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When Duality stops, pain stops. Relationship Healing is ART of bringing your inner and outer worlds together. 


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Knowing Tantra 1

Decoding Ancient Scriptures of absolute reality. Presenting Universal consciousness as expanding universe. At the very core of universal knowledge is THE PULSE. SCHUMANN RESONANCES are deep Earth breathing that are linked to multiple pulses that affect you on deeper level.

Knowing Tantra 1    

In the company of great people we acquire knowledge of truth. This direction of truth benefits the entire world. Knowing Tantra 1 reveals complete package of Tantra. To define our tantra, we must address the synthetic tantra generated purely for sexual gratification. Despite advertising it as conscious lovemaking it is a series of set moves/techniques. All linked to genital massage as your saviour for everything in the world. That's a rather twisted and reactive approach to life. Anything that has expectations involves a lot of mind involvement to get to the no mind.

Simply by witnessing consciousness you enter into communion with active self. This gives clear insight into reality.

The passage to knowing tantra 1 is through absolute stopping of the mind. The way to stop the mind is to help the mind recognise Knowing Tantra 1itself within the entire body. Secret doctrine of Tantra refers to treasure of knowledge located in the cave of the heart for the good of all. It is a means of acquiring supernormal powers. Secret doctrine are revealed only to a person who treats this work with Divine Regard. Secret is in merging with your unique pulse code in Schumann resonances. Knowledge so simple that it cannot be accessed by anyone who intends to misuse it. This is the reason you do not see workshops across the globe on this level because you need to be able to see the world for what it is. Exactly as it is. Yet with no judgement. Much like the tree that houses birds does not complain about the bird droppings. The tree knows the purpose of the bird droppings and the value they bring to the environment. The bird droppings may contain seeds that would sprout. These will provide ground cover and attract new life to the base of the tree that in turn nourish the tree and it's inhabitants.

Knowing Tantra 1 is a pulse of the divine earth breath. It cannot be a physical movement.

It cannot be a manipulated breath technique. It is not possible to get to the knowing tantra 1  by  manipulating energies. This is made very clear in the ancient texts. Movement is reaction. Divine pulse is expansion.

"This throb is not a physical motion or psychological activity. It is not pain or pleasure."

It is a pulse of absolute freedom. It is a space of movement that is non movement.

It is that place of profound self awareness. It is an action without action. It is a flow of consciousness carried by the Earth breath that results in Schumann resonances. In the pure space of pulse; all the answers are contained yet profoundly fluid and expanded to be able to decode the river of knowledge. In this space, you can understand the communication of the cells. The language of your cells is clear and pure. It is an indefinable state of freedom. It is a place of integrated consciousness in divine space. This place is expressed in your physical life. It does not separate.    Knowing Tantra 1 brings you to understanding the link your physical world has to your spirit world that is here and now.



The shift to unity is instantaneous.

Knowing Tantra 1 is an experience when words stop. Knowing Tantra 1 begins when all comparison and mental activity stops. This feeling of eternity of power of the senses embracing all knowledge is the ultimate wisdom. This goes beyond the limited ego of grasping at conditioned ideas pleasures. This level of consciousness is vastly different to consciousness of worldly existence. It is a place of profound awareness. A place where all restrictions are dissolved. Knowing Tantra 1 is a place of experiencing unity in the midst of diversity. The shift is instantaneous.    

The physical freedom of letting go of limitations of limiting beliefs is in this video.


Diversity is foundation of Knowing Tantra1. It is a place of knowing all identities integrated as part of whole. It is a place of calm steady alertness of knowing the power of oneness. When ignorance disappear depression cannot remain. That is a state of supernormal power. It is a place of being established in essential self. Being able to experience life objectively and not take on activities of a limited bound soul.


In this video you can hear this man's realisations of consciousness never before accessed by him.

When the soul is bound; it loses it's independence as it participates in common activities unconsciously while believing it is gaining consciousness.   
As your inner greatness is revealed you able to see the falseness of past relationships that have restricted you in the past. Clarity is almost overwhelming. This clarity shows you perfect means of attaining your goals and the dillusion of the world of separateness.   

Knowing Tantra 1 is a process of removing the veils that restrict true nature of self. It is said that this is when "the awakened one is unveiled". That is the beginning. Then, knowing how to live in that state is the journey of self exploration living in highest bliss of own essential nature. That is the real reward. Living unencumbered by limitations of identifying with false world. Live in his/her uniqueness. Highest reality of Divine Creative Pulsation is accessible when you want to expand your perception of what it means to have a spiritual relationship with the earth frequencies. You are living inside the soul of the earth. We come from the earth and we leave through earth. This pulse is your smooth connection happiness fulfilment of interactions to life on earth.

There is a split between those who have an understanding our purpose to be interconnected with the world and each other. Not through sexual act. Be interconnected first, then perhaps make physical love.  that we are not just a physical form. We are more than the physical form - we are a frequency having a human experience. In a conscious and spiritual way exploring humanity. Our ancestors left  carvings  to warn us of manipulations to come.  They also left signs and reminders of extraordinary events  and shifts in history. Most important thing to remember is not to repeat the mistakes of the closed minds.

TJ; 14th September 2011 modified 17th October 2016.

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