Journey of embodied awareness and expanded connectivity.

Mental, Physical and Emotional is Spiritual Healing

When Duality stops, pain stops. Relationship Healing is ART of bringing your inner and outer worlds together. 


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Kundalini Energy Ritual Workshop vibrations affect every connection. 

Understanding how vibrations affect every aspect of your life.

Kundalini Energy Ritual workshop highlight essential frequencies within each individual cell. Connecting to these frequencies are as essential to our being, as Breakfast is for our body. Right rituals are the best beginning to our day. Everything you say everything you do affects you and the people around you and the people you talk about.

In this video a woman describes her gentle yet powerful Kundalini awakening.


At times you may not even realise it. Some women experience it during child birth. In men it could be related to muscular skeletal issues. Muscular skeletal area connected to perineum is affected by sport, running, bike riding, surfing, climbing. It is also affected by gym equipment and stretches. In perineum area are a network of ligaments and nerves associated with perineum. That is critical area in spiritual healing to enable energy to flow. Or perineum can be blocked by scar tissue. The woman in the video had cesarean scar tissue that we unlocked. This automatically connected her to the perineum. When we worked with the scar tissue; the perineum connected to all the chakras.

What this feels like for this man.


We must make this clear; to work directly on the perineum would damage it further. It is the areas around the perineum that are blocking the flow. Listen to the video again. Hear the woman speak.

Everything other people say about you and to you, affects your vibrations inside your body. These energies affect your emotional health and physical health. Your mental health is impacted. The relationship health is recognised. Your self-esteem and the capacity to have a fantastic day is lived.


Absolutely critical to have the right people around you to ensure that energies are strong and powerful. They cannot be penetrated by negative forces.

You are guided to feel your soul. You Live within your soul but completely unaware of it.

In your Kundalini Energy Ritual Workshop once you allow the energy to flow; toxins tend to move out.

Kundalini energy moves only when your every cell begins to communicate with the cells next to them. The body cell connect to universal consciousness - the ultimate wisdom. Kundalini Energy Ritual Workshop is designed to bring understanding to your cells to ensure there is no mental interference. Kundalini is the coming together of two forces with the new, merging as one. But there must be felt within your body. You can't kill it within your body there's no way you can feel it in your partners body. You can only recognise what you actually know. This is the foundation of the training; practice, prArticle Tantra Explainedactice, practice - until you get it. Here you feel the effects of energy and study them. To get a deeper understanding of appreciation ensuring that you will continue doing what it takes. Up until now you have been at the mercy of everybody else. For a few moments we escape the mundane, the boring, the restraints of pressures of suppression of others idea of who we are. 

Kundalini Energy Ritual workshop connects you to the knowledge that has been absorbed by you as your energy. The energy you have absorbed is not you. That is what confuses you. Your higher conscious being knows that. Yet the programming creates doubt and interference.

In this video you see is an extreme example of energy healing from a major injury that resulted in a spinal operation. 

The man regained his connection to his feet into the earth through the session. To understand many of you won't be coming for this but when you hear that what is possible from the extreme perspective you'll be encouraged a simple it would be coming from the standpoint of your life. But first we must which are thinking and this is why the video is critical for you to listen to. Healing begins automatically.


Working with the Kundalini prevents the loss of sexual energy. When making love just physically, your energy is hindered by physical and energetic blockages of each partner. We are polarized beings. Daily challenges create imbalances. For this reason we seek sexuality to balance our energies. But what that does - because you are already fractured; you end up draining this vital energy. Female energy from the woman is critical for the male to balance his sun (head) energy. Male energy from the man is essential to balance her natural passive (earth) energy.

The practice.

Connecting, moving the Kundalini energies assists in balancing with one another. We need the energy of one another to circulate the loving feeling for relationship to be fulfilled.

Kundalini Energy Ritual If single.

Kundalini awakening created a merging of male and female energy within your body, in fact the only way to begin to feel the exchange between man & woman is the ability to feel it within yourself. Feel the sharing of the energy merging within your body and surrounding your body. For couples Kundalini Energy Ritual workshop brings grounding and earthy element to your relationship. Tap into the power of owning both male and female energies within your body. This is the only way the Kundalini can begin to move. You will practice feeling the presence of absolute interaction with the energies.

For Couples.

Sending energy to vital organs opens your entire being to the continuous flow of hormonal energies. When you become aware of Divine Creative Pulsation this changes how you interact with one another.

Private Kundalini Energy Ritual Workshop incorporates your connection to the earth Kundalini.

Our appointment begins with Kundalini connection to all elements. Including food.  Knowing Tantra 1 brings more clarity to your life.