being. Learn about its therapeutic benefits, including stress relief, pain reduction, and hormonal balance. Experience profound relaxation and rejuvenation with advanced techniques.
  • Company Our Story If you love true stories of mystical & magical events then we invite you to walk with us --- She relates deep spiritual tradition that easily translates into our modern world. --- As Tashar walked and worked with people just like you in two major health retreats on the Gold Coast. --- For months she'd arise with the guests at 5.30am for morning exercises and the morning run followed by breakfast followed with daily schedule's.What a privilege that was. --- Truly a rare opportunity to be with the guests every step of the way every day all day. To Be there as their bodies and perceptions altered.She was beside them at breakfast as well as all the activities surrounding their stay at the Health Retreats. Having absailed with them, played water polo with them, archery, tai chi, yoga, meditation, she massaged them, comforted them, as they went through the processes of change within their bodies, minds and emotions.
  • Personal Story or Healing Experience Join me as I share my profound journey of self-discovery and healing. From questioning life's teachings to unlocking the secrets of personal empowerment, my story delves deep into spiritual exploration and the pursuit of authenticity. Explore the transformative power of healing experiences and the innate wisdom encoded within our cells. Discover how to navigate life's challenges with integrity and commitment. Dive into my personal narrative and uncover the keys to unlocking your inner potential.
  • Initiations In my lifetime I've had a series of initiations that I can write about, there were others that are not meant for here.Interior Design Everyone is being taught some form of spirituality. And you're required to just listen and follow instructions don't question. So I questioned.
  • From wheel chair to doing cartwheels For me just studying has always been a feeling of disconnect unless it encompassed total living. I heard about a woman holding a talk of her remarkable journey from being confined to a wheel chair to doing cartwheels.Looking at this woman standing before us sharing her transformation, one could not imagine she once she was unable to walk.
  • Personal Healing Story - Here's my story the one below since there was a professional standing beside me through the entire event testing the progress. Practices of Tantra Spiritual progression is unification of enjoyment if one is to reach self empowerment.
  • Unlock the Secret to Maintaining Change and harness the power of Proximity and Internal Intelligence. Discover how Progress is Subject to the Company You Keep and why Dissolving Self-Doubt is key to success. Surround yourself with Successful People who treat you with respect, and commit to Continuous Learning for personal growth. Expand your vision and embrace life experiences to achieve Balance and Harmony. Explore the interconnected forces of Energy and Universe, and learn the art of effective Project Coordination for quality and timeliness. With a focus on commitment and communication, transform your life with the guidance of a skilled therapist and coach.
  • Tantra Explained. Tantra explored awakens ability to be completely focused on what is important. TO SEE THE WORLD AS IT REALLY IS. Tantra empowerment from a teacher who creates leaders.
  • Tantra Training Everything we interact with is a relationship. Reality is; the way you interact with your entire environment is intimacy affects your sexual and spiritual link to your partner. Most people consider intimacy just between sexual partner.
  • home Meditation, Personal Development, Personal Relationships, Stress Management, Weight Loss, health & Well-being. The Secret to Success is Change --- Success in reaching any goal begins with change. --- Healthy Life healthy Love Success is New Beginnings.--- Whether is be Weight Loss, Career Change, Relationship Rescue, Loving the Live we live - change is impossible to achieve without addressing our environment on personal, relationship, health, business and friendship.
  • Contact Us for 20 minute pre-appointment phone consultation. People from all over the world come for this level of work. We pride ourselves on the standard of depth of wisdom we uncover in our clients.This work is typically for people who want to make powerful changes in their lives. The most challenging situations are our speciality. Generic work is not available here. To ensure you are a good fit be certain to watch the testimonials to remove all doubts and assumptions. This video is a true account of a session.
  • Shoose your intense immersion journey of Spirit, Soul, Body, and Earth alignment with our private custom programs. Choose from various durations tailored to your needs, from initial appointments to two-week to one-month intensives. Experience full reconnection with your soul's purpose and move beyond regret, guilt, and blame. Learn stress reduction techniques and embrace a fulfilling, individualized future. Contact us for more information and start your transformative journey today."
  • Join our Master Mind Events focusing on collaboration, interdependence, and empowerment. Learn to put your ideas into action and bridge the gap between body and soul. Our training includes skill-sharing components, from neuroscience to social media, all aimed at personal and professional growth. Get involved in a community dedicated to supporting each other's success and creating positive change. Contact us now to join our transformative journey
  • personalized services tailored to your present situation, focusing on emotional wellness and awakening. Our approach emphasizes self-discovery and collaboration, guiding you through seamless transitions. From pain and stress management to relationship therapies and lifestyle adjustments, we provide comprehensive support for holistic healing. Explore our mentoring programs and therapeutic interventions designed to empower you on every level. Contact us for personalized guidance and support on your journey to wellness and self-discovery
  • personalized weight loss services tailored to your needs, emphasizing emotional wellness and lifestyle transformation. Experience a customized lifestyle makeover with no diet or pills, just great food. Follow Steve's journey of losing 22kg in just 4 weeks while indulging in delicious meals and improving his overall health. Explore our unique approach to weight loss and emotional wellness, including progress diaries and personalized mentoring for a holistic transformation. Contact us for a private session or event booking to start your journey of connection and self-discovery today
  • Kahuna Massage & Kahuna Training. Authentic Cultural Kahuna Massage Kahuna Massage is intended to bring you to your soul consciousness, connecting your spirit and soul with your body. It goes beyond physical and mental relaxation, aiming to integrate all aspects of your being. Learn about the ancient principles behind Kahuna Massage, cellular communication, and the mana energy that flows through our bodies. Discover the connection to source, the Anima Mundi, and explore the biology of belief. Embrace the universal laws of nature and karma as you delve into the deeper levels of consciousness within yourself.
  • Kapua Therapy Is a healing of relationships between body, mind, emotion, spirit, soul. Through this process of the dance of the I am, the merging of the inner pulse it is connection between matter and spirit, awareness or relationships between people and circumstance, between nature and humans.
  • Divergent Thinking vs Convergent Thinking
  • Divergent Thinking is unlimited thinking of many possibilities. Divergent is not passive thinking of following the leader. Divergent thinking empowers the student of life to create outside the box living and ways of relating to people. Divergent thinking is a process of collaboration that leads to solutions of empowerment and expediential growth.
  • Convergent Thinking is robotic. Convergent thinking repeats what is being taught without any creative thought of its own. Convergent thinking is either or type of thinking that divides and conquers. It is linear way of relating and seeing things through just one perspective. This leads to stress and separation. Alone - convergent thinking digs the grove deeper till you cannot pull ourself out of it. It is one dimensional.
  • Beliefs and consciousness are not the answer. They are social restraints designed to keep you enslaved to a system as this video shows. Certain people are well-defined, yet mostly connecte to their physical. Others are primarily in their head. These are also levels of minimal expression. These beliefs are your entire world. These beliefs also are a way of conforming.
  • Ancient Therapies go as far back at times of Atlantis. Along with selfish souls there also lived people who were keenly connected the the earth and it's healing elements. Ancient Therapies are based on the universal laws of cause and effect. As we change our mindset, the actions change dramatically. The changes are organic; no effort at all. What would seem to be difficult to do, actually looks and feels easy.
  • Kundalini Awakening is a powerful process that arises from good deeds but can't be unlocked by stimulating chakras without causing significant damage. Understanding and preparation are crucial, as forcing Kundalini can lead to unwanted side effects. Explore the importance of intention, awareness, and proper mindset in preparing for Kundalini Awakening. Learn about the dangers of coercive practices and the necessity of approaching this journey with wisdom and care. Discover the connection between Kundalini and physical, emotional, and spiritual healing, and the importance of addressing any damage that may have occurred.
  • Kundalini Healing can be essential following traumatic or difficult situations in life, including surgeries that disrupt the body's natural flow and frequencies. Anaesthetic and surgical procedures can numb our connection to higher consciousness, while scars from surgeries like cesareans can block energy flow. Discover how individuals have experienced Kundalini Healing after releasing cesarean scars and how vibrations from equipment can affect inner functions like hearing. Explore the concept of living in harmony with Kundalini and reconnecting with the soul of the earth to achieve greater consciousness and healing
  • Our lifestyle support package serves to identify your values and reconnect with the gift of your soul. Embrace living in the present moment and integrate new values into your life. Learn how to navigate transitions and awakenings with self-awareness and purpose-driven living. Explore techniques to overcome fear energy and shift into a new paradigm of relating to life. Hear personal experiences and testimonials, like Pete's, about finding true self and balance. Experience holistic support encompassing privacy, workshops, retreats, and more for enhancing relationships, managing stress, and achieving personal growth.
  • Healthy Tips Tasty Healthy Smoothie for body regeneration (Recommended by Dr John Whitman Ray)
  • Employment for graduates of Kapua Tantra workshop attendants and recipients of the therapies and lifestyle support training.
  • Books that inspire you to put into action what is written; As we take the time to put your accumulated knowledge into practice. That is when we have questions based on our experiences. Not perception.
  • What's News clarifies solution oriented living. When we define our purpose, clarity, reliability, focus is not forced. There is a natural flow of collaboration. An essense of oneness.
  • Knowing Tantra To know What Tantra is. First of all we must to know what It Isn't. As we read majority of the Tantric sites in the western world, unfortunately they have become almost exclusively associated with just sex and sex services. The best way to read this article is to approach it like you would if you needed to protect your computer, learning how to recognise potential threats, and the dangers of ignoring them. This is your firewall if you wish to protect yourself.
  • Tantra Mentoring for your total well-being by Joining of essences.This Tantra Mentoring is in form of Spandakarika.The vibration of life. Spanda is another name of Self-awareness or Vimarsa. It is vibrational connection to every part of you to the vibration of the universal energy
  • Interior design We have a tendency to seek people just like us, therefore limiting the influences on our lives and attitudes. I am Key designer at a specialised interior design studio, 'closed to the public, our work was all referral, commissioned for special projects, responsible directly for the quality of our work from concept to final inspection. I, with my fabulous team, put the dreams our clients had into reality. Each project was entire content, including co designing with builders, all the trades, suppliers manufacturers importers, often involving site meetings.'
  • Healing Broken World of Tantra. The Broken World of Tantra is affecting the entire world. We can no longer pretend. It is all pervasive. It's all about money. Personal development and thought leaders have succumbed to the illicit stories just for the money. It has even become a career choice for very intelligent yet well conditioned people. At any given time you'll courses recruiting yet another sexually unbalanced emotionally damage people.
  • Daily Events Designed to Establish balance within our lives Current feature is Walking Meditation more... Training in progress now, for personal appointments or opportunities to become part of our team more info
  • Walking Tantra Daily Events Designed to Establish balance within our lives. It is perfect solution for those who find it very difficult to Meditate or make Lasting Changes. It is also fabulous when we need to shift focus
  • Sexual Healer Training for Men, Women and Couples. Group events and private Sexual Healer training. Events that bring a person to sexual healer training are unique to every person. At the very core of our life and sexuality of the consciousness of our cells. in sexual healer training we work with the human cells. To heal into the each individual cell memory that affects every aspect of our well-being. In this video you'll hear me describing how cells behave in a woman's body.
  • Current course, 6 weeks Personal Development Training and Experience is in progress. Current courses are personalised in every detail. You identify your unique energy and skills. You grow and develop along with it. You often hear that there isn't another you. Often you do not know the depth and capacity of exploration of who you are.
  • Kapua Tantra Healer Training personal path of interrelationships is skilled Art of collaboration, ability to see skills when combined that benefit us.
  • Kahuna Training & Retreat defining a life that works. To have a life that works you have to be a healthy being so you develop resilience. Develop emotional wellness. Held continuously throughout the month every month. Experience Changes in energy that can last a lifetime. For the New Spirit of Christmas & New Year for those who want a deeper experience leading up to this New Year
  • Kundalini Energy Ritual Workshop. Understanding how vibrations affect every aspect of your life. Connecting to these frequencies are as essential to our being,
  • High Profile & CEO Client Support Services and/or Corporate Training offers specialized assistance tailored for individuals in demanding positions, such as public figures and CEOs. Our comprehensive support includes restoring connections to body, mind, soul, and spirit, utilizing the intelligence of your body's cells as healing principles. From stress management to relationship dynamics, we address the complexities of modern life, providing personalized training and support for you and your team. Contact us for a personalized assessment and discover a new approach to holistic well-being and success
  • Testimonials moving beyond the resistance into acceptance of new feelings --- You took me far beyond my own resistance much further that I have been able to, --- Tantric healing where this gentleman could feel being touched in different parts of his body simultaneously, this was just two hands massage, yet felt like many pairs of hands.
  • Living in Pleasure begins with understanding your own body, how your life force is actually your sexual energy, we have had that knowledge taken away from us ove the years. Kapua Tantric massage releases every ache and pain in your body, old injuries, stress, sporting injuries, over work, This assists you to reconnect with that gentle nurturing part of you, the part of you that nourishes - for singles and couples.
  • Experience Experience There is a particular session that truly stands out All I can say is - 'that was an experience I will never forget and which positively affects me to this day.'
  • Weaving Soul Healing - Example of weaving of soul with a body is in first video on this page. A man describes the feeling that is real and physical as well as mystical. Together your soul and spirit move through you and with you as one. When your human needs are met then you are more open to your spirit needs that take you and your next level of life on earth so you enjoy inexhaustible health and wealth.
  • Privacy for all is of highest prriority. All communication is held in highest regard. No information is shared.
  • Tantra Support Tools aimed at bringing purpose to your relationships and to every move we make. When we lack direction; we suffer from starvation of inspiration. Many people believe in power of meditation and power of prayer. In remarkable video an amazing insight into meditation and purp .
  • FAQ a woman should be treated like a Goddess Sex Sells If the popular Information About Tantra you have read prior to landing on my site was inaccurate or incomplete; Would You Want to Know? True love lived and earned.
  • Links to Books DVD's Videos In search of satisfaction we come across many options outside of ourselves, when we take the time to surrender to the body within, satisfaction can be reached. When seeking solutions it is always refreshing to have someone assist us in the beginning as we stumble alone groping in the dark for the answers. On the way we encounter many teachers some through books others through inspirational speeches
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  • On this page I'm sharing woman lifestyle restoration with therapies designed to reconnect your body, mind, soul, spirit, and emotions. Discover the intelligence of your body cells as healing principles. Explore the revolutionary concept of DNA reprogramming through wave genetics, where frequencies and words influence your genetic code. Learn how stress and overactive intellect can disrupt cellular communication and distort cellular information. Join our personal retreats to initiate communication on a deeper frequency, allowing you to progress at your own pace. Hear firsthand experiences from women who have connected with their bodies and unlocked fulfilling relationships. Listen to Janine's journey as she describes the transformative power of negative energy release and body-mind integration. Start your journey to holistic restoration and fulfillment today.
  • LifeStyle Mentoring Story & Makeover-A Life Worth Living Christine‚Äôs Story A Two and Half Day journey into the amazing healing ability of the body, that is if you slow down long enough to listen. sleep depravation
  • Filling Empty Space when a part of you feels empty and unavailable.In this video a woman describes how she felt a pillar of light and her body began to rock. She came to us because lovemaking was difficult for her and began to impact her relationship with her husband.
  • ArticleTantra Explained It is the universal heartbeat that when your stop to be with it respectfully it can connect to your personal rhythm. This is what we bring to you in this article tantra explained
  • Knowing Tantra 1 To know What Tantra is first of all we must to know what It Isn't. As we read majority of the Tantric sites in the western world, unfortunately it has become almost exclusively associated with just sex and sex services
  • Limitations that are unfortunately are promoted as spiritual sex. That makes it purely a sex service masquerading as spirituality. Tantra is about going beyond the physical and beyond the limitation of just sexual expression.
  • Tantra Goddess & Tantra Massage Brings spirit of Earth, Spirit of Fire (volcano), Spirit of Water (Rivers, Oceans, Waterfalls), Spirit of Wood and Sprit of Air. Most people seeking Goddess services have now been conditioned to expect lingam or yoni massage. Tantric Living Pulse Rhythm Freedom Resonances explained in detail.
  • Lingam In order to feel spirituality we (Lingam) need to merge with Earth (yoni).It's vital you do not seek spiritual feelings outside of yourself until you are certain your spiritual teacher is not just taking advantage of you. When you are aware of your totality - life begins to make sense.
  • wikipedia women go to temple to give away sex Remember that also comes from a time when women had absolutely no rights in India in question tradition or any other part of the world. This is to verify a research and to qualify the foundation of our teaching. The base of this page you'll find a link to the Wikipedia page link.
  • Human Consciousness. Raising Current social interpretation of human consciousness is based on sense gratification, or the lower aspect of human consciousness.
  • Restorative Tantra restores connections to unified fields humans lost thousands of years ago. The merging of two principals merging you with original source. Assimilating wisdom with higher dimensions as lower self meets with the higher self
  • Relationships are measure of where you are in life.Discover how relationships serve as a measure of where you are in life and the quality of immersion in your surroundings. Explore the impact of partner communication, touch, taste, smell, and movement on your intimate connections and overall well-being. Gain insight into the deep connection between thoughts and cellular function, and learn practical skills for nurturing sustainable relationships. Dive into live conversations and client testimonials highlighting transformative experiences and newfound levels of awareness and consciousness. Understand how your surroundings and the people you engage with influence your personal growth and development. Uncover the keys to enjoying fulfilling relationships and achieving clarity in life's challenges through enhanced self-awareness and connection with your body and mind.
  • Relationship Issues It's important to deal with issues immediately. Some seemingly perfect relationships are suddenly going through separation or divorce. Most people do not have the skills to begin to address early discomforts and miscommunication in a relationship.
  • Relationship Enrichment Therapy begins with nurturing your Kundalini Environment as our first priority like planting a seed. You don't take a seed out of the packet and just toss it anywhere. To survive it has to be planted in the right position.
  • Experience your personal Shamanic Journey to heal your soul and connect with your true essence. Discover how past traumas and life events can shock the soul and create disconnection, affecting your overall well-being. Learn how a shamanic practitioner works to integrate mind, body, soul, and spirit, guiding you through the healing process. Explore the profound wisdom of cellular memory and the role of spirit guides in facilitating spiritual awakening. Overcome resistance and tap into your inner wisdom for spiritual growth and transformation. Gain insight into the impact of technology on human perception and mindfulness. Dive into the ancient wisdom of the Atlanteans and their advanced understanding of spirituality and consciousness. Experience the power of shamanic journeying to transcend the limitations of the mind and reconnect with your true self. Join us on a personal journey of healing and self-discovery
  • Pillar of Light is column of energy connecting you to your entire environment. Your words match your actions that show up in human and nature relationships. Pillar of Light is column of energy merging earth with universal energies. When your words match your true feelings - that resonates with your body. It is the seed (your thought) that takes (your body). From that moment on you grow as individual not a copy.
  • Developing awareness program is extension of inner consciousness.Explore the power of developing awareness to bring you closer to what and who you love. Delve into powerful stories of developing awareness sessions and listen to live sessions where principles are applied to real-life situations. Discover the extension of inner consciousness through immersion in favorite activities and the recognition of varying depths of immersion. Uncover the truth about romance, trust, and true love, and how they intersect with developing awareness. Join transformative journeys into nature and witness firsthand the impact of developing awareness on joy, pleasure, emptiness, and connection. Experience the difference between loneliness and aloneness and learn to navigate life's challenges with presence and authenticity.
  • Past Events affect our health and our connection to our environment. A students journey of recognising That what he thought he loved was just merely an escape Like most people seeking to be happy and fulfilled, he did what he thought he loved. He loved white water kayaking. While kayaking, he was able to get out of his mind. But when he returned home, that disconnect and feeling of loneliness and disassociation returned.
  • Path Finder Tantra Living Pulse is Path Finder to bringing together your body mind and Soul.This is what is meant by weaving tapestry of life. (people in the west have confused it to be just bedroom activity; these people are fragmented and disconnected. They are unable or unwilling to seek the truth "here's a great article on Meaning of Tantra and doubts people have, read more in this link.
  • Manage your thoughts, expectations, emotions and behavior influences your health, relationships, business and success in every area of you life.
  • Skill Sharing Training for dedicated individuals. You know how important the team is. Success is a matter of proximity. The quality of the people around you determine your personal and business success. We are creating an open environment around like minded and dedicated people. Bringing together people who wish to clean up their own life and create businesses and lifestyles that reflect their dream.
  • Self Actualisation reveals false path! Reveals Internal personal flow releases and refines disciplined freedom that has been suppressed by systems. This reveals false path! Reveals Internal personal flow. and how do you know you are on track or on a false path! All Life is a mixture of ecstasy and disapponitment
  • Case Studies Video Audio Series. We bring you an insight into what is possible How bodies store experiences as frequency embed in our cells as universal truth.
  • there is a huge prevalence of sexual abuse affecting both men and women, often leading to psychological stress and intimacy issues. Discover how survivors may excel in certain areas, like business success, while struggling in personal relationships. Uncover the deep-rooted impact of sexual abuse on trust, self-esteem, and mental health. Delve into the importance of therapy in addressing the cellular imprint of trauma and facilitating healing. Learn about the complex dynamics within families and communities that perpetuate abuse and neglect. Gain insight into the journey of survivorship and the path towards self-awareness and personal fulfillment. Find support and guidance in navigating the challenges of healing from sexual abuse and building nurturing relationships
  • Esssential Resources prepare you. We have selected real conversations with clients and essential knowledge you need to have when seeking tantra healing. For you to recieve the highest benefit from your session it's vital you know that there is generic interpretation of tantra and the original deep tantra that was intended to liberate you from your blockages in every aspect of life.
  • Kundalini conversation with J Krishnamurti source I trust completely. He, like m; believes in the whole of you being involved to have immediate experiences.
  • Finding Truth transparent approach to truth beneath the marketing. The truth is being told but we interpret truth through the mist of our past experiences.
  • Personal Sacred Space for Life Transitions is Your Refuge. Remember; This is where you connect with your inner Universe that has all the answers specifically for you. This is for no one else. Here you recharge and rejuvenate.
  • Shamanic De Armouring Letting go of fears and memories of your past while moving forward in extatic energies. This particular approach to Shamanic De Armouring is based on an ancient principles dating back to Atlatian times.
  • Join us in a journey of progress and support as we build a community dedicated to success. Successful people never do it alone; they leverage the power of teamwork for positive outcomes. Our core team focuses on health, wealth, and joy, overcoming obstacles together. Learn to dance through life, improve your relationships, and experience genuine progress. Transition with us, supported by a community committed to your well-being. Discover hidden talents, stabilize your emotions, and share the journey of life with laughter and love. Watch real-life examples of transformation and connect with others on a journey of bliss and joy.
  • Upgrading Consciousness from physical form consciousness to recognising we are much more than a physical form. This creates complete transformation of how we see things and people. How we approach people, how we communicate with each other and the world around us. We have opportunity to put these mental and emotional realisations into action. To fully explore and interact in the state of upgraded consciousness.
  • Allegiant Mastery Group dedicated for people wanting to live in solutions in alliance with likeminded people. Be with people on the same mission as you. Be with people committed to supporting you. Identify your most pressing need. Allegiant Mastery Group focusses on creating and maintaining physical safety foundation. Physical safety is essential for clear mind and physical health and wellbeing.
  • Creative Energy of life sustains energy of your breath. It is beyond technique. It's a merging with universal energies Through our social conditioning we have lost access to our creative energy
  • Working with Disconnect Brings Insight into Self-Empowerment Benefits. As a society we are deeply disconnected from each other. This comes from internal disassociation. But particularly disconnected from our inner world of new feelings.
  • Intentional Community That Works Together For Greater Good of All. Cooperative community that supports deep meaning of life. Coming together - living in a better more peaceful world.based on deep friendships with focus on communication, learning, growing in awareness, Right Behaviour, Right Attitude, Service and Spiritual Growth.
  • Immersion Program that takes your Life to Entirely New Dimension. Direct access to what is doable. Bring intelligence into practical Reality.Create Outer Life that Supports Inner Realisation. Harmonising changes
  • Shaktipat is a direct experience that brings about awakening of a persons natural spiritual power. Some people, like myself are initiated directly thorough spirit and have to find their own way to self-realisation.Shaktipat can be transmitted across cities or the other side of the world through the phone. This one received it over the phone.
  • Explore Tantric Sex Cult Therapy, a healing approach aimed at addressing the harmful effects of ritual sex therapy and manipulation by cults. Discover the dangers of spiritual pornography and the exploitation of vulnerable individuals through genital massage marketed as a form of healing. Tantric Sex Cult Therapy unveils the truth behind deceptive gurus and cult practices, emphasizing the importance of inner intelligence and critical thinking. Learn to differentiate true tantra from misleading teachings and avoid falling into the trap of compliance and manipulation. Dive into the essence of love and its role in overcoming sexual issues, recognizing the distinction between genuine connection and societal conditioning. Find empowerment through accessing your body's innate wisdom and making conscious decisions about your well-being. Say no to cult-like therapies and reclaim control over your sexuality and life.
  • Blog that keeps you informed and connected. We need to address the tantra that is around in limited form as the answer to everything. There is no one action or pill for any disorder, let alone sexual abuse, sexual dysfunction and relationship issues. Life wants far more than just one answer so we can go back to the disconnect, but a little entertained.
  • Personal Health Retreat
  • Tantra massage gold coast Tantra for Business. throught the power of Tantra for Business and Life Mastery, empowering you to take control of your energy and influence the energy around you. Our training and healing approach offers a holistic 360-degree experience, providing a complete picture of your life and solutions at a glance. Addressing health issues like hypertension, heart disease, and more, we focus on humanizing your life and optimizing collaboration among your cells, promoting harmony and removing interference for a happier, healthier existence. Learn from the wisdom of Steve Jobs and the importance of awareness in planning every aspect of life, from business to personal goals. Let us guide you through completing each step towards success while addressing CEO behavior, workplace accidents, and personal challenges. Watch our video testimonials to understand the transformative power of our Business Tantra bodywork, and explore the depths of consciousness as you trust in our expertise."
  • Self-Awareness is living fulfilling one's possibilities of talents.When we begin to understand nature of our relationships only then do we find supportive place on earth while developing latent capabilities and character. We need identify where on earth you belong where there is no inner conflict.